Free Daily Post: 10/01/19 (complete)

Members test zone…

Just the member’s ‘test zone’ today, to use as ‘starting points/a way in’ if you wish…


Micro System Test Zone

D McCain (14/1< guide) 

2.45 Catt – Same Circus 3/1 


Jumps Fact Sheet 2018//19 

LTO Winning Trainers

3.15 Catt – Flowery (10/1< guide) 9/2 

3.25 Leic – Alf N Dor (8/1<) 8/11

Trainers to Follow

2.20 Leic – Flashing Glance 9/2 


3.25 Leic – Alf N Dor 8/11


Handicap Chase System Starting Points (10/1< best) 

3.25 Leic – Alf N Dor 8/11 


NEW! Adam Norman Notebook Horses

I thought i’d pull my finger out and post these in here, all those mentioned by him to date are in my tracker, do refer to his notes in link below, not to be backed blind I don’t think, albeit a few winners over Xmas period. Please do track them yourself if you’ve any interest in his work etc, as I am liable to the odd posting error! 

(doc with all previous guest articles to date HERE>>>

3.15 Catt – Canadian George 



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2 responses

  1. Won’t be about to work Chelmsford out again till about 3.30 today and have it currently at 91.68 and it’s 92 to buy.No bets at the other meetings
    But there is another 5 runner National Hunt handicap today that qualifies,a quick reminder of this is too buy the Favourites performance in the race but it must be only 5 runners.
    Yesterday’s race won and I bought at 12.75 with a make up of 25,I can’t put prices up early as it’s a bet that can only be done 30 mins or so before race due to non runners.
    As mentioned before it can be done on the fixed odds as 7 of the last 13 have won and only one odds on,yesterday returned 13/8.
    My profit/loss figures for this will be only on the spreads for her as that’s how I play the qualifying races,sorry to babble on!
    Today’s race is Leicester 3.25


  2. info/test
    S 1.20 – Eternal Sun @ 6
    L 2.20 – Thounder @ 11
    C 2.45 – Greyed A @ 3
    C 5.50 – Perpetrator @ 3
    C 6.55 – Lord Del Boy @ 40 (the odd 50)
    C 7.55 – Premium Pink @ 16 (the odd 20)

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