Free Daily Post: 29/10/18 (complete)

not much today, one of interest in 2.40 that I haven’t tipped…

Nothing of much note today.

I did look at Golden Investment in the 2.40 Ayr, but missed 6/1 and was on the fence as to whether 9/2 was good or not. Mainly as his wins to date have been when fresh – 61-90 days… 0/16,3p all runs 1-60 days… that made me anxious at 9/2…but his run LTO was after a wind op and he went well for a long way, no doubt needing it and that fitness could count for plenty. If he returned to the form of that Wetherby chase win in a deep race, he’d take this I think. Maybe i’ve got that price judgement wrong, we shall see!


best of luck with any bets.


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  1. Hi Josh
    I seem to have a problem logging in to the members club. I keep being asked to rejoin , would you be able to look into it please.

    1. Leave it with me and I’ll have a look. Most likely either membership has expired (on an annual manually added maybe?) Or pay Pal is playing silly buggers and delayed a payment for some reason. I’ll add you back in temporarily first thing in the morning until sorted. I’ve shut down for day and am on my phone as I type.

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