Free Daily Post: 11/12/18 (complete)

members test zone today…

There’s a new guest post you can read HERE>>> it’s an entertainment/reflective piece on two stars of the game, one now retired.


The members’ test zone today, as always a useful set of starting points…

Members Micro System Test Zone

Paddy Brennan(14/1< guide)

1.10 F – Robin Deuz Pois

3.10 F – Invicta Lake

Jumps Fact Sheet 2018/19 


3.00 Uttox – Cougars Gold (9/1<)

LTO Winning Hurdlers

12.30 U – Stop Talking


Best of luck with any bets.



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    No bet

    The year ended with 6 winning months from 11 for a profit of + 42.74 points,a little down on the previous 4 years which where proven on Opitimum Racing Sports Line,normally + 60/70 points.

    There were 99 bets at 1 point ew
    2 bets at 2 point win
    2 bets at 2 point ew
    In total 103 named player bets.

    PGA Tour starts again in January on the 3rd with the Sentry Tournament Of Champions.

    To all who followed my Golf bets Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year
    PS started putting the Golf bets on here September 2017 and the profit until the end of November 2017 +26.6 points so the combined total + 69.34 for 13 months of bets.

  2. 2 nice winners yesterday 11/1 and 10/1,hope to keep it going today

    2.20 sou london 16/1 4pl
    2.30 utt three star general 11/2
    3.10 fon mortems leam 5/1

    Prices taken 6.30pm Monday
    Good luck !!!

      1. You’re on fire Dee, hacked up for sure, eased down. That’s how you like them to do it! Care to enlighten us mere mortals about any of your methods/ways in etc? 🙂 Well done again.

        1. Thank you Josh much appreciated !
          I’m afraid it’s nothing new,I’m merely go by previous form over today’s exact conditions
          and see what kind off mark they ran off compared to today’s looking for a horse that’s been there done that ie.won or placed.ive tried to simplify what criteria to look at and I’ve got it down to four
          4.code chase/hurdle/flat
          I forgot about the 5th. LUCK !!!
          Hope I’ve explained myself,not very good at it lol
          Good luck !

          1. Hi Dee
            Well done you have certainly set the bar very high from the beginning.
            With your 5 point plan are all aspects i use with a few more one is when the horse is dropping in class or grade and also progressive 3yo/4yo always dubious on the flat horses 7yo and above they win but difficult to predict when.
            Keep it up all the best

          2. Thanks Colin,and thanks for the hints/tips,will try to incorporate them into my studies.though I’ve been looking at 2×7 yo’s in tomorrow’s races on the aw lol
            Good luck

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