Free Daily Post: 02/11/18 (hold)

a quiet one today.

Nothing from me today, best of luck with any bets. I’ll be having a good look at the big handicap chase from Ascot on Saturday, so there’s that to look forward to, hopefully!


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  1. More than usual today
    U 12.55 – Knight Commander @ 11
    U 3.15 – Boruma @ 14
    U 3.50 – Dawnie River @ 3
    W 1.20 – Hermanus @ 11
    W 3.40 – Cornborough @ 16
    K 9.15 – Jeopardy John @ 10

    Some bolts for info
    W 3.05 – Captain de Classe @ 9/4
    N 3.25 – War Brigade @ 4
    N 4.00 – Little Jo @ 10/3
    K 7.45 – Envoy @ 4
    A bit more like it odds wise, yesterday it threw up no hopers really although there will be some big odds winners in these.

    1. Titus not noticed Some bolts for info before ,what are these,info says that they are not for betting but why put them up,not hard for me to become confused.

      1. Hi Colin,
        They are from a little test I’m doing that threw up some surprising results and if I put them up here it helps the focus. Basically I’m looking for nags primed to bolt in. No concrete way in, more of a ‘what they been doing til now, why in this race’ etc, and then gut feeling (it tends to work well for me over the jumps). Not much of a sample to say profit is achievable hence the info bit for now. The AW appears to produce bumper odds but that could just be luck so more data needed.

        1. I am happy for them just to win. They do not need to bolt in.

          Perhaps call a tip a tip and a system qualifier a qualifier? Keep it simple is my motto.

          Anyway good luck.

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