Free Daily Post: 11/10/18 (complete)

another quiet day

Nothing from me today.

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Do join in the conversation below, we're a friendly bunch.. all questions welcome, and do share your selections or thoughts

5 Responses

  1. ********* test zone **************
    my list of re-assuring positives for some of todays runners for you. (had a few yesterday come up trumps 🙂 )

    Today 1.45 Markhan @ Bangor Scudamore, Tom Elliott, Gordon 2/1
    Today 2.05 Iconic Code @ Ayr Fanning, Joe Dalgleish, Keith 25/1
    Today 2.50 Eshtiaal @ Bangor Johnson, Richard Elliott, Gordon 9/2
    Today 3.20 Mill Quest @ Bangor Johnson, Richard Elliott, Gordon 6/4F
    Today 3.50 Global Jackpot @ Bangor Johnson, Richard Elliott, Gordon 6/4F
    Today 3.50 Forget Me Knot @ Bango Aspell, Leighton Lavelle, Miss E C 13/2
    Today 4.10 Benjamin Thomas @ Ayr Hart, Jason Quinn, J J 4/1
    Today 4.45 Glen Moss @ Ayr Hamilton, tony Fell, Roger 13/2
    Today 4.45 Inglorious @ Ayr Hart, Jason Dalgleish, Keith 10/1
    Today 5.15 Handsome Bob @ Ayr Rodriguez, Callum Dalgleish, Keith 26/1

    gl in all your bets today

    1. Yes you had a pretty good day Brian and duly left a comment. Have another gudun today also. Best of luck…….Allan

      1. Thanks allan …. glad someone is out on the same orbit as me 🙂
        on we go for another bit of therapy today 🙂
        may the wins be with you !
        bc 🙂 ( just having fun 🙂 )

  2. Hi Ben
    Today someone asked me how caddies are paid do they have a monthly salary with a 10% bonus when the player wins a tournament?
    Have not a clue told him but i know a man who does.

  3. I don’t know about anyone else but i have certain jockeys and or trainers that i just can’t get right !! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!
    on the flat its paul hanagan … when i am backing him he rides like a milkman !! and when i am not he comes by and does mine on the post .. little blighter !!
    over the jumps its the helter skelter skeltons …….. they ( the people in the forest apparently ) say he is the best jockey this the best jockey that ….. well when i have ever seen him and especially backed him ..he can’t ride a finish for toffees !!
    adding D.Allan (jockey) to that list … the times this fellow rides like a demon posessed to pip mine to the post !!! ( just done it today in the 4.10 Ayr) yep and when i am with him …. he dawdles along without a care in the world 🙂

    just musing … lol ( wouldn’t be my betting bank talking would it …. )
    have great rest of afternoons racing … and don’t follow any of my car horses above .. unless any start winning )

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