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1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs

2.Any Tips/Notes (Daily Tips/Festival Tips/other thoughts)

3.Micro System Test Zone

4.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against TTP Stats Packs


1.20 – Bun Doran   (micro age)  w1 H1 I3 G1 9/4 S4 2nd

1.55 –

Cobra De Mai   (m runs)  w2 33/1  UP

Full Glass   (m class/dist) 16/1 S2A 

3.40 –

Giveaway Glance  (m dist)  w1 w2 H1 I3 12/1 S2 S5 

Definitelyanoscar   (m age)  w1 9/2 

Oscar Rose   (m’s TJC /runs) I3 G3 9/1  S1+S5 (ONLY IF 11.00+ BFSP) 

Ratoute Yutty  (m hc debut)  w2 5/2 



1.00 – The Unit   (all Hc’s, HcCh, m age)  w2 H1 I1 G1 2/1 S4 UP



None,  no stats profile this year, still not enough stats since reopening. 




H1/H3= HorseRaceBase Top Rated or Top 3 Rated (at time of posting)

G1/G3 = Geegeez GoldSpeed Ratings (Dr Peter May) Top Rated or Top 3 Rated

I1/I3 =  Inform Racing Speed Ratings – Top Rated or Top 3

14,30 = Geegeez Goldtrainer form’ indicators14 – 5+ runs last 14 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr3010+ runs last 30 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr

ES+ = ‘Elite Squad+’ = those angles from TTP stats pack with 10+ winners, 25%+ win SR 

S1-S6 : S = ‘Strategy’ and refers to the ‘advised strategies’ in the link below. S1 = ‘Strategy 1’. Added on morning of racing along with the price. w1won last start.   w2won two starts ago 

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2.Any Tips/Notes (Daily Tips/Festival Tips/other thoughts)

Daily Tips (2018: 28/322,100p, -22.2 ) Big Race/Festival Tips (2018: +142)


BIG Race Tips

1.55 Chelt –

Baron Alco – 2 point win – 13/2 (gen) UP

Guitar Pete – 1 point win – 10/1 (gen) 3rd

Oh damn, well that was disappointing. Baron hasn’t run his race for whatever reason but maybe credit to Frodon for that, as he seemed taken out of his rhythm…maybe that 3rd run back after a long absence, and after his exertions LTO, told.  I thought he was pulling away from Frodon LTO come the line, but maybe I haven’t appreciated his liking for this stiffer 2m5f, and I suppose on that run the price disparity was a bit off… annoying when a shortlist of 4 includes a 10s+ winner not tipped, i’ve done that before but clearly not all clicking in my head with these races yet. Should have been closer to him maybe, but there we go. At least Nick had him and a good day for the test best of stats quals below. 

Baron Alco- well if this one doesn’t win i’ll promise not to curse a horse with 2 points for a long time yet, at least until the big race profit pile starts climbing again. My eyes are working ok, well as per the test below, but my big race analysis is still a tad poor, but i’ll keep soldiering on. Rock The Kasbah was just awful, The Bay Birch was annoying, i didn’t expect a UR, and I hate not knowing. Anyway, at least with this one I have a prominent racer… i don’t think he’s finished improving yet, I think he stays well and this course may suit more, he’ll be right up there, jumps well, doesn’t know how to run a bad race over fences (yet to be unplaced) and my word he must have the best collateral form in this race by some way. I won’t detail it all here here but it stacks up so well, those horses that have beat him into 2nd in handicap chases…the likes of Charbel and Road To Respect have gone on to much better things, and that’s just mentioning two of them. Those chases he’s run in have worked out so well – look at the Novice Chase he came second in here in Dec 16 –  Whisper in front, Sizing Tennessee behind. I don’t think he’s reached his ceiling yet and he could improve again from LTO. He started to pull away when winning there. He ticks all the stats for this and 9 horses in the last 21 renewals have tried this Cheltenham double, two have won, another placed, one PU when making a howler, and the rest were often more exposed/got whacked by the handicapper and couldn’t follow up. I don’t think this mark will stop him and if he’s still on his feet, I think he’ll be leading turning for home. It will take a good one to stop him, and importantly I think he’s 2/3 points overpriced here. He’s the one to beat for me and i’ll happily wade in, to glory! He won’t mind if the rain comes and it softens up a tad either…

Guitar Pete – and neither will this one. He won last year, fortuitously with the ill fated Starchitect, but he then thumped the rest. This has to have been the plan and horses have won this twice before, back to back. Richards is in much better form when last seen and Ryan Day returns. He stayed on well LTO and has guts and stamina- again better suited to the New Course which is a stiffer test. I don’t think he’ll be far away here if jumping to his best and he’s another that hits all the stats. Both of these have a touch of class, having performed at higher levels/in deeper races, yet still could have more to come in handicap chases. He shouldn’t be 10/1 here, it’s a tad insulting. The reason he’d get closer to the selection and Frodon is this different track- he was doing all his best work late there, and like I say this must have been the plan, sneaking in at the bottom. I’m happy to have a dart at 10s.

The rest…well Rather Be may scoot home having been brought down when still travelling in Baron Alco’s race but it’s a far stretch to suggest 4 from home that he’d have won. I think both the selections look stronger stayers than him around here. And we don’t know what that will have done to his confidence- that’s twice the poor soul has been brought down at this track, once at the Festival in a hurdle where i’d tipped him, but thankfully he got the job done for us at Aintree NTO. He should still be well handicapped and I can see the case, but he doesn’t look overpriced and he will have to chase Baron Alco at some point, and go past. I’m not sure he will. But clearly I won’t fall off my seat if he does.

Frodon is a worthy top weight but I don’t see why he should get the better of Baron here, if both running their race. The latter is open to further progress but he does have class and will run well. Mr Medic is interesting for the in form Walford but this is his first run at the track and I don’t think he’s beaten much in his handicap career to date yet. Given those two factors I was happy to leave at 9s, i’d want a shade bigger, but he would be an annoying winner- i’ll take the proven track and Grade3+ form of the selections ahead of him, but he’s got more races in him. Cepage is the other interesting one but this is his seasonal reappearance, he can get himself worked up pre race, he can be held up and also hit a fence. The selections have a higher level of form to date, but he is still unexposed. 12s may be ok, but enough niggles for me. Those two would be the two annoying big priced winners. I should mention War Sound given the form of the Hobbs yard- he looks progressive to a point but he is 9 and those over 8 generally struggle in this historically. He was also whacked by the handicapper and is usually held up. Again, his form as yet doesn’t compare to my two or the fav, but of course if all three fluff their lines, something has to win it! I was more than happy to leave the rest, they all need to step forward on what they’ve done for me

Pace…well Baron will be right up there along with Twisters. Mine doesn’t have to lead but the latter could be in better form, and isn’t as strong a stayer over this trip/track. I expect Baron to take it up before they swing for home, or as they approach the straight.

The stats…well those that hit the 10/10 stats below… Rather Be / baron alco / Frodon/ Guitar Pete / Mr Medic / Cepage / Casablanca Mix / Dr Newlands / Cobra De Mai.

Those stats + the running in a G1 stat and running 21-45 days ago leave 8/48,19p…and the four to also hit those two stats are… Rather Be / Baron Alco/ Frodon / Guitar Pete… it could be between those four, and I hope i’ve landed on the right two!



TEST Best of the Stats Quals? (24/91,45p, +30.4 , all 1 point win) 

1.00 Donny – The Unit– 9/4 (gen)  (added 10.05) UP

1.20 Chelt – Ozzie The Oscar – 7/2 (gen) WON 20p R4, 2.8/1

2.10 Donc – Equus Amadeus13/2 6/1 (gen) WON 6/1>7/2 

2.20 Here – Flashing Glance – 8/1 (gen) UP

as of 10.05, that is definitely it for today…write ups to follow….


Before I get onto these four, I’ll mention Top And Drop (1.10 Here)…her price collapsed sadly. I’d have tipped her at 9/2 for sure, as I think she ran well LTO, is unexposed as a chaser and looks sure to relish this trip on both running style and breeding – but, it is an unknown and she has to prove it, which makes the 9/4 a bit short for me, I could have taken the risk at 9/2 given the questions with the oppo. She’ll probably be the only winner now! 🙂 (damn, i’ve said it) 

The Unit… a ‘late’ addition after the first three I put up but I think 9/4 is actually too big here and he could be 7/4 if not 6/4 based on form. Hutch is here which is always a bonus, the horse jumps and travels well, is unexposed in handicaps, drops into an easier race than LTO and i think this trip may suit better – I think he was starting to run on empty after the last at Market Rasen and had arguably been given too much to do. He’s top rated, and by some way, on all three ratings sets I use. He beat Drinks Interval in August (who’d just beat the time before) and he’s since won 2 on the bounce for Tizzard and was possibly going to win off 147 LTO, when unseating when leading. He could still have a bit in hand here on that evidence, and he’s better LH. Amour De Nuit is short given that worrying race LTO. Maybe he bounced but his chase form as yet doesn’t stack up to the selection, but Harry is here. Value At Risk – i’d want bigger than 10/3 given his inconsistencies although he has the ability. Robbing The Prey has to step up but McCain is in superb form again so not discounted. I do think Kings is the one to beat and the break is a positive given a busy summer…he’s 4/7,6p returning 31-60 days and ran well after 75 days last time. This may be his last chance to win before the ground goes.

Ozzie The Oscar.. he’s still unexposed over fences and that Exeter run was very good, no negative losing to Gods Own there I don’t think. Having watched the Ascot run back I think he paid for trying to keep tabs on Speredek- I think he did too much, and had nothing left after the last two, and that once is a classy horse. The race was won by a hold up horse. He’s a decent jumper at his best, I think is going better LH and I was lured in by the pace- I think Dicky will try and dictate here, and kick turning for home. He could get this lot on the stretch. That’s the theory anyway. He won’t mind if it softens up a tad. Bun Doran is up 10lb from that last win which may do for him. I would have it between the top 2 on recent form, the rest need to step up and don’t look on the best of terms with themselves, albeit a couple may have needed recent runs. I’ll go with the front runner and one who’s hard fit, and who could still have room in this mark. Fluent jumping and dictating pace is worth a few pounds anyway. He should be the one they have to pass.

Equus… the first of two for the ever in form Tom Lacey. This horse is still unexposed in handicap hurdles and takes a rather big drop down from The Greatwood LTO. He was up there for a long way, fading three from home – that was his first run after a Wind Op and he will have missed work during that spell. There’s a chance he comes on a tad for that run. He won at Wincanton before that and did it a shade cosily. This is his trip and if he got back to the level of his Sandown 2l 3rd in April, he’d got very close to winning this and would certainly outrun his odds of 6/1. The two horses in front in that Sandown race are now in the low 140s. He’s booked the best available to him in Aidan Coleman, in terms of those who ride for him, and that’s a positive for me. I thought there were questions on the rest Irish Roe fell LTO and looks at the top of her handicap ceiling to me, open to attack from anything with more in hand. I can leave Solomon Great at 9/2 after 300 days off -he’s open to more progress this season and his yard are in form. He’d be the biggest danger if fit I think. Cliffs Of Dover can be too keen and is inconsistent, making 7/2 not overly generous to my eyes. I can leave him. Zoffany Bay may run well, another unexposed one, but the selection has a higher level of form already I think, although he was going well LTO before a bad error. Anyway, 6/1 felt a couple of points too big here.

Flashing Glance.. he won’t mind any rain and I thought 8s was a shade too big here. He was brought down, rather than UR LTO, where he was plugging on and would have been 3rd or 4th. He got visibly outpaced there and i’m intrigued to see him over this 19.5f. He also had top weight there, at Sandown, in heavy. I think he wants cut in the ground to be seen at his best and he has some decent back form over hurdles which suggests one day he may make 129 look lenient still. Those two runs last Sept/Oct were decent – Amour De Nuit in front, who races in The Unit’s chase, but he reached 138 over hurdles. At Chepstow he had Silver Streak and Dolos in front, Fidux behind him – that’s probably one of the best pieces of handicap hurdle form on offer here. He thumped a 127 horse easily enough on his next start, which bar LTo was his last run on softer going.  He didn’t take to fences and on his second hurdle start back from a brief chase campaign, I think he’ll go close here. Robbie Dunne is here which is a positive and I thought 8s was too big. Coeur Blimey has ability and intrigued me- he has been backed but was 6s by the time I got to him, which I could leave. He was awful LTO, even if badly needing it. He may prefer softer but has some very good big handicap placed efforts to his name. He’s the best horse in the Gardner yard and they are in better form than when he last ran- however I don’t like his jumping. He can really clout one, and that makes 6s short enough but he wouldn’t be a surprise winner here if getting it all together. It may be competitive enough on paper but I just want the selection to get back to that Chepstow level- he will out run 8s if he does.

That will be all for today. Fingers crossed 2 of them can go in, or at least Ozzie to pay for the rest and leave some beer money. 🙂 


3.Micro System Test Zone

Paddy Brennan (14/1< guide)

12.10 C – Fanfan Du Seuil 9/4 2nd

1.20 C – Bun Doran 9/4 2nd

2.30 C – Aye Aye Charlie 5/2 UP

3.40 C – Oscar Rose 9/1

V Williams November (track Dec) (16/1< guide)

1.55 C- Cepage 12/1 2nd 

1.10 H – Top And Drop 9/2 UP

D McCain (14/1< guide)

3.20 D – Lofgren 7/1

Saturday TJC (Dicky/Hobbs, 14/1< gudie)

1.20 C – Ozzie The Oscar 9/2 WON 9/2>11/4 (20p R4) 

1.55 C – War Sound 11/1 UP


Jumps Fact Sheet 2018/19 

LTO Winning Hurdlers

11.50 D – Golden Jeffrey

LTO winning Trainers

11.50 D – Golden Jeffrey (10/1< guide) 9/4

1.35 D – Theclockisticking (12/1< guide) 6/1 2nd


1.20 C – Top Gamble (9/1< best) 11/2 Fell

1.55 C- Romain De Senam (9/1< best) 14/1 UP

1.10 H – Dawnieriver (25/1<) 12/1

Trainers To Follow

12.00 H – Albertos Dream 5/1 UP

2.20 H – Flashing Glance 8/1 UP

2.10 D – Equus Amadeus 13/2 WON 13/2>7/2 


4.Any general messages/updates etc



Caspian Caviar Gold Cup

10/144, 35p

10/10 aged 8 or younger (9+, 0/30,2p)

10/10 top 2 at least once last 3 runs (0/29,2p did not)

10/10 had placed at least once last 3 runs (0/34,3p had not)

9/10 ran 21-45 days ago (9/92,29p)

8/10 had run at G1 level previously

  • G1: 8/87,23p
  • G2 or below (highest class run): 2/57, 12p)


  • 0 track runs: 0/11,2p

Track LTO

  • Cheltenham: 6/64,16p
  • Ascot: 2/12,5p
  • X1: Perth/Muss
  • Newbury: 0/19,1p


  • P Nicholls: 4/19,7p
  • X1: V Williams/N Henderson/N Richards/D Pipe/NTD/P Hobbs





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51 responses

  1. If you bet EW with Josh’s tips, William Hill paying to 7 places, Paddy Power to 6. Some paying to just 3! 15 runners.

  2. Just easing my way back after a good few years away from the racing scene so, please, nobody take much notice of anything I tip up 🙂

    1.00 Doncaster – Value at Risk 4/1 PP/BF 7/2 elsewhere.

    Won a hurdle race at this meeting last year for Dan Skelton and finished last season winning a listed chase at the Scottish National. Re-appeared this season in the Old Roan Chase and then seemed to be making a bit of headway in a class 2 £20k at Ascot 3 weeks ago before falling away 2 out. 4/4 in December and will surely find this class 3 a little easier.

  3. In the 1.55 at Cheltenham, in terms of value, I like 16/1 Foxtail Hill carrying no weight, going off in front and running the legs off the field. I also like War Sound at 11/1, showing some improvement. However he likes to come from off the pace and I worry he may make errors trying to keep up? Baron Alco is an obvious danger I think but will likely be too short in the betting.

    In the 3.05 if?????? the 8 runners stand their ground, I like Old Guard at 8/1 as an each way selection. Bryony Frost seems to be able to get a good tune out of the horse. Summerville Boy has some questions to answer and I can see Silver Streak being a danger.

  4. Karl Burke all weather runner – 7.15 Wolverhampton, Guvernor’s Choice, 10/1 now.
    Hobbs handicapper, class 1 to 3, 1 or 2 runs in 90 days – 1.55 Cheltenham, War Sound, 11/1 now.
    Michael Scudamore handicap chaser, 1.10 Hereford, Sheneededtherun, 8/1 now.

    1. I concur there martin with the burke horse,has been a model of consistency,with a good draw the front runner should give it a bold bid,saw Fisher blitz the field on Angel Panas at southwell,if he can get out and hold his position could be good night vienna,hopefully,
      In the opener at Newcastle James Bethell runs the 3yo Call Me Madam 10/1 generally.ran ok on hcp debut and now being upped in distance,now that may bring about improvement or it might not.
      Bethalls real forte on AW is older horses 5-7F and 2M+,very poor 1m-1mif,so madam might improve his record on 3yo front at the extremes,wild weather on way tomorrow so get the logs in,roasting fire,bottle of paddy on the mantle piece.and chelt on box,bliss!

  5. William Hill have gone 7 places for the Caviar! I thought it was a typo on OC!

    Filled my boots on Guitar Pete. Completely agree with your summary Josh, similar prep to last year as you say and Richards in flying form – 6 winners from 10 in the last week. GP the only won to have won at grade 1 level and twice at that. Barring bad luck I’m hoping he at least manages a top 7 😉

    1. Oh if both of those jump to their best and suffer no bad luck I’d be rather surprised if they both were not top 4 let alone top 7! I’ll go the brave (foolish!) route on the nose as is my way. I’m pretty dogmatic on those two + fav. I simply can’t have the other 12. You have to be confident in this game pre race. Red faces and bowls of egg at the ready. 🙂

      1. Absolutely, this game isn’t for the feint hearted so you have to trust your instincts and stick to your guns. Cue Casse Tet bolting up by 10!

      2. I do find it interesting why punters back each way? Do they halve or double their stake to do so? Are they just keen on getting money back as opposed to long term profit? I have read a few books where they discuss win or each way but it tends to be the same old thing.
        I back win singles and doubles but sometimes have an each way accumulator, such as a yankee etc. It is the model that makes more profit for me but each to their own.

        1. It’s all psychological Martin. Long losing runs, as can be the case with win only, can be deflating. Regular place money keeps the spirits up even if, in the long term, win only brings in more profit.

  6. Also backed Santa Rosa in the bumper at Fairyhouse (15:35) at 50/1. Trainer and Jockey have some interesting form together in flat races.

    On the dirt, Lady Makfi in the 6.45 at Wolves is due a win and is well handicapped to do so at a track she’s won on before and 100% in class 6s (3/3). Donhoue gets the leg up and he was the last to win on her and hasn’t ridden on her for a while so hopefully tomorrow is the day

    Windforpower in the 4.20 at Newcastle is on a competitive mark at his favourite track and trip so had a play on him as well.

    1. Bloody hell James, wonderful stuff. Can’t say I had a penny on but looks like at least 2 of you did and hopefully some more. That’s a nice steak. I’m sure you can upgrade even further. Well done.

  7. Can I suggest that if Baron Alco loses that you give everyone 3 months free membership if you tip a 2pt bet in the next 6 months.

    1. haha – ok ok, yep if Baron loses i won’t curse another horse with the dreaded 2 pointer at least until June! 🙂

    2. Like the 3 month free membership suggestion. A week in and i already realise that there are people with senses of humour – how else does one survive in this game! In that vane i would love to say that the aptly named the ‘The Unit’ – on Josh’s list, is connected to me (especially as i used to live in Donny!) or even that i am a part owner but alas not even a hoof! I will say though that with just 3 rivals i will give it as my first tip – and probably my last ! 🙂

    1. Genius Martin!! Backed them all and put Frodon and Sensulano in an each way double. What a result, thankyou. Keep up the good work, kind regards, Tom.

  8. Morning,

    Had our Christmas do yesterday, so, was unable to get on with picking horses yesterday, my Grandad used to say never pick horses when you have a hangover..
    Anyway the other half is dragging me round town shopping today, so, I will be in a right mood later, hopefully cheered up by these going in… haha.
    Unfortunately Josh I have gone for one of yours.
    13:55 @Cheltenham
    FRODON 10/1 gen 1pt win
    I cannot abandon Bryony even though she is in a bit out of form, she loves this horse and vice versa, think the two of them have a spark and Frodon last time was over priced, yes he has top weight, yes Bryony is out of form, but he has the heart of a lion and I don`t think he will give up easily!
    GUITAR PETE 11/1 gen 2pt win
    Another who is thrown in at the bottom, everything Josh says makes sense, only thing i can add is, to me I think maybe he should be the 2 pt win…haha.He always freshens up with a couple of runs and I believe this has been the target for a while now.

    15:40 @Cheltenham
    DEFINITELYOSCAR 5/1 1pt win
    I know, it`s the second favourite and a boring choice, but 5/1 for this horse I believe is value, this horse will power up the hill and win going away. I just think the favourite is too short and the bookies have these two the wrong way round.
    PETTICOAT TAILS 6/1 1pt win
    Another who is over priced and i feel with Dickie on board, (who is riding out of his skin atm), this horse will have been targetted at this to see how she will react after running a bit green in a couple of her previous runs, we shall see, but, my money is down!

    As always hope all jockeys and horses come back safe and sound, good luck with whatever you back today!

    1. Well done Stewart with Frodon, you’ve read another big Sat chase spot on. That was a joy to watch, poetry in motion. I’m still out of form with those but a good day for the best of the stats test at least. I suppose in hindsight it was odd his price was that much bigger than Baron, who hasn’t run his race, but I thought he may have more in hand, but Frodon has broken him with that jumping/galloping. At least no more 2 points from me for ever more!
      Guitar worth a go over further now, so is Venetias i think but he has a nice handicap chase in him, Mr Medic ran well until clouting one, he could have another chase in him, maybe back at Ascot.

    H 2.20 – John Constable on 3rd run @ 25
    N 2.40 – Highwayman on 5th run @ 10
    C 1.55 – Cepage on 1st run @ 12
    C 2.30 – Rockpoint on 1st run @ 6
    W 6.15 – Desert Doctor on 2nd run @ 6
    C 1.20 – Top Gamble on 2nd run @ 11/2


    11.50 Doncaster Golden Jefferey BOG 9/4
    1.55 Cheltenham Catamaran Du Seuil BOG 22/1

    1.55 Casablanca Mix BOG 16/1
    3.40 Petticoat Tales BOG 6/1
    7.15 Dutch Uncle BOG 20/1
    Another 2nd yesterday


  11. I backed Golden Jeffrey yesterday, Colin, he was very game to get up and win, but I don’t think he runs today, mate.

    1. Did not think that he would run but if he did he was down a grade from yesterdays win,and when i put him he was still a runner in the 11.50 hate these early starts

      1. Yeah, not keen on the early starts either. And yes, had he run again today, I’d have wanted another bet on him.

  12. I am still looking but one to start:
    Conas Taoi Hereford 12:00 0.5pt e/w and 1pt win given the profile of the horse

  13. Conas Taoi Hereford 12:00 0.5pt e/w and 1pt win given horse profile
    Unison Hereford 14:20 1pt e/w
    Baron Alco Cheltenham 13:55 1pt e/w
    Frodon Cheltenham 13:55 1pt e/w

  14. Hi Josh,
    I know I am new on here, and I don’t want to rock the boat, but is it possible that when members post, that their name can be at the top of their message instead of the bottom.
    At the moment you are reading something, but not knowing who has posted it, till you get to the bottom.
    I am beginning Thanks to scroll right to the bottom of the page and the reading upwards to find who has posted what. Thanks Colin / vinorosso

  15. Hi Colin. Polite comments never rock the boat 🙂
    Hmm. Not sure that’s possible. I need to revamp the comments a bit anyway with one thing or another so can have a look but isn’t an easy fix and probably needs some coding.
    Any new comment (that isn’t s reply) always goes to the bottom of the comments. I’d have thought if you were looking for comments from certain people it doesn’t take that long to scroll through on whatever device you’re on , find the name and read the comment. You can just keep scrolling up and down pretty efficiently I thought. Isn’t something I’ve ever thought about but will ponder. Josh

    1. Thanks Josh, I think you understand what I mean if you read your reply,
      ‘ find the name and read a comment ‘, exactly what I meant, but now you read the comment and wonder who wrote it. Sorry if that’s a bit flippant, burt it is not meant to be.

      1. Yep but you don’t have to read the comment first haha. Just scroll through, find the name you want, read the comment.. ? The name or username is always straight after the comment and are a constant. Every comment is followed by the name /username. Unless I’ve got the wrong end of the stick.

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