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Hi, I'm Josh and thanks for reading my blog, Racing To Profit. Hopefully you like what you find. This is a place for horse racing fans of all levels and ability, bettors and non bettors. Here I, and fellow readers, share our opinions on horses and information that may help you find your own winners. Do say hi, we are a friendly bunch... and if you could use the 'share buttons' above that would also be appreciated :)


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  • Profit for bets and info yesterday
    E 2.05 – Gods Own @ 4
    E 3.15 – Belmount @ 7/2
    E 3.45 – Tea Time Fred @ 11
    W 2.15 – Verne Castle @ 5
    K 7.00 – Kamra @ 3

    Picks for info
    R 1.55 – Al Erayg @ 6
    W 2.50 – Blame It On Me @ 6
    K 6.30 – Dollar Value @ 3

    Titus 06/11/18 8:57 AM Reply


    Mayakaoba Golf Classic

    Tony Finau 2 point ew 14/1 1/5 6 WH Unibet 888 2 point ew
    What a talent is for he appears to be able to play any course,only played here once before in 2014 when he finished 7th.
    This is not the most competitive event for quality and struggled to find another player to back so will have 2 points ew on Tony.

    No other bets

    colin leafe 06/11/18 9:55 AM Reply

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