Free Daily Post: 10/10/18 (complete)

Nothing from me today. The jumps cards look a bit sad really – everywhere in desperate need of rain I think, as we may not be seeing many winter horses until the ground softens a tad, which is affecting race tracks and no doubt the ability to do hard grass work at home.

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    British Masters

    Matt Fitzpatrick 1 point ew 25/1 1/5 7 BO CO BF SB BW
    Hard to belief that that Matt won the British Masters 3 years ago at Woburn,different course this year at Walton Heath but it will suit Matt
    Lucas Bjerregaard 1 point ew 1/5 7 28/1 BO SB 30/1 1/5 6 888 Unibet
    In form having won and been placed in his last 4 tournaments,his win last week in the Alfred Dunhill Links should bold well for the Walton Heath course.

    colin leafe 10/10/18 9:38 AM Reply

  • Seems a quite day so I thought I’d chip in with some traines that do well historically in Oct.
    4.20 THE CAPTAIN

    Pam Sly comes alive around now…. There are a couple of micros to this.
    None really qualified today but some tasty priced runners about today and worth a few quid.
    5.00 KHAZIX

    jarrodholmes68 10/10/18 10:56 AM Reply

    • I think that Sophie Leech has some past form this time of year with her runners.

      martin colwell 10/10/18 11:04 AM Reply

      • Sophie Leech stable has been in good form for the past 6 weeks or so. Usually big priced ew plays is the way to go with her runners ( or backing wothout the favs on B365 ).

        Kevin Gibbard 10/10/18 1:19 PM Reply

  • Golf Tips – British Masters

    T. Olesen 25/1, 1 point each way. A top player on his day as he proved when he hammered Jordan Spieth in the Ryder Cup.
    M Wallace 35/1, 1 point each way. Matt has been in form the past two months and has form at this course.

    I may come back with a tip for the U.S. later?

    Good luck.

    martin colwell 10/10/18 10:58 AM Reply

    • In the CIMB classic I am going for K Aphinbarnrat at 66/1, 1/2 point each way. The Barnrat has form at this course and is in OK form.

      martin colwell 10/10/18 3:08 PM Reply

  • THESE ARE MY SYSTEM POSITIVES FOR TODAY (testing and digging still ongoing = but i am getting their ! 🙂 )
    Today 1.30 Aluqair Nottingham
    Today 3.10 Forever Field Ludlow
    Today 3.20 Mabela Southwell
    Today 3.30 Ventura Bay Nottingham
    Today 4.00 Fire Tree Nottingham
    Today 4.00 Pure Shores Nottingham
    Today 4.10 Sumkindofking Ludlow
    Today 4.20 The Captain Southwell
    Today 4.30 Tomahawk Kid Nottingham (LH)
    Today 4.40 Blushing Red Ludlow
    Today 7.10 Parnassian (IRE) Kempton
    Today 9.10 Global Conqueror Kempton


    BRIAN 10/10/18 12:11 PM Reply

    • That seems like a pretty good day to me Brian. Well done

      Allan 11/10/18 8:43 AM Reply

      • thanks allan 🙂 on we go !!!

        BRIAN CRICK 11/10/18 11:50 AM Reply

  • I don’t know if anyone is interested in what’s going on in the big sales and auctions taking place but yesterday’s top lot was a 3 1/2 million purchase by the coolmore team for a Galileo colt they also splashed out just over 1.25 million on the surprise package of the sales (according to media outlets) proginy of the stallion Kingman the owner payed 135,000 guineas in december of last year when it was a yearling

    Aaron 10/10/18 1:37 PM Reply

  • I don’t know about anyone else but i have certain jockeys and or trainers that i just can’t get right !! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!
    on the flat its paul hanagan … when i am backing him he rides like a milkman !! and when i am not he comes by and does mine on the post .. little blighter !!
    over the jumps its the helter skelter skeltons …….. they ( the people in the forest apparently 🙂 ) say he is the best jockey this the best jockey that ….. well when i have ever seen him and especially backed him ..he can’t ride a finish for toffees !!

    just musing … lol ( wouldn’t be my betting bank talking would it …. 🙂 )
    have great rest of afternoons racing … and don’t follow any of my car horses above .. unless any start winning 🙂 )

    BRIAN 10/10/18 3:57 PM Reply

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