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Hi, I'm Josh and thanks for reading my blog, Racing To Profit. Hopefully you like what you find. This is a place for horse racing fans of all levels and ability, bettors and non bettors. Here I, and fellow readers, share our opinions on horses and information that may help you find your own winners. Do say hi, we are a friendly bunch... and if you could use the 'share buttons' above that would also be appreciated :)


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  • AW
    N 3.40 – Loud and Clear @ 9/4

    Titus 08/01/19 9:47 AM Reply


    Will be up later for only Sky Bet have priced up the Sony so far.

    Have had five winning years out of five which have been proven by Optimum Racing and RTP,it is not a get rich scheme and on average have won 60 to 70 points per year.
    No guarantee that this year will be a winning year but will do my best for i back the players that i put up myself.

    cleafe 08/01/19 10:38 AM Reply

  • No bets today but will go through Newcastle card again later as my current figure is 89.08 and it’s 90 to buy,so I will leave it an hour or so.


    Tony 08/01/19 11:43 AM Reply

    Sony Open

    Jordan Spieth 1 point EW 33/1 1/5 6 Unibet, 888 33/1 1/4 5 SB, Black Type
    Did not win last year,however he has a good course record here and still believe that at only 25 he will bounce back certainly hope so.

    Kevin Kisner 1 point EW 50/1 1/4 5 SB, BF, Black Type
    Another who plays the course well having two top five finishes in the last three years and some say that he cannot play in windy conditions,last year he finished 7th at South Seas.


    cleafe 08/01/19 1:17 PM Reply

    • Think you’ve made a mistake on the Spieth price there, Colin.

      Chris Sengelow 08/01/19 1:45 PM Reply

      • Looks like Oddschecker are showing the wrong price for Spieth throughout. Best price probably 18/1 (19.5 to back on Betfair).

        JohnnyB 08/01/19 2:25 PM Reply

    • Speith 33/1 odds are for 1st round leader

      enjoysummers 08/01/19 3:57 PM Reply

  • Hi Josh,
    Great job with the blog! I’m looking for a guide to horse racing. Can you please recommend me one? I found this weblink but I need some more information.

    Clarence Ward 08/01/19 4:03 PM Reply

    • Hi Clarence,
      You can read this post here with some ideas for books etc, inc the comments…
      it’s not a game that can be mastered quickly.
      If you’re a complete newbie then you may be best googling basic intros to racing, i’m sure there may be some somewhere. It takes time.

      Josh 08/01/19 4:35 PM Reply


    Rushing to go out must have hit the wrong button on Oddschecker checked prices at 4.10

    Jordan Spieth now 16/1 1/5 6 would not have put him up at this price but to late so have to stand by the bet

    Kevin Kisner now 40/1 1/5 6 would have put him up at this price so both bets stands with revised odds

    Bookies were late to price up on this event

    cleafe 08/01/19 4:17 PM Reply

    • I do not like 16/1 Speith for value? Kisner is a solid price I think.

      I will post up a selection on Wednesday. I am initially drawn to Cameron Champ circa 25/1 but as the tournament is in Hawaii and it will not start until late Thursday UK time, no rush.

      martin colwell 08/01/19 7:42 PM Reply

    • You didn’t hit the wrong button Colin, Oddschecker messed up , but only on Jordan Spieth, I think!

      JohnnyB 08/01/19 8:44 PM Reply

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