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Nothing from me today.

Nothing from me today. They’ll be a new article from Adam Norman posted soon.


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  1. I’ve bought Favourites at the following meetings today
    Wolverhampton at 60
    Hereford at 56

    Another favourite market I have been working on is the favourite in 5 runner handicap hurdles and chase races,a profit with fixed odds betting was made on a years results.Its impossible for me to convert that into spread betting terms but I have been doing these bets on the spreads for the past month.Not much data to go on so far but here are my results via the spreads………..only 10 bets placed but have shown a 36.75 point profit.
    The point scoring on the spreads is as follows and you have to click on the race time and buy the favourite performance
    Winner 25pts
    Second 10pts
    Third 5pts
    Now this isn’t a bet that can be placed to early just in case of non runners as there must only be 5 runners.For those that may be interested in this on the fixed odds 6 of them 10 races were won by the favourite and only one was odds on.
    There is one race today that qualifies Ayr 2.10


  2. A quick question to Colin and Martin regards this weeks golf
    I really like the look of Webb Simpson as he had great year last year and has good course form,any thoughts.


    1. Hi,
      I always tread carefully at the start of the season as some players are slow starters etc. That being the case I would look for value and lower stakes and see how we go for a few weeks.
      This week I like Xander Schauffele at 25/1. The guy is a potential superstar and will look to make further strides forward in 2019. I got 25/1 and there is 22/1 still available with bookmakers and 25/1 on the exchanges.
      Re Webb Simpson, I think 20/1 is OK but not great. He does pick up the odd tournament or two as the season goes on and can score very low. I am unsure of him when it gets into the final round against the big players.

      Good luck Martin

    2. Hi Tony
      Not looked to hard at the Sentry tournament for if i recall only 34 go to tee.
      Webb Simpson not a fan of his and feel that he has underachieved in his career,could well win the Sentry must stress not looked into the tournament,when feel everything is in his favor and have put him up as a bet he always under performs,with the rule change not allowed to use the long putter not helped his cause.
      Do not let me put you off backing him for know he will win and put egg on my face.
      This tournament appears to be Dustin Johnson’s benefit tournament for in the past 9 years he has won it twice and finished in the top ten on the other seven years so an outstanding record.

    3. Steve Rawlings has tipped Simpson based on his scrambling ability and course form

      Steve Palmer has gone for Dustin Johnson. Theres a lot of talk about the wind issue, not sure that helo Johnsons game too much but Palmer is slightly better than me at guessing these things!

      1. Chris
        there is a wind issue every year and Dustin Johnson plays the course well not out the top ten in 9 years and winning it twice he copes well with the conditions at the coarse windy or not,but for me he is not backable at his current odds.

  3. A crap start to the new year yesterday.
    A 2.10 – Mumgos Debut @ 6
    W 1.45 – Santafiora @ 13/2
    N 6.15 – Smugglers Creek @ 9
    N 7.15 – Star Cracker @ 7

    A 2.40 – Aye Right @11/4
    H 1.20 – Knight of the Realm @ 11
    N 4.10 – Space Bandit @ 5
    W 12.40 – Velvet Vixen @ 13/2
    W 2.20 – This Girl @ 7
    W 2.50 – Peak Princess @ 12
    W 3.20 – Dubai Elegance @ 40

  4. Any thoughts on Ian and S2A backtracking on the “CAST IRON REFUND guarantee” which turned out to be neither cast iron, a refund or a guarantee?

    He promised me a refund back in October when I complained about the service. This didn’t materialise.

    I suppose at this point I should have pushed to get the refund, but I assumed I’d still get any money when I got to the end of my subscription period because Ian was so clear in his original commitment when the Performance Guarantee Scheme was announced.

    What he’s now saying is that it wasn’t a refund guarantee, but had been left open so that they could offer a discounted subscription (to a loss making service) instead. Of course this is nonsense, and totally contradicts his original commitment. Here are some direct quotes from Ian

    “the minimum performance level will trigger a REFUND/Further Free Subscription Period”

    “ to be 100% transparent about the measures and % of ROI that will trigger the offer of a subscription Refund or the offer of FREE TIPS for the same period”

    “we will be able to tell you exactly what the ROI was to the above measures in the previous 3 months and reference to it and if we have to at that point invoke the REFUND offer.”

    “In essence therefore IF we don’t make the above Profit NET to ROI for the relevant periods you get a CAST IRON REFUND Guarantee.”

    “You need do nothing more other than to understand that ALL future renewals of 3 months or more from SUNDAY are covered by the Guarantee”

    Now of course it did seem too good to be true, but Ian tackled that subject too

    “You might have realised that PGS is ripe for adding an “i” – well in this case it may be a case that sometimes pigs can fly and in this case do! ”

    “how can you possibly cover the costs in the event of a disaster recover scenario of the service results suddenly going belly up”.

    “The first part of that answer would be that after 8 years of consistent profit, and still never having had more than 2 consecutive losing months to SP/BSP, I don’t think we will have to pay out”

    So the language he’s chosen is important I think. The phrase “pay out” as well as the constant references to a “REFUND” make it clear that a cash refund is what was offered.

    “ I have digressed; but the Underwriting of the PGS Scheme; comes from (A and D) as part of the Consultancy package; for a few hours per week of work I will undertake for them”

    Great! So we were guaranteed a refund, Ian had arranged for the cost to be underwritten by someone else should the service fail to make a profit.

    Of course when the service did fail to make a profit, and I asked for a refund he moved the goalposts.

    “Our PGS – Performance Guarantee Scheme offers form of Refund and Discounted Pricing and has flexibility in that regards, perhaps too much, but that is a loophole we will close off in the following offer of Re-Subscription.”

    So now it’s changed to a discounted pricing option and he denies ever having offered refunds despite what re said previously.

    “There will be no Refunds as such in this subscription Round but one has been built in to the next Round and prices slashed.”

    So no refunds for the people who he promised a refund to, but if I sign up again he’s got a refund guarantee built in for all new subscriptions. Aye, right.

    “I can hand on heart say that you are the first to query the Refund position – having been offered a substantial discount and an explanation as to why.”

    “There will be NO REFUND”

    What a terrible liar.

    1. Oh the joys. I agree with you fully Neil based on my reading of it all, including at the time. My understanding of that PSG was exactly as yours, and I read it, as you have, that anyone making new subs from X date (1t st July from memory…) was entitled to either a full subs refund if that’s what they requested. I mean the quotes above are black and white to my eyes.
      You should have the choice of a refund for that Subs period, if initial payment made on/from 1st July onwards, OR free tips for whole of that period- not even a discount, so if from 1st July, option of 6 months free.
      Well, that’s how I read it all, and the choice should be yours.

      1. SP2A certainly needs a reboot and Ian has taken on board some suggestions offered to reinvent the product that did get pretty muddled. His new role with Eastbourne speedway may impact things but the move back to only horse racing and sensible staking are good. We shall see how it goes. Tipping success is everything on such sites and the change of some tipsters should help? Another losing year and……
        I agree that refunds should be offered for losing runs, not only on SP2A but on all sites. Ask Ian again for a refund.

        1. I have song Martin.


          There will be NO REFUND.

          This has not been an issue for anyone else. The PGS scheme was released in good faith, the vast majority have taken it in good faith.

          The matter is closed as far as I am concerned”

          I could ask again but I think I’m wasting my time. We’re not talking about a small amount of money either. I had a 6 month subscription to both daily and Elite tips, which was the best part of £300.

      2. When I left after my 3 month trial late last year there were no quibbles at all and I got my money back in days

        It may be worth asking why they’ve previously given refunds but have now stopped

        1. Oh that was a different scheme… the refund offer for your 3 month trial was clear, for those that wanted/requested I think.

          This issue is different and for some reason there is disagreement over what what offered with this profit guarantee scheme which came into effect for any new subs made from 1st July 2018 onwards.
          I’m confused, which is never a place I like to be in, especially when people have joined another service on my initial recommendation.
          I’m sure it will all be sorted and hope it’s a simple mis-understanding.

          1. I’ve emailed him yet again. I’m expecting another “the matter is closed” reply, but maybe he’ll do the decent thing.

          2. Josh, You may remember that i contacted you around October as i also had requested a refund. I initially was dealing with the lady in the office who had only been there a short time, and she didn’t know about any refund scheme. Ian was away at that time,but, she would get him to contact me on the Monday when he was due back in the office. Over a week went by and i still hadn’t heard anything so i contacted yourself and you took the matter up for me. Your understanding of the ‘refund scheme’ was the same as mine [ and everyone else it now appears ] This was for a 3 monthly subscription, and, after a little bit of humming and haring and although Ian’s interpretation of the refund scheme was different to mine he did the correct thing and authorised a refund, which i received some time ago. Thankyou kindly for your intervention Josh, because if it wasn’t for you i feel that i could be having the same trouble as many others seem to be having. Thanks again

  5. I took a 6 month subscription in April after an initial 3 months. 6 months of broken promises, losers galore, reinvention after reinvention after each losing spell. Complete nonsense from the service. He took his eyes well and truly off the ball and subscribers totally shafted. It’s all a very clever marketing service. Promote the tipsters who do well via racing index, then drop them/ rename them when not. Very disappointed especially as he was recommended through this site. Been a member on here for a while now, no need to look elsewhere.

  6. Totally Agree with above.
    Joined Spa2 before Cheap offers
    Kept moving Goalposts and Tipsters .
    Pretty Rubbish.
    Reminds Me of ” The Cream ” racing tipsters that used to advertise in old Handicap Book.
    Big Headlines
    BOOTLACES won 50/1

    Yes it Did . But The Cream Didn’t Tip it.

    Stick to RTP for Honesty and Transparency .
    and fast replies to Mail Etc
    But along with you Hope Josh
    really thinks twice before (recomending ) ? outside Tipping Services ) again.
    But I do believe they had a Good 3 Months on First Trial.
    I do notice that on Both sites
    The Plaudits seem to have died a very Quick Death for SPa2
    perhaps nature of the Game.

    1. I can’t explain the last 7 months really. It’s been very disappointing and for whatever reason the wheels have fallen off quite spectacularly. In part it’s nature of the beat but such has been the poor run it would suggest some deeper problems but maybe 2019 will see a return to the highs of Oct -dec 17 which was quite spectacular. And mirrored previous years success. I’m not sure what’s happened since.
      I put plenty of due dillegence before recommending as I always do with anyone’s else service and I don’t recommend many. A member had been very pleased with them for over two years and the independent proofing stacked up. And as I always do I try and get financial protection through any trials as with this one…it was 3 months money back guarantee and that all went well. So my mind is clear on that front. This PGS concerns me but hopefully that gets sorted. Bad results is one thing. Experience as reflected through some of the comments is another.

  7. Without Belabouring a Point
    For Over 40 Years
    I bought every System Advertised .
    Have subscribed to Every racing
    Advice Service on the Market
    From Cheapest to Most Expensive ( Isiris ) Etc
    And Not one has ever lived up to their Advertising and unrealistic Promises .
    This has in Some Cases related to Prices being Cottoned onto by Bookies and Not available
    and Victims of own Success .
    Very Rare
    To Downright Shysters who have been advertising for Years under Different Names.

    Have to say your site is Different as does not purport to Being a Tipping Site.

    And we Have Nick .
    Who I have won a Quite few bob off and Your Cheltenham Selections.
    Have now to get on at the Prices
    Sure the Bookies Are Cottoning on Somehow
    either through Over Subscription or Big Following of Nicks .
    Gardiners Hill Today
    14s and 12s Didn’t last long .
    and Most seem to Contract quite Quickly.
    Keep it up I hope.

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