Free Daily Post: 22/11/18 (complete)

members test zone…


If you missed Adam Norman’s latest notebook article you can read it HERE>>>


The members’ ‘test zone’ today, to use as starting points… I thought Ryalex and Clondaw Rigger looked of most interest so we shall see how they run…

Members Micro System Test Zone

A Dunn (25/1< guide)

1.15 Winc – Thahab Ifraj 22/1

Jumps Fact Sheet 2018/19 

LTO winning trainers

12.55 MR – Keep The River (10/1< guide) 9/2


3.20 W – Clondaw Rigger  9/4


Handicap Chase System Starting Points (10/1< best)

2.35 MR – Les Fremantle 40/1 / Ryalex 15/8

3.20 W – Clondaw Rigger 9/4


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  1. Saved by the bell yesterday on the AW
    NH Tips
    M 2.35 – Ballycamp @ 12
    W 2.45 – Chilli Romance @ 9/2
    W 3.20 – Guerilla Tactics @ 7/2
    W 7.30 – Letmestopyouthere @ 11/2
    W 8.30 – Red Stripes @ 13/2

    W 12.45 – Mr Magill @ 12
    M 12.55 – Maggies Legend @ 11
    M 1.25 – Darcy Ward @ 10
    M 3.05 – Venetian Proposal @ 18
    N 1.20 – Indianapolis @ 11
    N 2.25 – Call Me Madam @ 9
    N 3.30 – Big Kitten @ 5/2
    W 7.00 – Time Zone @ 20

  2. £265 million pay for a year for Bet 365 CEO.

    Having seen racing from the other side it is really time that powers got rid of accountants/bookmakers and went down the pari mutual route where the money could go to
    Owners,Trainers,staff along with more investment into the lower end of the scale trainer better facilities and care of the horses and above all money for the injured jockeys and staff they should not have to be begging of the public for donations.
    Hope that this sheer greed from these unscrupulous companies will now be sorted out,for feel that there will be a major outcry by the public over this.

    1. And they say crime doesn’t pay. As an industry they have the most unlawful t&c’s for large companies in Europe, according to some recognised watchdog bodies.
      In some ways I welcome his massive increase as it further portrays the greed and gives justified ammunition to the clean it up campaigners who are becoming more and more outspoken. It certainly won’t help the bookies on the TV advertising front. Expect punitive limits next year and a sharper focus on the rest of their ‘fuck the punter’ attitudes.

      1. The top two tiers of English football most teams are sponsored by bookmakers including my own Derby are sponsored by 32 Red which disgusts me for all the kids want the shirts and this logo glorifies the bookmaker.
        Titus also should be an inquiry into back handers,brown envelopes or benefits or whatever anyone wishes to call them, when MPs wanted to delay of bringing the machine limits down from £100 to £2 that certainly stinks.
        Doubt if all the TV presenters are on restrictions,and what if one of them mentioned a horse live on air which could not win how many lemons would follow the advice?
        Bookies sponsoring training stables said it before the BHA should not allow it,for in some cases could lead to corruption and the BHA should not allow the chance of temptation.
        The bookmakers have held so much power lets hope this is now their downfall,and remember back in the 1970s Ladbrokes started an hotel chain out of putting very little back into racing,they sold the chain not sure but feel it is now Hilton hotels.

  3. Totally agree mate my team Bristol City are sponsored by a online casino called Dunder so on the kids shirts they can’t have the same as the players it just has robbins across it total disgrace

    1. Millwall are sponsored by a local Roofing and Scaffolding company and so no issues with anyone with money to spend at The Den. We were once sponsored by Live TV, the weather in Norwegian. Classy or what?

    2. Chris what as happened to Andreas Weimann is he injured for he started off well for you however not heard anything about him for a while.


  4. Ladbrokes were into casinos which were attached to their hotels. Gaming board took their license away because of issues around nicking data from competitors and hookers for their high rollers coupled with comp hotel rooms hence the sale to Hilton. That was when Gaming Board had those sort of powers to do something about corrupt practice not so sure now.

  5. There are certain aspects of the Bet365 business which you have to applaud. I see their online platform and in-play features as head and shoulders above the industry. They do not have the same legacy operating costs as the majority of other mainstream bookmakers which works in their favour and also have a strong advertising campaign, which whether you agree with it or not, does well to attract new customers.

    However that is where my praise ends.

    I literally get the sense they can almost pick their profits at the moment. They have just announced a 33% year on year increase in profits. That is inane and as an accountant I really do not think they would posting those sort of numbers unless they thought the growth was sustainable at least over the next few years.

    Another thing that makes me think they have money coming out of their ears is how much money they hand back to customers. £10 a week in bet credits and up to £50 on their in-play offers every other week. Imagine how much that costs them over the course of the year. Yes, it may gain them market share but I very much doubt those offers pay for themselves.

    They are actually making too much money even in their eyes! They have to hand money back to customers to make their figures look less excessive and reduce shareholder growth expectations.

    My question to their CEO is…instead of all of these handouts, why can’t they just allow everyone to have a bloody bet e.g. minimum bet liability of £500 across all race classes. It would increase their active customer base in the same way and be fairer to everyone, rather than just cashing in on the mugs. Answers on a postcard…

      1. I think it may depend on your average stake. My current online identity(!) is getting £25 in play offers but I’ve heard up to £50 is available for some customers.

    1. Look on the bright side Francis I bet your wife is a lovely looking woman .Would you swap her for 50 million to wake up every morning with that dog Coats .I know I wouldn’t touch her with a barge pole .She is a pure

    2. Peter Coates was very clever around a decade ago to recruit a crack team of IT / Website / Systems developers from Financial Services; who had been severely impacted by the Global Economic Crash. That helped them to develop an Online / Web / Infrastructure that was a remains years ahead of most of their rivals. I do agree, that’s about as good as it gets.

  6. It did make me smile somewhat that the figures were released on the same day as the report into how kids were now gambling more than smoking, drinking or drugs. They were back to back items on the news.


    1. fantastic wasnt it talk about shooting yourself in the foot,something surly as to be done about the bookmakers and pretty sure it will be,my only fear is the Asian and American bookmakers will take them over.

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