Free Daily Post: 09/11/18 (complete)

nothing today

Nothing today, time allowing I plan to have a good go at The Badger Ales chase on Saturday, as with every year. Not sure i’ve landed on the winner yet though!


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  1. Flat week so far
    F 1.15- Wiakiki Waves @ 4
    F 3.25 – Hardtorock @ 6
    W 3.05 – Morney Wing @ 7/2
    7.15 – Cadeaux Boxer @ 10/3

    Info pick
    N 8.15 – Collingham Park @ 16

  2. Hi Josh, can’t log in to members area. Quarterly payment isn’t quite due yet but I still can’t view members area. Any ideas?

      1. It should all be sorted, spoken on email, should be back in hopefully! Paypal playing silly buggers and delaying payments for a few days after when they should have come out. No idea why it does that with some accounts!

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