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Nothing today.

Nothing again today from me. I looked at the 26f handicap chase from Carlisle. A decent race. I missed the price on the Sue Smith horse. Were he 7s+ i’d have tipped him I think. The race does look to be between him and Twister’s to my eyes- his is now well handicapped, goes well fresh, and stays well. A slight niggle he can get too far back/will have to close on Smith’s. But both probably the right price and nothing else in the race could lure me in.


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    1. Hi Mike
      Sorry for not getting back to you yesterday on the members board, Hospital most of the day,everything OK.

      October through to March should start making good profits again with the AW.

      Could i ask how do you arrive at your bets on here is it a system or your own bets,for from November will start to invest,so its down hill all the way Ha Ha

      1. Hi Colin,
        The reason I asked about last 4 months was I’d noticed you getting a few in on the flat and o’er the jumps and I’ve been waiting for the AW season to kick in before following you again. I wondered if the summer results you’ve had bode well for next year ?

        My picks are generally consistent pace runners not being hammered by hcpr and have some value. They don’t have to be front runners but are regularly on the pace. The further in the season we go the more the gut kicks in cos of watching recent races. I’ll get into the habit of adding some notes .

        1. Summer OK fell into the trap of omitting a few big price ones it was only last season after one or two on here called the AW,decided to put up my AW bets to show that you can make a profit on the AW,for me a 3/1 winner at Southwell pays out the same as a 3/1 winner at Epsom.
          For my bets have always recorded NH,Flat and AW in one package of bets until having a play last year,to prove that you can win on the AW which i did.
          You are aware that my bets are on Members forum and they will never be separated again.

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