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1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

2.Any Tips/Notes (Daily Tips/Festival Tips/Best of Stats Tips)

3.Micro System Test Zone

4.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs


1.45 – Sliding Doors   (micro age) H1 I1 7/2 2nd 

3.25 –

Miss Gemstone  (NHF) 20/1 S2A UP

Subway Surf (NHF) 3/1 WON 3/1>11/4




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H1/H3= HorseRaceBase Top Rated or Top 3 Rated (at time of posting)

G1/G3 = Geegeez GoldSpeed Ratings (Dr Peter May) Top Rated or Top 3 Rated

I1/I3 =  Inform Racing Speed Ratings – Top Rated or Top 3

14,30 = Geegeez Goldtrainer form’ indicators14 – 5+ runs last 14 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr3010+ runs last 30 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr

ES+ = ‘Elite Squad+’ = those angles from TTP stats pack with 10+ winners, 25%+ win SR 

S1-S6 : S = ‘Strategy’ and refers to the ‘advised strategies’ in the link below. S1 = ‘Strategy 1’. Added on morning of racing along with the price. w1won last start.  w2won two starts ago

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2.Any Tips/Notes (Daily Tips/Festival Tips/Best of Stats Tips)

Daily Tips (2018: 28/322,100p, -22.2 ) Big Race/Festival Tips (2018: +143)


Best of the Jumps Stats Quals? (Nov 1st 2018: 29/121,57p, +34.8, 1 point win) 

1.45 Lud – Sliding Doors – 7/2 (gen) 2nd 5/2... hmmm…. don’t think i’ll be backing him again, that was the risk for one that hasn’t won, but if he has the winner’s attitude he wins that, a tad disappointing to my eyes given how he travelled, but didn’t lose by far. 

as of 18.54, write up…

I thought he was the one to beat in here given his profile, and that he could easily be a 5/2 shot in this line up – maybe it’s a tad risky as he hasn’t won under rules yet but his attitude the last twice has looked just fine. I think he’s the most intriguing horse in this line up and potentially the one with the most in hand. His last two handicap hurdle runs have been in much deeper races than this one to my eyes – big fields, relentless gallops, generally packed with young/unexposed/in-form rivals. 7 subsequent winners have come out of those races so far and in both he was surrounded by 120/125+ animals. At some point I think he’ll show himself to have a bit in hand of this mark of 115. His Aintree run was his first of the season, but a decent effort, and then he was visibly out-paced at Cheltenham, dropping back in trip. R Dunne takes over today which could be signifiant and he runs at a track where the trainer has done well in the last year, and where he does well in handicap hurdles more generally. (4/21,8p last 5 years, 2/8,4p with 6 year olds). The days rest niggled at me – it’s an odd sort of rest period, where you’d expect him to be out within 1 month ideally – but having looked at Williams record, he actually does best with handicap hurdlers returning 30-60 days. It could be that they thought he needed some time after two hard enough races, for one that’s clearly being brought along slowly. He does look like a chaser in the making and he clearly stays well on the evidence to date – i hope that in a race lacking pace, and with the horse learning with each passing day, they may be more aggressive and have him ‘up in the van’ – Dunne will need to get after him early enough I think as he will keep responding. He faces plenty of far more exposed rivals here who have plenty of questions, many unproven at the trip, or having proved they are not up to C3 level – clearly if this one or Bailey’s falter, one of them is winning, but I was happy to take them all on. Kim’s is the main danger- well, he’s unexposed over hurdles- BUT I don’t like this sort of profile, not at what was 7/2 – he returned over fences and this is clearly plan B. They clearly wanted to get him chasing asap but he ran very badly LTO and I don’t want to make excuses for that run, given some in front were rated around his mark , while admittedly the front two were much better. If here to run his race, and he’s a1 (i’m not convinced) then he could still have a bit in hand of 133 and if he runs up to that mark, mine clearly needs to improve plenty – I think he will stay, but it’s just a wellbeing issue in the context of his price- were he arriving here on the back of a ‘running on’ effort over hurdles, then i’d be avoiding the race I think. I should mention the Scott horse – he’s unexposed but the trainer is 0/20,3p with handicap debutants in recent years and I don’t like such extreme trip moves – in context of price- he looks short enough given those two ‘negatives’. (unless trained by Tizzard, who seems step horses up from 16f to 3m+ for fun) Time will tell, but the selection could have more in hand anyway. The market will guide I suspect. Fingers crossed. 

That’s all for today. 


3.Micro System Test Zone

A Honeyball Mares 

2.15 Lud – Mistress Massini (5/1<) 3/1 WON 3/1>6/4 


4.Any general messages/updates etc

PLEASE take the time to flick through ALL of the below…



Spreadsheet HERE>>>



  • Dec 18: 3/28,6p, +15 , +15.47 BFSP 
  • Total 2018: 11/147, 38p, +32, +76.77 BFSP 
  • 7.5% win SR, 26% win|place SR, 21% ROI early/bog, 52% ROI BFSP


  • Dec 18:
    • 1 point win: 3/44,12p, +9, -7.54 BFSP
    • 1 point EW: 3/44,12p, +30 
    • 1/2 point EW: 3/44,12p, +15 
  • Total 2018
    • 1 point win: 13/241,53p, +26.6, +58.26 BFSP
    • 1 point EW: 13/241,53p, +100  
    • 1/2 point EW: 13/241,53p, +50 
    • 5.3% win SR, , 22% win|place SR, 24% ROI 1 point win BFSP, 20% ROI for each way. 


  • Dec 18: 4/15,6p, +2.7 
  • Total 2018: 43/137,64p, +75.94
  • 31% win sr / 55%% ROI 


  • Dec 18: 10/53, 14p, +0.53
  • Total 2018: 50/191, 72p, +33.53
  • 25% win SR, 17.5% ROI 


TOTAL, 1 point win, (inc BFSP for S1/S2A), inc multiple quals…

  • 716 bets / 117 wins / 227 wins|places / 16% win SR / +244.5 points / 34% ROI 


So, with those 4 strategies plus my big race tips/free tips, that’s a +427 point year, which isn’t too bad. 🙂 (with the usual long losing runs! It’s all about the long term) 



W2 had a strong December…

  • Dec 2018: 9/45,20p, +20.25
  • Total 2018: 33/183, 67p, +29.85
  • 18% win SR , 16% ROI 

I’ll keep an eye on that. I think there’s more logical sense for why W1 may continue to tick along, although I don’t think either w1 or w2 is as robust as S1 and S3A# (as they have a ratings pointer element – so a ‘fusion’ of my trainer stats quals + ratings sets – I hope that makes sense!) 

Thoughts… there isn’t too much to say on what has ended up being another decent year. I’ve always wanted to aim for a +100 point portfolio from the strategies, and a combination of any of the two above has achieved that goal.

If backing all 4 to just £5 per point, that’s been a +£1222.5op year, which more than pays for subs! (and leaves plenty left over to treat yourself) 

As touched on many times, not every strategy is for everyone, especially the big odds ones (S1 and S2A) which do have heft losing runs. 

S3A# has been the star of the show in terms of SR and ROI – logically I think it’s the most sound of any strategic approach on here- given it combines the ‘best of’ my stats pack track angles (min 10 winners, min 25% win SR) with two or more ratings pointers (red symbols, giving us context to the actual horse in that race). If you just wanted one strategy to follow, that would be the one I think. S1 also has a ratings pointer element and i’ve always been confident on that one ticking along also, as the G1/G3 is a constant. 

S2A has worked very well again, especially Each Way, and if that maintains a 22% win/place SR, will continue to pull in the  EW profits. 

I’ll update the links in the Key asap. I’d take a repeat of that year again for those four jumps strategies, no doubt about that. As always, start small and build up over time, i’m not going anywhere. 


‘Tipsters’… (members who ‘tip’)

Nick Mazur

I will shine the light on Nick, as I’m sure he won’t mind and will secretly like it! 🙂 I have the pleasure of chatting to him about horses most days on WhatsApp as we try and make each other better – it’s fair to say that having first set foot on this blog in 2015, he’s now somewhat set the tipping bar for us all to aspire to. I’m sure he wasn’t that good when he first arrived on these shores… (maybe he was, but just kept it secret!) But i’d like to think he’s a shining example of what is possible when you have a relentless drive to improve your own performance and get better at the game. At RTP we all have the chance to do that, if you so wish. Anyway, that’s enough compliments for one day…

2018 results…

(thanks to James who appears to have gone through all his tips in 2018… approx but pretty spot on… SP where Nick hadn’t added a price, hence difference to his own records) 

633 selections / 193 win or place / 30.5% win|place SR / +400.32 points / 33.6% ROI (from 1192 point outlay) 

Nick’s own Profit record for his tips to advised prices (available x3 bookies at time he posts) …

+532.33 points, or +£5323 to £10 per point (44% ROI) 

Nick is keeping better records as of 2019, for his own benefit as much as anyone else, including to 1 point win BFSP. 

I only single him out as quite frankly he sets the tipping bar on both points profit and ROI, and is something for us all to aspire to. Keep up the good work my friend, I mean I could do with you paying for another nice holiday or two of mine! 🙂 

If you’re not following him, you really should be. I doubt many in 2018 could match those figures in the horse racing space, esp ROI. Knowing him he’ll be wanting to better 2018 and it wouldn’t surprise me if he did. No pressure Nick. 




Mike (Titus) keeps on top of my losing tips in the comments each day – i’m always interested in how they get on in subsequent runs as i’m usually premature with many of them! 

My losing tips (daily tips/big race/free tips) have been worth backing Next Time Out. From 3rd Oct 17 to End 2018…

810 bets / 83 wins / +232 points Early/BOG 

That’s just useful info, maybe. I need to start tracking my ‘best of the stats’ tips, as many of those focus on unexposed ones and I suspect plenty will win on their next start. If only more had won when I tipped the buggers. 


Right ,that will do for today’s parish notices.

Plenty of you fired in winners on Wednesday, on what I thought would be a quiet enough day. A very well done to you all, as always. On we march. 





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58 Responses

      1. Well done Martin, damn you haha. Yours had more resolution than mine sadly, the hardier battler winning out.

      1. Ah damn. I only just realised you went 1pt ew. I did the usual 0.5pt ew. Well done though, contributed to a profitable day for me. Many thanks for posting these.

    Bookmakers SP 2017 when started putting up my bets
    Sep + 34.95
    Oct + 64.63
    Nov – 41.52
    Dec + 10.45
    Total + 68.51
    Bookmakers SP
    Jan + 46.44
    Feb + 38.22
    Mar +37.82
    Apr – 18.98
    May -34.67 BOG
    Jun -31.56 + 10.35
    Jul + 7.36 + 37.62
    Aug – 20.06 – 4.78
    Sep + 1.71 + 15.60
    Oct + 10.87 + 26.33
    Nov + 0.50 + 13.00
    Dec – 16.12 – 10.75
    SP Total
    + 21.53
    Introduction of BOG June
    SP June/Dec
    – 47.3
    BOG June/Dec
    + 87.37
    From June this shows how valuable BOG is against SP.

    Aug – 20.06
    Sep + 1.71
    Oct +10.87
    Nov + 0.50
    Dec – 16.12
    Total SP
    + 21.53

    1. Well done Colin. Tough day today for you with 3 second’s and a third. Fine margins. One day they’ll all come home in front on the same day and we’ll be celebrating again. Cheers

        1. Ken
          BANK,BANK,BANK is a copyright and will be contacting my solicitors in the morning!!! HAHA

          It is a very hard game to make a profit and once you are noticed by the accountants and BOG is removed then it becomes hard,since June at £100 per point – £4,730 at SP to BOG + £8,737 approx 300% turnaround so goodbye accounts.

          Still enjoying your retirement?and how is your AW method going send me a email if you wish.

  2. It actually blows my mind how you guys do it. It’s ridiculous.

    Our old mate Nick Vedder was out tonight Colin. Only spotted him right at the last minute but got given an absolute stinker by Franny when we were on LTO and seemed like an ‘each way bet to nothing’ or an each way bet to something as it turned out.

    If both you and Nick could drop me an email with your address, I would like to send you a little something in the post. My address is

    No spam from anyone else please, I already have all the casino access, viagra and penis enlargement pills I need.

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Francis
      In Hospital on 26 Jan for my reduction!!! i wish!! just my hip op and so service may be disrupted even though bought an i phone contract so will be able to look at the horses and place a bet whilst watching all those lovely nurses running round MATRON!!!!

      1. Hahaha very good! I really wish you all the best for the hip op Colin, hope everything goes to plan. You are still entitled to your special gift – if you drop as an email, I will send something across. Just finalising what is going on the t-shirt I’m sending, “BANK, BANK, BANK” or “+100 SP POINTS”.

  3. As others have said already the Thursday fare is poor.

    Tips – only one, 1.45 Ludlow, Silver Kayf, 7/2 BOG, 2 Points win. Top weight but is a course winner and has had a pipe opener over fences. Back over hurdles now, he may not stay 3 miles but he may outclass them.

    System selections – Karl Burke at Southwell.

    3.10 Angel Palanas, 6/1 BOG, 1 point win.
    3.45 Thunder Buddy, 4/1 BOG, 1 Point win.

    The profit from KB all weather runners is that they go in every now and again, some at decent odds.

    Good luck Martin

      1. At Southwell over the past 2 years, at class 4 & 5 he is 14 from 47, win P/L + 75, each way +87.

        I would also follow him on all of the all weather tracks now at 6/1 plus.

  4. Happy New Year to one and all.dire racing tomorrow,so just watching to see if there is any signs of life at the best stable

  5. Here is a copy of an email I sent to Ian of SP2A after reading comments n the free post:

    What has been going on in recent months reminds me of what happened to The Winning Line tipping line in the early 2000s
    They had a period of great success for a few years in the 90s – you may remember the full page ads in the Racing Post.
    But they then got too big for their boots and started diversifying into horse ownership, race sponsorship and doing everything to grow their brand. The tipping started to go downhill fast, despite employing such luminaries as Lester Piggot and Dave Nevison. Without the membership base of old they couldn’t keep up with the pace they had set, never recovered and eventually died a death.
    I see something similar occurring with SP2A.

    In contrast there are tipsters like Mark Holder who’s been around forever and NEVER advertises. He limits membership to protect prices and has had the same followers for many years. There are a few other of that sort that I could name.

    Employing all the new admin staff and trying to go big on every front could be a bad direction to take.

    I hope what I read about broken refund promises isnt true.

    1. Forgot about the Winning Line who on their name and past reputation were charging £1,995 per year in the early 2000,they also had Keith Elliott golf tipster who i did subscribe to and wish that had not by the end for he had more chance of picking his nose than tipping a winner at golf.
      Henry Rix on request would not send his results
      Steve Lewis Hamilton another who would not send any results when requested
      Lee Bollinbroke did join his service a couple of years ago after receiving free a couple of winners in his own colours,thankfully only recorded his bets 5/1 was the highest priced winner and mainly 6/4 to slight odds on for which many he adviced EW ,
      only by the end of membership would have been MINUS 100 points and they pressurized me with phone calls to rejoin unbelievable.
      MORAL of this is have nothing to do with tipsters and the more you pay for them the worse they appear,you have honesty and integrity at RACING TO PROFIT no need to go anywhere else and at what an inexpensive price,mind you the owner appears a bit dodgy HAHA here i go again will be accused of being LIBELIOUS again think back a few months ref the main topic of yesterdays forum.

      1. Colin … You’ll be hearing from my lawyers haha.
        On a more serious note gents…please keep the topic of that discussion to the free posts. I don’t want the members comments section clogged up with such chat if possible. This experience is all a bit dispiriting on many levels from such a high in performance /experience to what we have now and I can only hope they refind their mojo.

        1. Sorry I knew I was doing wrong but there was no Free post up yet and I dont think anybody reads the previous day’s Free posts. Happy New Year y’all by the way.

  6. 3 stable switchers from Butler to D’Arcy have already won. Might be worth looking out for Come on Dave 2.35 Southwell. Worth chancing at 28/1.

    L 2.50 – Bob Maxwell on 7th run @ 100
    S 3.45 – Break the Silence on 6th run @ 6
    C 5.55 – Teruntum Star on 5th and 6th run @ 9/2

    Wasn’t a happy bunny yesterday after being told had to be without heating/hot water til Monday but as the day went on and the ticks against bets increased I mellowed out a bit. Made a start on splitting flat/nh for the stats and now question if I should split turf/aw so a question for you more knowledgeable flat bettors.
    Bearing in mind that when Josh has tipped a runner on the flat it will likely be well h/c’d at that point, what would be the benefit to connections of going on the aw out of season ?

      1. Hi Mike

        Results for this system: +232 points Early/BOG. When would be best to paper test this “early”. I live in country that is not applicable for BOG on any bookie, so it is completely out of option for me, and BSP is not best suited for this system (as evident in result), so around what time BF available price would count as early?

        @Colin – Same question for you, would early (night before or early morning odds) on your system perform better then BSP, as BOG is out of reach for me.

        p.s. wish you all happy New Year, and can’t say enough thanks to all of you for your great tips. Only 1 month around, and really enjoying it 🙂

        1. I wouldn’t call it a system as such Toni, given it looks at my losing tips! There is plenty of logic for them NTO but unless you can get near to prices when Mike has been posting (or if you track yourself), may not be worth it. They were -14 to SP. I suspect BFSP may be decent, especially the big/race festival NTO losers.
          I posted for info – and there haven’t been many ‘daily tips’ in recent months – but the new ‘best of’ may be interesting. I need to get better at tracking them and tipping some of them again. I’d keep a watching brief as it can be a lot of bets also – but, if I tip something due to it being unexposed / well handicapped / hot form element etc, it makes sense that some will win soon enough, even when they lose when tipped!

        2. Hi Toni

          I’ve been tracking Colin’s bets since June and early odds definitely works out better than SP or BSP. You may lose out on the odd drifter but you will definitely gain more by placing your bets just after Colin posts them, around 10am UK.

          I had my own AW system for a while and the same applied there and I suspect it would be the same for Mike’s recent tips.

          Systems that work better on BSP tend to rely on big odds winners which are often significantly higher odds than SP and early odds.

        3. Hi Toni, it is rare that a big drifter wins so early odds an advantage irrespective of bog. I post the runners immediately after I place the bets in the morning ( I try to get them done 8.30-9.30 ) so odds are current with the post-time and readily available unless stated. As an aside I am certain taking non-bog odds earlier would have no negative impact. The last 2 winners were Beware the Bear which I had @ 11/2, came in @ 7/2 and wasn’t it tipped elsewhere @ 14’s? The other was Blast of Koeman, backed @ 11’s, won @13/2 so would have expected 11+ the evening before.
          Once I’ve re-hashed the stats I may be able to give a clearer outlook and possibly include a daily top 2/3 if there’s a few quals. I’ll give some thought to posting the evening before whilst doing the stats although I won’t be able to guarantee it’ll happen every day.

        4. Hi Toni,
          Obvious answer is to test it yourself over a period of time noting prices at different price points. Say 8.00pm and 9.30am or whatever suits you. Unfortunately I’ve not had BOG concessions for many years and I’ve found with my own betting that I get slightly better returns around 9.00 to 10.00 in the morning than I do the evening before when prices are tighter (and I can only usually get £1.25 on lol).
          The obvious exception to this is if you’re following popular tipsters where you need to try and get on as soon you receive the selections as any value will quickly go.

        5. Hi Toni
          not a fan of trying to back the night before for a limited market and for me would find it difficult to claim the prices one who does this is Public Enemy Number One if i recall and they only alert the accountants of an early move when a surge of people take the evening price.
          Ken kindly as been monitoring my bets to see if any improvement can be found however EP and BOG have always out performed SP by a wide margin,see my results from earlier post.
          June to December
          SP – 47.3 BOG + 87.37
          June introduced BOG to show the difference and like your self have no BOG accounts left and minimal bookmakers accounts left
          Closed PP,Betfair Sportsbook less than a week after PP took them over, 365,10 bet, Bet Victor, Skybet, Ladbrokes and more.
          Struggle to get £5 ew on my golf bets with CO, WH, Boyle Sports,Unibet and certainly no BOG on any of these,so yes do not like the accountants/bookmakers.

          1. Yes rings true for me as well Colin. I basically gave the game up about 5 or 6 years ago when I couldn’t get any bets on with bookmakers and I’ve been trading football and cricket on the exchanges ever since. Just trying to get back into the racing scene now as I’m in semi retirement and enjoy the racing. Since coming back into it ‘My Wife’ has been able to open a few bookmaker accounts but they obviously immediately restricted BOG although I can (currently) get a few bets on in the morning. Not sure how long that will last though!
            The one big difference I have noticed since coming back into it is how little liquidity there is on Betfair during the morning for all but the big races.

          2. Hi Bottlabroon are you a Geordie bottle of brown ale?

            May well be wrong but my view is that is why

            Ladbrokes bought Betdaq

            PP bought Betfair

            To manipulate the Exchange market have noticed on many occasions that prices are now roughly the same as Bookmakers SP especially 5/1 and below and when you take off your commission you struggle to beat SP.

          3. Hi,
            I was a football trader but the markets became too efficient and so I only play the South American markets now, where there is still value due to lack of knowledge. I also trade English and Test cricket. Put some stuff up on the free post as the member is for horse racing.

            Good luck.

          4. Thanks a lot all! Looks like 10am is time to paper measure tips when BOG is not available. There is lot of talk lately on guaranteed lay to lose, and more and more bookies are putting that up on race morning. I can only hope everybody will adopt it, and maybe even raise it to 1000 pounds…

  8. 6.25 Chelmsford City 7 GOLDEN SALUTE (IRE) Watson, Jason Balding A M 12/1

    Runs his best races over 5f . Gets his first decent draw for a long time and is now well handicapped imho and now man of the moment Jason Watson takes over in the saddle …. it’s just trainer form that is stopping me going “gung ho” on him

    1pt e/w

    gl/gb 🙂

    1. 2.00 Southwell 7 GRISE LIGHTNING (FR) McHugh, B Fahey, R A 10/1
      trainer and jockey booking / time of the year / first go at Southwell sand / price too big.
      1pt e/w

    2.00 Point Zero BOG 11/2
    2.35 Crosse Fire BOG 5/1
    2.35 Pearl Acclaim BOG 40/1

    2.00 Point Zero BOG 11/2
    2.00 First Excel BOG 6/1
    3.10 Angel Palanas BOG 4/1
    6.25 Becker BOG 5/1

    1. Paddys are paying First Excel as a winner if you did it in the shop .Dont throw your slip away.Not sure about online though .Ive just been paid out .

          1. Clearly since that is the only logical explanation. Nothing untoward in the race so suspect you’re the beneficiary of a cock up.

        1. only kidding .Im skelly .They do one race every day that they pay out a second as a winner .You don’t know until the race has started .Up to a 500 pound bet .They put it on the screen what race it was for the rest of the day .

  10. To echo Colin’s post,don’t know why anyone would pay £80 pounds a month when you get all the winners you need for a tenner here.
    If you can make 100pts using the stats and another 100 from your own methods you are doing grand and you are enjoying your experience.
    In marketing guff the USP of this site is that all the members are real racing fans,what ever their level.
    And if the beast from the east arrives,Josh will be able to go to his cave like Robert The Bruce and find some Cheltenham gems

    1. Too kind Gerry, much appreciated (albeit it’s no longer a tenner haha – but that’s your reward, and the others who joined right at the start, for joining something which in truth was still in development, and you went a lot on trust initially – thankfully it was worth it! but as i’ve always said whatever package you sign up to you stay on for as long as you’re around – doesn’t even go up in line with inflation!!) 🙂
      Whatever the results at this year’s Chelt festival /spring festivals it won’t be for the want of trying – but I will attempt to take some analytical ‘time off’ in the week before, as that did work wonders last year!

  11. Afternoon Josh
    Off to Sandown on Saturday. Any chance of a through the card.
    Any other tips/opinions welcome.

    1. Hi Jim, possibly! I’m off to visit some family but the Veteran’s Chase looks the only race of analytical interest on the day which should give me enough time to have a flick through. Yep as always i’m sure they’ll be some fancies in the comments etc.

  12. Very poor jumps today and can’t find anything at Southwell that fits the new criteria. Will be taking a closer look at Chelmsford after lunch and fairly confident of finding a bet or two so check back about 2.00 if you’re interested.

      1. Checked in at 10 past 2 Tim, placed the bets and you delivered!! Well done and thankyou. Best wishes, Tom.

    1. I checked back around 2pm like you said because I was interested!
      Well done, great tipping….wish I had remembered to back it though!

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