Free Daily Post: 12/11/18 (complete)

nothing today, or the rest of the week…

Nothing from me today. I’m away now through until a week Wednesday, and there will be no free posts in that time. Have a great week. 


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  1. Last year i put up my AW bets over the winter with success on here,and with Josh away will put up COLINS BETS on here for the time that he his away.
    Already placed the bets on members line so if there is a difference on the prices i claim that is why.
    12.35 Fieldsman BOG 12/1
    2.15 Buonarroti BOG 8/1
    2.15 The Last Debutane BOG 13/2
    2.45 Someone Exciting BOG 14/1
    3.20 Epitaph BOG 14/1

    Remember last years success is not guaranteed this week,so if you decide to bet alongside me please do not bet more than you can afford to lose.

    1. NH profit Wk 15 = – 8 @ bog (sp – 8)
      Total p/l @ bog + 61.25
      Total p/l @ sp + 25.18
      runners since start = 207
      winners = 32
      s/r = 15.5 %
      roi = 29.6 % (sp 12.2 %)
      plcs inc win = 81, s/r 39.1 %

      will do figures as above when these get to 100 + runs

      AW wk 3 = 14 @ bog ( 14 @ sp)

      Info/Test picks wk 1 = – 7.50 @ bog ( – 7.50 @ sp)

  2. Another winner for Steve Palmer from the racing post this weekend with Lee Westwood winning and his other tip Louis Ouisthezen was 2nd or 3rd and probably feels he should have won himself.

    A 200/1 place in the Pga too.

    He can’t be far off 800-900 points up this year and I’m sure he bets at 200 quid a point. Not bad!

    1. It was not his main tip though. That was Martin Kaymer who was way down the field. He did not have nay success in the tournament in Mexico. You would have to back all his selections, 3 or 4 in each tournament and so 6 to 8 bets per week. This would reduce his profit figure. But I make him +265 points for 2018, which is not to be sneezed at.

      Steve tends to bet win only and this proves more profitable than each way. However each way gives you + 185 points.

      You do need a healthy bank to follow Steve but it does pay if you stick with it.

        1. Apologies, they are to level stakes and so I likely to Steve a disservice re profit. I should have said.

          Steve’s first choice does not win more than his other selections but I do not know the impact of his staking on his profits. However either way he makes a good profit each year. He does have losing runs and so you need a bank to follow him and keep your bottle.

          1. I’ve been backing him since the start of the year and he finds winners more regularly than any golf tipster I’ve seen. I trust his staking plan rather than level stakes but dont bother keeping recorda. His book is a funny read and his podcast is enjoyable too. He’s obviously made a great career for himself out of the game

          2. Totally agree on Steve P, funny fella and #1 Golf tipster IMO. Think he’s had 4 winners in the last 5 weeks which is incredible and a PGA/ET double earlier in the year. Also recommend the RP podcast with him on as its usually good for a laugh.

            Only problem with following his tips or anyone thats so publicly available is that prices of his picks gets slashed as soon as they are published. If only I could get a direct line to him first!

  3. Has anyone got any profit/loss records on Steve Rawlings selections?
    Have been following his in running blogs for a few weeks and find them an interesting read but haven’t followed any selections put up

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