Winter Season Ticket: Your Questions Answered

My members’ club- your questions answered, including a video tour/discussion…

This video takes you inside my members’ club, and talks through the questions and answers that follow below, including the four main jumps strategies. You can just read what follows but I hope this video brings everything to life in some more detail. I’ve tried to be as brief as possible- no, really I have! 🙂 With any luck you find this post useful. If you have any other questions, email me or comment below. 





Your Questions Answered (I hope!)

What does the members’ club look like inside/how is the content delivered?

(a peak inside within the video above)


What should I follow when first joining/what are my options?

  • Section 1 explained
  • The four starter strategies explained- what to look for (5-9 minutes in video)
  • How much time do I need?

You can read the ‘where to start’ document, looking at the four main strategies, inc results HERE>>>

Following any of those, and any tips, is a 5 minute job every day, if that. At it’s most basic you can wait for my morning post update around 8am, look for the four symbols as described (w1, S1, S2A, S3A#) added next to the relevant horse in section 1, and bet.


 The results / win strike rates/ losing runs / betting banks

  • The four main strategies (more details inc results HERE>>
  • My big race tips (link to spreadsheet below video)
  • Do I fiddle results? (stand out prices/ rule 4s etc)


S1: Operates at around a 10% WIN SR but has a superb Return on Investment, 89% in 2017, 51% so far this year. +61.3 points BFSP

S2A:  A lower 5-% win SR, 21% win and place SR. 33% ROI so far this year, on win bets. +66 points BFSP

S3A#: a 32% win strike rate, 50% ROI so far this year. +61 points

W1: 26% win SR, 19% ROI as of end Nov. +33 points (now back to +50 in first few day of Dec)


My Big Race Tips: You can see a results spreadsheet HERE>>>

That goes to the end of Sept. It’s about -6 since then in what was a quieter period than usual – (ground/small fields etc) but the action will start to hot up now the jumps season is getting going. Those operate at around a 10% win SR, with +150 points profit this year from around a 140 points outlay. A near enough 100% ROI to date, which is a bit silly but I’ll try and maintain it! I’d take a 25-30% long term return in truth. But it’s very enjoyable cheering home 201/, 25/1, 33/1, 40/1 and the odd 50/1 shot. 

An approach with a win strike rate of 10% WILL HAVE losing runs of 66 or so every 1000 bets.  That’s mathematical reality. (as you can see in the table at the bottom of the strategies doc HERE>>>) Clearly such approaches are not for everyone but losing runs are part of any successful long-term approach. Your bank should cover the prospect of the maximum losing run, probably x2 to be sure, x3 if ultra cautious. 

Those with winning strike rates of between 25-30% (such as W1 and S3A#) will have losing runs of between 19-24 every 1000 bets. Clearly such approaches are less stressful, but a betting bank of +100 points should suffice for those two, combined. 

I don’t fiddle results. I don’t take/or record stand out prices, and all rule 4s are deducted. I’ve never had a complaint yet about how I record prices. All prices recorded are generally available on the morning of racing, and by that time most of the content has been accessible for 14 hours or more, i suspect with much bigger prices available in many cases. 


It all looks far too complicated??!  

  • Yes and No
  • It’s about choice
  • Racing is a complex sport : )

I don’t think it is, but then I would say that I suppose!

The four main jumps strategies are very easy to follow, especially once you understand them, using the literature provided (HERE>>>)

You can just wait until I update the post each morning and look for four symbols as previously discussed. (w1, S1, S2A, S3A#)

If you wish to follow my Big Race Tips you can just note those down, usually weekends, and back them. That’s straightforward enough!

From that point on, and in time, your approach can be as complicated as you wish. This can include following some of my members’ tips and some have done very well, through to using all information provided as ‘starting points’ and a ‘way in’, as your own betting + race analysis develops, if you so wish. 


I don’t want to follow any strategies, is it still worth it?

  • Yes!
  • Big race tips
  • Information / stats / trends
  • Picking your own bets
  • Community / tips / chat

Of course you can ignore all of the advised strategies if you so wish. If you just prefer tips, you can follow my own big race tips, and possibly some members – two of my members are a combined +600 points or so this year, to 1 point win and 1pt EW bets. As an example.

You can use all information provided, including stats/trends for big races, other reports, and all stats qualifiers listed in section 1 + 3 as a starting point to finding your own bets.


Do I have the right attributes?

  • Do you enjoy horse racing as a sport? Do you like cheering home winners?
  • Do you enjoy winning money, to reasonable stakes, long term?
  • Are you patient and disciplined?
  • Are you aware you can’t cut corners in horse racing and be successful?
  • Do you like the idea of improving your knowledge over time and picking your own bets?
  • Do you like the idea of sharing in success with others? A community all helping each other enjoy the sport more and win more money?

If your answer to any one of those questions is YES!, then I’d say you should give it a go

IF however you’re after a quick fix, and if you won’t bother to take any time at all to immerse yourself in my approach, even the basic 4 main strategies, then please don’t bother as it will be a waste of all our time. Winning money at this game isn’t easy, but it is possible.


Is there any risk? NO!

  • 60 day money back guarantee. You can paper trade for that time if you wish.
  • If it’s not for you, get your money back.
  • Hopefully you join the 370 odd long-term members who’ve enjoyed the journey so far.
  • Can I sign up for shorter? No, not yet, maybe in the New Year 🙂 (but such options will work out more expensive than the Winter Season Ticket)


Josh , I don’t believe you, it’s all made up! Well, here’s what some real members say, maybe you’ll believe them! :)…

James M “Not only do you get the thorough daily insights from Josh himself, but the contributors to the blog are also worth their weight in gold. Of course it’s not some magical fairy tale land where each horse mentioned wins. That being said, the quite staggering highs definitely outweigh the short-term lows. Whether you be a casual punter (as I am) or a hardened race fanatic, if you are looking to further your education in the game, searching for long term profit (which is key) or just the sheer excitement of when one of their many amazing collective days of tipping all comes together, then I could not point you towards Racing to Profit quickly enough”

Darren C – “Thanks for the through the card post Josh . A couple of winners and a straight forecast meant i left up on the day. My first visit to Ponte and won’t be my last” (i’m happy to look through a card if a member is off racing) 

Paul B – “just a quick word from me, yesterday was the best day I have had betting, in addition to Nick’s fantastic efforts, Josh’s notes pointed out Rocco (test zone) and The Young Master (main jumps strategy) and a word too for Ken with a couple last night. Fantastic site this guys, keep the banter and contributions coming. Good luck all today”

Andrew G – “Seems strange that there will be many punters out there in the betting world who pay extraordinary amounts for tips which struggle to offer a profit and yet this forum produces results almost every day which defy belief…Nick stands tall at the top of the tree but a mention to many others who also put in sterling efforts with selections and some with detailed analysis…too many to mention but all do a fine job. Congrats to everyone who contributes so effectively – I’m sure Josh is as proud of them and how RtoP is working as do the rest of us who appreciate the efforts of the members who put forward selections daily. All this and the cost is Negligible considering the rewards on offer even if you only bet to small stakes”

Kev R – “Amazing results on the blog yesterday, many thanks to all, what a site this is!”

Jamie A “My first stop for horse racing. One of the best community’s on racing full of loads of fantastic people. Run by the no nonsense fully informative all round good guy Josh”

Billy F “I have been a member of this site almost from its inception and i enjoy members comments and their tips be it winners or losers(much prefer winners!),to me R.T.P. is the best value site/blog for the ordinary punter and josh deserves great recognition for all his hard work in making this (in my opinion the best in Britain)”


And that’s it.

If you have any more questions, please do post below.

Don’t forget, YOU CAN JOIN HERE>>>

All the best,



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