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1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

2.Any Tips/Notes (Daily Tips/Festival Tips/Best of Stats Tips)

3.Micro System Test Zone

4.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs


12.35 – Blue Skimmer   (HcH, micro dist) 16/1 S2A UP

2.10 – Eur Gone West   (m class) (added info: hncp debut) 5/1 UP

2.45 – Aintree My Dream   (nov HcCh) G3 5/1  2nd 



2.00 –

Capard King  (all Hc’s, m class)  ES+ 12/1 S2 S3A Fell

Cap Horner  (m’s class and age) 25/1 S2A UP

2.35 –

Sunntahliateigan  (m class) H3 11/2 UP

Mogestic  (m class) H3 I3 9/1 S5 (ONLY IF 11.00+ BFSP) PU

His Dream  (all H’c, m class)  ES+ G1 16/1 S1 S2A S3A WON 16/1>8/1 

3.05 –

Modeligo  (m class) I3 33/1 S5 UP

Orchardstown Cross  (m age) 14 14/1 S2 2nd 



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I1/I3 =  Inform Racing Speed Ratings – Top Rated or Top 3

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ES+ = ‘Elite Squad+’ = those angles from TTP stats pack with 10+ winners, 25%+ win SR 

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2.Any Tips/Notes (Daily Tips/Festival Tips/Best of Stats Tips)

Daily Tips (2018: 28/322,100p, -22.2 ) Big Race/Festival Tips (2018: +143)


Best of the Jumps Stats Quals? (29/119,56p, +36.8 , all 1 point win) 

1.40 Uttox – Rollerball Rocco – 15/2 (Lad/BV) 7/1 (gen)  UP 5/1…hmm damn picked the wrong one of the two from the chase test zone system… i think i’m happy leaving the winner at 4s (5s SP tad better) given thought would be held up, and can hit one – but NF has ridden another peach on him and 11-12 no barrier in that ground today- mine has done too much on the front at times I think, but could be wants it even softer. I don’t think that has cost him. He’ll still be of interest in the slop, maybe after 21+ days off, and hopefully with an easier lead. 

2.35 Warw – Mogestic – 10/1 (bet365/BetfS/PP) 9/1 (gen)  PU – less said about that one the better, but at least S1/S2A got the job done, a welcome winner for those. 

3.05 Warw – Full Shift – 10/1 (gen)  UP – well an awful day, tipping wise. Venetia’s one that got away probably the most frustrating. That will teach me for going with a couple of  more exposed horses. 


that’s all for today, 09.40, write ups…

Rollerball Rocco – the only ‘unexposed’ one i’ve gone with today and in general that’s the place to focus. There were 3 decent winners yesterday somewhere on the stats that all had their best days ahead of them in said code, that I wasn’t anywhere near, so work to do there. I can live with Ventia’s first winner at 11/2 (morning, 8/1 SP) just about but her chase winner at 9/2 (appeared in numerous places on the stats also) and Plantagenet at Taunton were a bit more annoying, but as ever I will miss plenty and it’s just a case of trying to learn from them. I’ve long learnt to deal with missed winners on this page/the comments, as you simply cannot back them all, but have to be content with your own progress over time. I just hate being wrong. Anyway… this horse… I am scratching my head as to why he’s this price, as i’d have him a few points shorter. He’s young, unexposed, fit, a prominent racer, who stays well, won’t mind conditions and his best days are still ahead of him. He won easily enough to my eyes LTO and I find it interesting they return here. He still ran green enough to my eyes and should get better with racing but he couldn’t have done it much more easily and we could see a different horse again here today. I hope he has the ability to lead this lot at his pace, as he will just keep going. His light weight won’t be a bad thing in these testing conditions and provided he doesn’t ‘bounce’ (well, that run 10 days ago could have taken more out of him then it appeared to on the eye) I thought he’d out-run his odds. Fight Commander seems short enough given the break and the fact he doesn’t like winning that often, but Olly Murphy may have worked his magic – the market is hinting at such, but 4s doesn’t seem overly generous. Gonnabegood is in fine form over hurdles but this is only his 2nd chase run and he’s short enough given his lack of form in this code- his brain will be wired for hurdles so fingers crossed he gets over the fences just fine. He may win, but isn’t a value price for me. Pine Warbler has to prove fitness and stamina, but money is coming. His runs to date don’t suggest a dour stayer to my eyes. The Ogle Gogle Man – well LTO seemed to be the time to get him. He’s in form and NF stays on board, who got him jumping well LTO which is no shock given how good he is. But he does usually come from further back, can hit one or two, and is open to attack from something with more in hand. Some of those mentioned have big weights also and this is soft/heavy ground. In any case, the selection is too big for me – maybe this race will prove too deep but there are questions for the others and his yard is in form. Hopefully he can race at his pace on/near the front end. If he gets in a rhythm he wont lack for stamina near the end. 

Mogestic – more of a ‘been there and done it’ horse, but he does know how to win – 5/19,7p in handicap hurdles. He’s one of the few horses in this race proven over 26f+. All he does is stay, including a win at Warwick. His yard are in form and the horse can be best with breaks between races. The trip was too short at Exeter when last seen, and certainly on good ground. His mark is fine and he looks like he’s here to run his race to my eyes. Given the stamina/form doubts of many of those above him in the market, I thought 10s was a fair enough price and a bit too big. Bailey’s has plenty to prove at those odds, as does the Williams horse who takes an almighty move in distance- it may work wonders, but i’d want a bigger price to find out. Skelton’s looks out of sorts, Murphy’s has stamina questions, and Gamain has form/fitness questions although is being nibbled at. The rest have even more questions to answer. I didn’t think this looked that deep a race and over 26f+ , especially hurdles, having a proven one at the trip is never a bad thing. IF the selection runs his race, he will be staying on. Whether something has more in hand/is just better, we shall see, but I think plenty will be struggling as they approach two out, having raised the white flag. 

Full Shift – another one part inspired by my lack of enthusiasm for the opposition (at their odds). This horse ran his best race for some time when last seen, and his best for Leech. He had the CP/TT on in combination for the first time I think, and ran well on the front end for a long way. I think his stamina gave out approaching the last, but he was beaten by a progressive rival who’s since gone in again. The rest were well stuffed. This horse used to like winning C3s off 127 when with Nicky Henderson and once ran a gallant 4th in a Grade 3 at Cheltenham. Clearly he’s not that good anymore but he’s fairly lightly raced over fences for his age and this mark looks very workable. This is the first time Paddy has ridden him and trainer/jockey have a good record in the last year. He will make up this horse’s mind for him which could be just what he wants. He should race prominently and may even try to make all. He jumped well enough LTO. This his his trip and I though 10s was overpriced. I hope that last run was a true return to form. Like his trainer, who I rarely if ever get right, it could be he’s just inconsistent now, but the price was big enough, and the oppo have questions to answer… Venetia’s may hack up in first time CP but his short enough for one that doesn’t like winning too often, who is 0/7,0p going LH, and who looks trip-less. His wins have been over 16f and his stamina is in doubt for this test. With age it could be what he wants, as he could just plod on, and VW may now train him differently. In any case, 7/2 is too short for me – over fences I think you want proven stamina at that price?? Lady Master- well I don’t think she beat anything LTO and I worried as to the level of her form. That was an awful race, and today will tell us more. She’s unexposed and I wouldn’t fall off my seat if she won, but I can leave at 5s. Webber’s has the odd question including going, and UR early LTO. The trainer’s string could be out of form also. There is money for Orchardstown Cross which is interesting – I mean he’s the ‘could be anything’ horse in the race and was 14s- but he returns after 400+ days off and it’s guesswork really as to what to expect over fences. But the money may be signifiant – as could Nick Schofield being on Redmond? I thought he may have had the choice between the pair unless Scott wants to make sure with a 7lb claimer- but I would have thought given his profile he’d want a senior pro on over fences around here. Anyway, I was happy to go with the Leech horse and you won’t hear me saying that too often! It looks open enough to my eyes, especially if VWs doesn’t stay. I’ll take a chance at 10s. 

Best of luck if following me in, hopefully 1 winner there somewhere.

3.Micro System Test Zone


V Williams/Nov (track Dec) (16/1< guide) 

2.00 War – Commodore 8/1 WON 8/1>6/1 

Paddy Brennan (14/1< guide) 

3.05 War – Full Shift 10/1 UP


Jumps Fact Sheet 2018/19 

Trainers to Follow 

2.10 Uttox – The Vocalist (11/1< guide) 9/1 UP


1.40 Uttox – Sartorial Elegance 9/1 UP

1.30 War – Yourholidayisover (9/1< best) 5/1 UP

2.00 War – Early Retirement (9/1< best) 9/1 UP

3.05 War – Lady Master (9/1< best) 5/1 

1.40 Uttox – The Jugopolist (25/1<) 50/1 DNQ UP

3.05 War – Modeligo (16/1<) 33/1 DNQ UP


Handicap Chase System Starting Points (10/1< best)

1.40 Uttox – Rollerball Rocco 6/1 UP / The Ogle Gogle Man 4/1 WON 4/1>5/1 


4.Any general messages/updates etc



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46 Responses

  1. Hi Josh
    Firstly I would like to thank everybody who contributes on here especially Yourself, Nick and Colin who I follow consistently also thank Martin C and Colin for the Golf Tips it has been a brilliant year overall my bank has grown a lot and I have been able to buy a share in the Jockey Club Syndicate again with 3 new horses and paid for a couple of family holidays among other things
    So Happy New Year to everybody and let’s hope for a prosperous one again
    I am at Cheltenham on New Years Day if not to busy Josh can you see if you can do a through the card for the meeting
    Peter Lucas

    1. Hi Peter, thanks for taking the time to post, your kind words and New Year’s best wished. Happy New Year to you too. Yep there has been plenty of profit to mine across the boards this year, and glad you’ve got stuck in and helped pay for a few treats – that’s what it’s about, and having plenty of fun along the way. Fingers crossed to a profitable 2019!
      Cheltenham- yep that shouldn’t be a problem. I’m having a house party for new year’s eve with a few friends but I think they’ll all be gone by 1am and i’ll try and behave, as it promises to be a good card at Cheltenham. The bog 3m2f handicap chase will get a going over and i’ll see if any trends, time allowing, for the big handicap hurdle, and i’ll try and breeze through the others! No doubt some in the comments may like the odd horse also.

      1. Thanks Josh we having family party as well and I will need to behave as I am driving down to Cheltenham New Years morning
        As you say the guys in the comments will throw up a few suggestions as well


        Peter L

    2. Hi Peter
      Thank you for your kind words and delighted that you have made a good profit on following my racing and golf tips along with all the others that you follow.
      It is so nice to have positive feed back especially when December as not been the best month for my bets,and my only goal is to help anyone beat the accountants/bookmakers if i can.
      Hope that we all can have a winning 2019.
      Back to the Sinner on Nexflix fantastic production watched four episodes back for the fifth.

      1. Hi Colin
        That’s ok as we all know there will always be losing runs and as you say you need a good size bank and as I have a portfolio of tipsters then some are winning when some are not so balances out and hopefully will continue to make profit over time
        Enjoy your programme

  2. Typical. You think your on to something half decent so you decide to share with others and then you get the longest losing run since the trial began lol. Still, it should mean I’m due a winner so onwards and upwards
    L 11.40 Um Shamr 9/2
    W 14.00 Horacio Hornblower 8/1
    L 14.20 Final 11/2
    Good luck with whatever you select. And Happy new year to you all

    1. yep i feel your pain danny … but my hrb and betfair don’t fib 🙂 lets keep going 🙂
      H.N.Y. Everybody !!

    1. hi josh H.N.Y. 2 U N ALL out there in betting cyberspace land 🙂
      also have the j.scott/n.scholfield angle in this one as well ? 🙂 … another f/c beckons 🙂
      gl/gb 🙂

      1. best of luck, I can’t have the old boy in that race. Too exposed and usually wins when a big weight dominating inferior opposition – he’s 106 here today, 5 of these in this are rated 120+, and some inc mine are unexposed. I could have him very very wrong but on paper I just can’t, even at 12s! He’s had a few breaks in recent history also suggesting he’s had plenty of problems/been hard to train, but at least his yard are in form. I’d be mildly surprised if he was good enough today, but when I’m wrong, i’m usually very very wrong!! 🙂 HNY to you too.

  3. No handicap chase qualifiers today.

    Just a bit more detail on the other system I will be trialling from tomorrow. I won’t be disclosing the rules behind the system but I will commit to providing the selections for at least 3 months, probably longer.

    – All selections will be 12/1 or under.
    – There may be some benefit in eliminating the really short price selections but I’ll post them all and make a more informed call on them once I have a reasonable sample.
    – A bank size of 75 points is recommended.
    – Selections will be posted by lunchtime (usually late morning). This won’t suit everyone but I like to place my bets at this time to preserve remaining accounts and I want anyone that follows to be able to get close to the advised odds.
    – Additionally, I wouldn’t expect that big an advantage in placing bets any earlier.
    – The results of the system highlight the importance of patience. 2018 well above average, 2017 well below average.

    2018 – +90 SP points (339 bets)
    2017 – +1 SP points (287 bets)
    2016 – +64 SP points (300 bets)
    2015 – +43 SP points (345 bets)

    So all in all +198 SP points from 1271 bets. SP ROI = 15.6%. Strike-rate = 25%.

    – Clearly this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. I also very much doubt that I will match the ROI return of Colin, Nick and others and so this should probably feature lower down your portfolio. However, over the course of the year I would be surprised if we made a loss, especially to advised prices. I can also guarantee that people pay a lot of money for much worse betting angles! If the system achieves an average year (based on last 4 seasons), it would be better than the SP profit achieved by any of the 70+ tipsters on racingindex.
    – Frustratingly, there has been a major profit spike over the last couple of days – Carole’s destrier, song for someone, chef d’oevre, plantagenet were all ‘missed’ winners.
    – However, that did show me that backing just that lot late morning would have added a further 7 points over and above the SP figures posted above and so hopefully over the course of a year, 50+ points is achievable granted reasonable luck and all at a high strike-rate and achievable odds. That’s the target anyway.

    I wish everyone a very happy New Year and thank all the main contributors again for all the profit and more important than that, the enjoyment this sport brings me. Hopefully my selections will provide some interest if nothing else.

    P.S. there is a flat version of the system too which uses very similar logic, so if this trial is successful I may throw them in the mix too. That one is +191 SP points from 490 bets, 24% strike-rate and so shows distinct promise. I can’t believe for one second results that good could continue but I would be happy with a 15% SP edge if it can perform in line with the jumps one has historically.

    Until the New Year then…

    1. Good stuff Francis. New angles always welcome in these parts! Thanks for the effort.
      Can I ask if that’s an angle you’ve been following live in any of those years stated from research previously done? Or those are the researched results. Either way I look forward to tracking progress. Best of luck.

    2. Francis
      Do not knock yourself for four winning seasons on the NH and Flat and a combined total of 389 points at SP certainly not to sneezed at,or on average 97.25 points per year or at £100 per point = £9,725 per year,now my instant cash ISA emergency easy access cash fund with the Coventry pays 1.15 or 1.25 interest how much do i need in the Coventry to make £ 9,725 you are the accountant frighten me.
      Hope you are not billing me for the answer!!!! Haha.

      1. About £800,000 I think Colin – luckily though i’m still in heavy debt for your tipping services and so I won’t bill you for the answer!!

        I should stress, as Josh indicated, these are hypothetical profits though as this will be the first time the results are being monitored live. I’ve just gone over the system again and the one thing that is noticeable is there are a fair number of winners in the 10-1 to 12-1 range in the jumps version. A few too many to be completely sustainable. That said, the system is profitable all the way down to even money, so confident there is an edge there, hopefully just a case of how big and whether it’s worth the effort! I will post to end of March and then we should know more.

        1. Thanks for that imagined it would be a mickey mouse figure for it is hard to make a consistent profit betting with the restrictions that are imposed,when i was having accounts closed contacted Betfair for had never used them before and was told that they had only 4% winners and 96% losers on their books for me that says it all,and Betfair want people to win to pay the commission.
          Wonder what % the bookies have of winners on their books!!!

  4. This is newly researched. Live tracking is probably about +20 points from 20 bets but that’s a sore subject!

    Obviously with above strike-rate and over 1000 bets sample, the chance the results are pure luck is low (chi figure circa 16). The fact similar logic works on the flat and the place percentage in the ‘poor’ year was very high also fuels confidence but we won’t know for sure until the end of next year and beyond.

    Best advice as always is to start small and (hopefully) build up the bank from there!

  5. As from New Years Day I will post up both Tips and Systems selections separately. Both were in profit in 2018 but I have been sporadic in posting and have not bothered to put up profit and loss figures as I did with the Golf tips on the Free Blog. They may be up later though on the 1st as I am at a NYE party and so may struggle the next day at my age! Also I am off to Mexico for 10 days on Sunday 6th for a break with Mrs C but it makes sense to start to record from the 1st.

    Anyway, some for the last day of 2018:

    The 12.55 at Warwick looks a warm race but Copper Gone ran a solid race LTO and there is some 12/1 about now and so seems worth a go for 1 point each way.
    In the 2.35 at Warwick Sunnytaliateigan looks as if it will be suited by the distance of this race. The 6/1 about now is worth a go at 1 point each way.
    1.05 Uttoxeter, Fergal and Paddy team up with Good and Hardy at 8/1. The horse has had a pipe opener and is open to improvement. 1 point each way.
    2.10 Uttoxeter, Burrows Park won LTO, gets weight and Lucy Turner keeps the ride and takes another 7LB off. There is a bit of 7/1 about now. 1 point each way.

    Good luck.

  6. Happy New Year to all and thanks for all your excellent contributions, which have helped me make a few quid this year.
    RT – 16.75
    150 Lin Areen Heart

    1. Happy new Year Kev, keep soldiering on with your picks. If it’s an approach that’s worked in the past, then it will come good again, or if something new, taking the time every now and then to step back and analyse can be useful. Losing runs are part of the game, just how you deal with them mentally is the key- a run of -30 etc is nothing in my own head, but it becomes something if you let it, and impacts on decision making etc. I’m on a horrid run of sorts with the ‘big race’ tipping inc the free posts, bar the odd winner, I haven’t done much on that front for a few month. The profit has always come in spikes, and my year looks bloody good if it was spread out evenly, but sadly most of my +180 odd points came in March / April /Galway, with a steady decline since. It will turn and at the odds I play at it doesn’t take many winners, but key is to try and learn from any errors and attack each race with a fresh head, which is easier said than done. You can’t cut corners sadly and only hard graft will get you to the promised land haha. It will turn. I look forward to the bumper winter AW season to come!

  7. today’s selections, quite a few today.
    12-35. Flanagans Field 8-1
    1-40. Sartorial Elegance 7-1
    2-10. The Vocalist 8-1
    3-15. Pray For A Rainbow 13-2 sky 4 places
    1-30. Bredon Hill Lad 10-1
    3-05. Whin Park 10-1 sky 4 places

    1. w/e 30/12 figs

      Daily runners = 17
      Winners = 2 @ bog 8, 4, @ sp 7/2, 3
      p/l @ bog – 3
      p/l @ sp – 8.50
      There were 1 / 0 plcs @ bog 11, @ sp

      Festival runners = 10
      Winners = 1 @ bog 11/4, @ sp 11/4
      p/l @ bog – 6.25
      p/l @ sp – 6.25
      There were / plcs @ bog @ sp

      3m+ runners = 16
      Winners = 1 @ bog 11/2, @ sp 3
      p/l @ bog – 9.50
      p/l @ sp – 12
      there were 1 / 1 plcs @ bog 16, @ sp 16



    No bet

    1.40 Sartorial Elegance BOG 9/1
    1.40 Flight Commander BOG 4/1
    2.35 Marley Firth BOG 15/2
    3.05 Redmond BOG 14/1

    Will update both sets of results over the next few days.

  9. I sympathise with Freezing Danny, in recent weeks it has been a disaster here. Several times I have resisted the temptation to dutch, the most recent example with Carnival Queen and Treakle Tart on Saturday. My selection Carnival Queen was soon tailed off and Treakle Tart won at good odds.

    Consequently I am picking two in the 2.00pm at Warwick. Nothing like getting an extra spade when your in a hole digging!

    2.00 Warwick 1pt e/w Moorlands George 14/1 , 1pt e/w Goodnight Charlie 18/1

    1. Ha, I did exactly the same with those two on Saturday Hugh, the law of sod . Happy new year to you and all other contributors and of course our leader.

      1. good job you didn’t say ‘dear leader’ there, you’d make me sound like a rogue state despot haha. Happy New Year to you too, here’s to a fun and profitable 2019. Josh

    2. Well, that worked out better, Goodnight Charlie 2nd available at 28’s on Bf. Was unlucky to catch a tartar in the shape of the winner who was a different class.
      YTD 30 bets -7.25

  10. Hi Josh, just want to wish your good self a very happy new year and to all the members of RTP. I keep saying this, a brilliant site with such great content. Keep up the good work guys, have a great time tonight!!
    Best wishes to you all, Tom.

    1. Thanks Tom, a Happy New Year to you too. i’m glad the feel/direction of the place has come across, but do save up some of that enthusiasm to get you through the odd period where we collectively come together and appear to have never set eyes on a horse race before!!! in truth it’s rare for every element – whether my strategies/tips/members who post to all hit the buffers at the same time, but that’s the game. All about enjoying the ride day to day and long long term profit and cheering on the odd nice priced winner etc. More of the same in 2019 with any luck, it won’t be for the lack of hard graft. This game has to be fun and simply cannot be a cold hard Profit/loss driven experience- long term profit/not losing stacks, is clearly key to enjoying the game as well, but there’s more to it than that and thankfully i think there’s something here which is engaging day to day and that gives members choice, if willing to take the time etc.

  11. Just a little suggestion Josh, would it be possible to create some sort of results page/section where the tipsters on here could upload their results. I just thought it may help those who tip to just direct the new members or those that ask about results to a page rather than dig out their results all the time. Happy New Year to everyone here.

    1. Hi Chris, i’ve been pondering what to do on that front- firstly I like to think of those who post as ‘members who tip/post selections’ rather than ‘tipsters’ which sounds too formal and like a service. I don’t like making many demands on those who post etc, as it can’t be seen as a chore. It’s a balance.
      I encourage those who ‘tip’ regularly to keep us updated on results, monthly as a worst case, and the handful who do post regularly are usually on top of them- I take note monthly so I can answer anyone that asks. A lot of them are new tests etc and probably wise to monitor anyway, bar a couple who’ve been posting for over a year now. Maybe i should include the regular’s results in my monthly results updates of the strategies etc.
      I should actually just do a separate monthly results post, which is accessible with one click etc, rather than the current method of tagging onto section 4 for a couple of days.
      Moving forward… Ideally i’d like to build a ‘tipping league’ as part of this blog, where members could tick a few boxes and everything would be logged- would be a fun competition as well as serving a purpose for results collation, and where any tips that day could be seen at click of a button. That needs building from scratch etc and i’ve a good friend who has all the skills, just a case of investing and seeing what is possible- I think there may be a way to legally pull the free race cards/horses from racing post into some sort of dashboard. And I want to revamp the comments section, and also the whole blog could do with a re-fresh again. I should probably throw some money at it all.

      1. Josh, could you create a ‘free’ post for members feedback about site development ideas and your proposals? It deserves a space of its own.
        That might seem contradictory ‘free/members’ but it would be a passive promotion to non members to understand what might happen and see the value in the revamp.

  12. Hello all, I know I don’t say much these days but I read the members area everyday, its a big part of my daily routine, to finding winners.

    Josh I’ve watch this website grow and become a vital tool in my armory, I want to thank you for 2018 and your continuous hard work.

    Also want to thank everyone who puts up tips and their thoughts in comments, lots of gold come out of them posts and adds to my betting bank.

    Happy New year Josh and everyone of the members, hope you all have a safe and great time tonight.

    Looking forward to another great year in 2019.

    1. Hi Gavin, Happy New Year to you too. Glad you’re continuing to enjoy the site. There’s always room for improvement on many fronts but hopefully I can build on this year, and add a few improvements at some point. I’d like to think you’ve just echoed the thoughts of the big majority who don’t post but appreciate all the content and those who post etc!
      Here’s to a great 2019.
      p.s the only danger to me tonight is excess Malbec! I’ve got my excuse logged already if I have a shocker on the Cheltenham card 🙂

  13. When the going gets soft, Venetia gets going! An across the card double today to add to her double at Haydock yesterday.
    May I add my best wishes Josh and thank you and all the contributors to the blog for making 2018 both profitable and enjoyable.
    Happy New Year everyone.

    1. Quite, albeit officially good to soft at Warwick! She’s just in good form. Made an amateur error with that winner there- didn’t pick up that he’d won over 2m5f in France over fences, ‘staying on’ – with that key bit of info then 8s looks decent. Fitness was never going to be a problem, and that french win was on ‘good’. No doubt he’ll relish heavier! Jumped very well. Damn, one that got away. Hope you had a nibble.
      Yes Happy New Year to you too.

  14. Nice Winner – His Dream, which i took 28 on an E/Way on Betfair this morning. Strange day, as i had 14 sels, the other 13 losing (Each ways), and so finished with an identical account Balance to when i started 🙂 I can hardly recall ever backing as many as i am now (not complaining) or ever having winner priced at 24 being my only winner in a day. I am already in love with this Site and am determined it will enable me to have the best chance in 40 years of Betting to take the Bookies to the cleaners! Happy everyone 🙂

    1. sounds like you had the same kina day as i did john …… lol 🙂 .. had a right go at blowing my balance only for the name of my dearly beloved and now long deceased cat “Nobby” to come to the rescue ……… long live this site !!

      H.N.Y. 🙂

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