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  • NH Tips
    F 1.10 – Shady Glen @ 18
    F 3.10 – The Lady Rules @ 10
    1.20 – Kamra @ 11/2

    Titus 04/12/18 9:26 AM Reply

    • info/test picks
      L 11.50 – Escape to the City @ 8
      L 12.20 – Blue Willow @ 7
      L 12.50 – Very Honest @ 4
      L 2.20 – Cox Bazaar @ 10
      F 2.40 – By Rail @ 9/2

      Titus 04/12/18 9:51 AM Reply


    No bet this week not a fan of the South African Tournaments and the QBE Shootout is not for me,will be back next week.

    Novembers profit + 10 points could have been better if Finau had won instead of finishing 2nd

    cleafe 04/12/18 9:52 AM Reply

  • Cleafe what’s your opinion on Finau?
    I personally think he is a talented player but not sure he has that final piece inside his head to take him a stage further and be a multiple winner or even a major winner

    Tony 04/12/18 11:06 AM Reply

    • Hi Tony
      He is no spring chicken at the age of 29,disappointed with his wobble having taken the lead after the 3rd hole expected a lot more on a course that he does well,mentioned on here before mental strength is a major factor to see out the win.
      Our own young Englishman Matt Fitzpatrick appears to have this and he is just 23 years of age,hopefully he will win his first PGA in 2019,and will see if his younger brother Alex will have it and interesting to see if he can follow in Matts footsteps over in the States by winning the Amateur tournament certainly hope so.

      cleafe 04/12/18 4:12 PM Reply

  • Nothing from me today and probably little for a day or two, have two members of family ill, one in the Midlands and one at home so time at a premium.

    alpha2 04/12/18 12:00 PM Reply

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