Free Daily Post: 18/12/18 (complete)

nothing from me today

Nothing again from me today. A new ‘Little Black Book’ post from Adam Norman will be with you soon.


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    1. info/test
      C 12.10 – Frame Rate @ 10
      S 1.30 – National Glory @ 7
      S 3.00 – Bawtry Lady @ 18
      S 3.30 – Brigand @ 14

      1. NH profit Wk 20 = + 1.5 @ bog (sp – 0.5)
        Total p/l @ bog + 53.5
        Total p/l @ sp + 5.18
        runners since start = 272
        winners = 41
        s/r = 15.1 %
        roi = 19.7 % (sp 1.9 %)
        plcs inc win = 106, s/r 39 %

        will do figures as above when these get to 100 + runs
        AW wk 8 = – 7 @ bog ( – 7 @ sp)

        Info/Test picks wk 7 = – 15.2 @ bog ( – 16.75 @ sp)
        Total p/l @ bog + 41.15
        Total p/l @ sp + 33.1
        Runners since start = 145
        Winners = 17
        s/r = 11.7 %
        roi = 28.4 % (sp 22.8 %)
        plcs inc win = 39 (sr 26.9 %)
        These are still in test mode and as there was a 50/1 winner figs not as good as they first appear.

    1. Unlucky i felt yesterday. I don’t think those on the gamble of The Establishment will have been too happy and then the later gamble went their way.

      Today a 100/1 shot gets in the way!

  1. Hi Johnny I did use to buy and sell on the Favourites market but after three months I was surprised by the results.As I’ve said I work out my own quote and if the spread quote was outside my quote either way I would buy or sell but after three months I had made 197 points buying but lost 302 points selling.So since March this year I now only buy if my figure is above the spread no matter how much the difference is,here are my workings out and spread quotes from today.
    Southwell 84.33 spread 80-84
    Catterick 84.19 spread 83-87
    Fakenham 79.45 spread 81-85
    I did sell starting prices and made a small profit over a year but I never felt comfortable with that market so stopped


    1. Thanks Tony, that makes it very clear, a 21 point profit at Southwell today I think courtesy of the last 2 races.
      Just one other point. I think you said that if there were joint favourites in a race the lower (or lowest) card number was the horse running for you. I did a small amount of trading in this market with Sporting Index a few years ago and seem to recall that it was the higher/highest card number that counted. I think you said you used Spreadex who have probably got different rules or Sporting may have changed their rules since then.
      Anyway, please keep posting, I will be really interested to see how it goes.

      Good luck!

  2. Cheers Johnny and the last two races certainly helped today
    Yes I only use Spreadex and it’s the lowest race card number with them when joint or co Favourites


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