Free Daily Post: 30/10/18 (complete)

another quiet day from me.

Nothing again from me today.

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3 Responses

  1. Blanked Yetsreday
    F 1.30 – Salto Chisco @ 13/2
    F 2.00 – Top Rock Talula @ 5

    I,ve been trying to pinpoint what I feel are nags being primed to bolt in with surprising success but only a small scale so I thought I’d put em on here to keep my focus. These will generally be on the AW but not all. We’ll see how they go and I wouldn’t advise following with cash for now.

    N 3.10 – Airplane @ 12
    K 6.15 – Divine Messenger @ 7/2

    1. quick notes on the 2 @ Fak
      Salto – Consistently placed over fence and stick and v. close to last win mark
      Talula – 1st run for new stable with T&J both in decent form

  2. Golf Tips – Turkey – Li Hao Tong at 20/1, 1 point each way. He has some course form and is playing solidly at the moment.

    U.S. – Sam Burns at 40/1, 1 point each way. A local (Las Vegas resident) who finished third last week and has course form.

    Good luck.

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