Free Daily Post: 13/10/18 (complete)

nothing today.

Well I planned to attack the big handicap hurdle at Chepstow but too much guesswork is required I think, both with the weather/wind/going and with fitness for many. Also my stats/trends didn’t really help too much. Dans Le Vent is a main strategy qualifier in that from the members’ post and i’ll be hoping he may be good enough to win.

Best of luck with any bets.


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  1. Missed last few days through one thing or another
    Y 2.05 – Pacify @ 16
    N 3.00 – Xmas @ 40 (poss e/w)
    N 5.25 – Forest @ 8
    Y 5.35 – Epaulment @ 8
    C 7.15 – Kodicat @ 11/4
    H 3.25 – Misfits @ 10
    H 4.00 – Hollow @ 11/4
    C 5.55 – Believing @ 12

  2. morning all 🙂 or hopefully at least one person 🙂 somewhere out there in the abyss 🙂 well i am still testing and digging but i am on earthing a few treasures on the way 🙂
    let’s have another fun day :

    Time Horse Track Odds
    Today 3.40 Southern France (IRE) Newmarket (Rowley) (RH) 5.50F
    Today 3.40 Here And Now Newmarket (Rowley) (RH) 23.00
    Today 3.40 Making Miracles Newmarket (Rowley) (RH) 26.00
    Today 3.40 Eye of The Storm (IRE) Newmarket (Rowley) (RH) 67.00

    Time Horse Track Odds
    Today 1.50 Ill Have Another (IRE) Newmarket 17.00
    Today 2.25 Western Australia (IRE) Newmarket 13.00
    Today 2.25 Massam Newmarket 19.00
    Today 3.00 Anthony Van Dyck (IRE) Newmarket 4.50
    Today 3.00 Mohawk (IRE) Newmarket 23.00
    Today 4.50 Different League (FR) Newmarket 3.75F
    Today 4.50 Perfection Newmarket 7.50
    Today 4.50 Poyle Charlotte Newmarket 51.00
    Today 5.25 Hathal (USA) Newmarket 8.50
    Today 5.25 Lucius Tiberius (IRE) Newmarket 13.00

    Time Horse Track Odds
    Today 1.40 Fortunes Hiding (IRE) Hexham (LH) 4.00
    Today 2.15 Creadan Grae (IRE) Hexham (LH) 3.25F

    Today 1.55 Deyrann de Carjac (FR) Chepstow (LH) 4.00
    Today 3.35 Monbeg Legend Chepstow (LH) 3.25

    a gl
    always 🙂 ing 🙂

    1. Hi Brian,

      what is your definition of a ‘Positive Vibe’ in regard to a racehorse?

      Lots of qualifiers from your perspective.


      1. Hi Martin ,
        Nice to talk to you as i have a high esteem of you over there on the side of fence 🙂
        Well i have recently embraced the hrb system and i am like a kid in a toy shop. But it does help me refine down and show my profits as would be over the last year – 5 years ( which has been a real eye opener for me and lots of angles i previously followed are no longer viable as since shown by the hrb system).

        My main betting preference is “live” in attendance in front of my machine and betfair.
        I am not a great ” horse form ” man and prefer to look “out side of the box” for my betting angles. ( mainly as the day unfolds as opposed to having all sorted out the night before .. i have most sorted but not all 🙂 )
        Here I am just trialing my latest and still refining “angle”
        which is trainers and jockeys in form / horses handling the conditions / whether it is a handicap or non handicap / the right month / day .
        For me what this list does is just bolster my opinion on a certain horse to back.
        But hey i am not teaching you or anyone else what they already probably know. I admire your professionalism ……… my main downfall is that i do find too many angles and end up having too many bets .. this is something i am now trying to refine down ( to keep coining the phrase) this part of my betting method.

        On we go , i have noted some of your selections as i always do along with some select others over there a yonder 🙂

        I would like to get a bit more professional and this site and others is getting me there .
        have a great day …..thanks for your interest 🙂

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