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1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack



1.20 – Dusty (3yo+ hncps)  12/1 

3.30 – 

Junoesque (micro class) I3 16/1 

Barrsbrook (m going) 18/1 

4.00 – 

Hedging (all hncps 5 yrs, all) ES+ I1 6/1 S3A S6 

Buzz Lightyere (m class) H3 I3 9/1 

Dream of Camelot (m going) 20/1 

4.35 – 

Miss Inga Sock (all hncps 5 yrs, all) ES+ 25/1 S3A 

Amitie Waltz (m TJC) (hncp debut) 10/1 

Ban Shoof (m going) H3 I3 G3 15/2 S4 S5 

5.05 – Kirkland Forever (all hncps 5 yrs, all) w1 ES+H1 I1 G1 7/4 S1 S3A# S4 



3.40 – 

Grise Lightening (all hncps) 14/1 

Shortbackandsides (m TJC) H3 I1 7/2 S2 

4.10 – 

Suitcase N Taxi (m TJC) 11/1 

Indian Pursuit (m TJC/dist) w2 H1 I3 G3 7/2 S2 S4 

Vallarta (m TJC/dist/age) w2 H3 10/1 

4.45 – 

Vera Drake (all hncps) 12/1 

Be Perfect (m TJC) H1 I3 9/1 S2 S6

Dew Pond (m TJC) 12/1 



4.55 – The Right Choice (m age) H3 I3 9/2 

6.00 – La Sioux (m age) w2 20/1 



Irish Bonus Stats


4.50- Grand Partner (all hncps) ES 9/1 S3




H1/H3= HorseRaceBase Top Rated or Top 3 Rated (at time of posting)

G1/G3 = Geegeez GoldSpeed Ratings (Dr Peter May) Top Rated or Top 3 Rated

I1/I3 =  Inform Racing Speed Ratings – Top Rated or Top 3

14,30 = Geegeez Goldtrainer form’ indicators14 – 5+ runs last 14 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr3010+ runs last 30 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr

ES –‘Elite Squad’ qualifiers:  Flat : HER Jumps 2017/18HERE>>>

ES +Elite Squad ‘Plus’ +   (rationale/ angles in link above)

S1-S6 : S = ‘Strategy’ and refers to the ‘advised strategies’ in the link below. S1 = ‘Strategy 1’. Added on morning of racing along with the price. w1won last start.   w2won two starts ago (tracking as of 15th Feb 2018)

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2.Any Tips/Notes (Daily Tips/Festival Tips/other thoughts)

Daily Tips(2017 Sept-Dec: 31/176, +110.75) (2018: 27/286,94p, +4.4) (1 point win /1 pt EW bets) Festival Tips (2018: +156)

Daily Tips

4.50 Galway – Presenting Mahler– 1 point EW – 8/1 (everywhere, 1/4 top 4) UP (well, my break didn’t do me any good this time, sums up my run, awful, never jumped that well, couldn’t get away on front end, looked good for 3 fences. dropped out as if something amiss)

that’s all for today, 09.24, write up…


Given my continued iffy daily form, which to an extent has been a bit embarrassing this year, (albeit hovering around a profit is better than substantial losses I suppose), I couldn’t bring myself to dive into the numerous decent ground C5s/6s today, which litter the UK cards. At Catterick I stared at Urban Spirit, Chickenfortea and Airplane/Be Perfect for a time, but for one reason or another wasn’t as confident as I want to be at the prices. We know what happens now! 🙂 So, to Galway it is, a place which so far this year brings back good memories…

Presenting Mahler… she made all in this same race last year off the same mark. She bolted up over fences two starts back, which I think ensured she got into this race again, or certainly wasn’t out of the handicap… I watched that back and she didn’t need to win by so far, she had it sewn up two from home. She arrives in form, having run with credit over hurdles LTO and at least this chase mark has been protected to some degree. She led over the last there but her stamina/lack of hurdle pace, just got found out- she doesn’t quite see out 20f for me, and certainly not in soft/heavy. This is probably her ideal trip. Pace was the ‘way in’ as was the fact she’s one of the few in here proven over fences in this class, and she’s one of the few in form generally, and over fences. She will try and make all here and i’d be surprised if she isn’t leading after a couple of fences, all being well. There are a couple of others who can go forward but have done so recently over hurdles, and/or are not great jumpers/in form. The ground is fine. While soft may be idea she’s won on yielding/good and there is some cut at least. It also means it could be harder to make up ground from the back as I don’t think she’ll be stopping. This is her time of year also… 4/10,5p in handicaps in September/October, including this race last year as discussed. On all known chase form/recent form/fitness assured, I thought she should be favourite in this and a couple of points shorter. Most in here have more probing questions to answer than her, albeit the Elliot horse is interesting and any money would be a worry, but happy to take on. All being well there should be 4 places to aim at come the off, even with 2 non runners. Provided she jumps as she can, and is in the right position on the front end, i’d be a tad despondent if she’s out of the top 4 here, and in reality I expect her to make all and put this lot to the sword. There are no excuses today, she should run her race and be bang there after the last. There is a section 1 qualifier, in Grand Partner, but at age 10 he’s a maiden over fences still but only with 5 tries. He hasn’t raced that prominently over obstacles either and I was happy to leave, albeit given the record of section 1 qualifiers beating my tips when I take them on, maybe i’ll have change just in case! But would be a slight surprise to my eyes anyway.

Best of luck.


3.Micro System Test Zone


R Fell

7.15 N – Hawaam 15/2

8.15 N – Elusive Heights 9/2


2.50 L – Mans Not Trot


4.Any general messages/updates etc



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  • Kempton still in progress. No winners so far. Tomorrow we are at Newcastle. Qualifiers:
    5.10 Swansway 6/1 & Coral Queen 5/1
    7.15 Pea Shooter 4/1
    8.15 Testa Rossa 4/1 & Star Quality 10/1
    8.45 Saisons D’Or 8/1

    All 1pt win

    Good Luck.

    Ken McKenzie 08/10/18 6:53 PM Reply

    • Freerolling tonight Ken, well done

      Chris Albin 08/10/18 8:20 PM Reply

      • Yes, great stuff Ken, followed you in on Top Boy, thanks!

        Mark Curtis 08/10/18 9:22 PM Reply

    • Well done Ken. Nice couple of winners today

      Danny Binks 08/10/18 9:29 PM Reply

      • Thanks folks. Yes two winners at Kempton tonight, with 1 NR to give us 10pts profit.

        Ken McKenzie 08/10/18 9:47 PM Reply

        • Well done Ken

          kevo19 08/10/18 11:22 PM Reply

  • U.S.Racing Tip Monday evening – At Santa Anita race 9, 00.44 UK time, Major Cabbie, 1 each way, 9/1 available now.

    +38 points in 2018. Some drop off in October but we are working on getting better at certain tracks.

    Good luck.

    martin colwell 08/10/18 7:58 PM Reply

    • The selection was a loser. We are at Thistledown this evening, which is our favoured track.

      martin colwell 09/10/18 9:02 AM Reply

  • Five qualifiers on the trainer/jockey 40 percenters on Tuesday:

    15.40 Catterick Black Friday (40/65 12 months) 5/1

    16.10 Catterick Hello My Sunshine (as above) 20/1

    16.35 Brighton Amitie Waltz (40/70 12 months course) 12/1

    17.05 Brighton French Kiss (40/54 12 months course) 20/1

    17.20 Galway Late Again (60/60 12 months) 12/1

    Good luck.

    Mark Curtis 08/10/18 8:37 PM Reply

  • Sir Mark P has a 3 year old running in a handicap on Tuesday currently priced at 16/1. 5.10 Newcastle, Connoisseur, 1 point each way.

    There is a Mullins number one horse in race Yankee at Galway on Tuesday. 2.40 Epswell, 3,45 Minella Beau, 4.14 Voix Du Reve, 5.20 Poker D’Ainay.

    Good luck.

    martin colwell 08/10/18 9:09 PM Reply

    • Some ante post bets for this coming Saturday – I have:

      Cesewerich – Almoghareb at 33/1 and Southern France at 16/1.

      Sprint Trophy – George Bowen at 20/1 (I am banking on it being dry and there being good ground).

      martin colwell 09/10/18 12:59 PM Reply

  • Ken, any results since you last tweaked your system? Seems to be ticking along very well? Thanks and well done for tonight’s winners

    Chris Sengelow 08/10/18 9:29 PM Reply

    • Hi Chris. Yes I post weekly results mainly on a Sunday and also at the end of each month. I changed my selection methods at the beginning of September. So far the results to date are:
      Sept +48pts
      Oct to date + 14pts

      My system is not for the faint-hearted. There are multiple selections each day and there can be long losing streaks but hopefully since I changed my method these will be reduced. As I’ve said before, I recommend you have a bank of 200pts for my selections. That should cover any losing runs comfortably.

      Ken McKenzie 08/10/18 9:54 PM Reply

      • Thanks Ken, I just couldn’t remember the date you had changed to the latest system but recall you saying you back-dated it and the results had been brilliant. Glad to see they’ve started positively and hope it continues.

        Chris Sengelow 09/10/18 9:06 AM Reply

  • Impart Brighton Tuesday 13:20 1pt e/w
    Timetodock Catterick Tuesday 14:00 1pt e/w
    Buzz Lightyere Brighton Tuesday 16:00 1pt e/w

    Nick Mazur 08/10/18 9:41 PM Reply

    • Nice start to the day. Thanks Nick

      Ken McKenzie 09/10/18 1:29 PM Reply

    • Great stuff again Nick. Thanks

      westy2 09/10/18 1:45 PM Reply

    • Nick once again excellent tipping,now greedy little me expects another two winners from your next two runners!!!!

      colin leafe 09/10/18 1:45 PM Reply

    • This is just silly , well done mate. Marvel.

      Josh 09/10/18 2:05 PM Reply

    • Good Lord Nick how did you dig that one out? Time To Dock took 16’s last night. Many thanks

      alpha2 09/10/18 2:05 PM Reply

    • Back with a bang, 2 from 2 nice one Nick fingers crossed for a clean sweep

      halstea 09/10/18 2:06 PM Reply

    • Legend

      westy2 09/10/18 2:06 PM Reply

    • Well done Nick! Excellent tipping!!

      Steve 09/10/18 2:09 PM Reply

    • Holy shit Nick what a start!
      Well done again
      I’m sweating on the trixie now 🙂

      Darren Braddock 09/10/18 2:16 PM Reply

    • brilliant stuff nick .. thats one of my 4 “mixed up” yankees up now then 🙂 ( along with my test zone picks) incredible to just keep churning them out like you do .. just brilliant 🙂
      happy days are here gain !!! 🙂

      BRIAN 09/10/18 2:18 PM Reply

    • Amazing Nick, many thanks!

      kevo19 09/10/18 2:19 PM Reply

    • Nick, what can I say? – the same as everyone else obviously, absolutely brilliant. Thank you

      Dan Prandy 09/10/18 2:27 PM Reply

    • I have the doubles and trebles and so looking for a mega pick up after the 4.00. I will sort you a gift after that! You are a legend.

      martin colwell 09/10/18 2:28 PM Reply

    • Gosh! What tipping, Nick. Well done and thanks

      Malcolm Silkstone 09/10/18 2:56 PM Reply

    • Lovely pair, Nick, thank you!

      Chris Murrell 09/10/18 5:47 PM Reply

    • what else can be said, superb tipping

      martin whittle 09/10/18 6:48 PM Reply

    • Many thanks indeed Nick….two cracking results ….very good of you to post up like you do.

      Stephen Twinn 09/10/18 7:51 PM Reply

    • Incredible tipping today Nick many thanks

      Steven Cartwright 09/10/18 8:58 PM Reply

    • Nick mazur, sensational today Nick many many thanks.

      general6969 09/10/18 9:46 PM Reply

  • RT +3.5
    645 Nc Smashing Lass 4/1

    kevo19 08/10/18 11:44 PM Reply

  • Disappointing service from ron williams racing who Josh recommended a couple of weeks back. I did the trial but tried to cancel before the 14 days was up as decided the 44 quid a month was too much.

    They’ve taken the 44 quid out anyway and now stopped replying to emails. The last one they sent was on Saturday saying I’d get a reply on Sunday morning. Nothing since then and they’ve now blocked me on Twitter after I asked on there.

    Chris Sengelow 09/10/18 8:38 AM Reply

    • thats poor Chris, hopefully Josh knows someone there who can help you out.

      general6969 09/10/18 8:47 AM Reply

      • I hope so!

        Seems like a very genuine service otherwise and the results have been excellent but can see it becoming very popular and turning into a mainstream service where prices become impossible.

        Chris Sengelow 09/10/18 8:51 AM Reply

    • Hi Chris, well that is sad to hear… firstly….it’s Clickbank…. without that guarantee you’d have never heard of Ron Williams racing. 60% of those who took the two week trial have stayed and he’s now 30 points up in October i think, but that’s an aside (but, in terms of quality of the actual delivery/service, it seems good)

      more importantly… 2 of the trialists have successfully processed refunds…I can see that from my end..which I found reassuring…no doubt they forgot to cancel/didn’t wish to stay.
      The point of CB is that refund (and cancelling) power is in your hands without speaking to the vendor… you should have an email receipt etc from CB, and be able to request/process a refund through them, without ever contacting the vendor. Clearly that process looks to be working just fine based on 2 people who’ve been refunded already. So, please try that route.

      That’s of course an aside from that more general annoying customer service point which always pisses me off and is disappointing to hear. I’ll speak to Ron (the tipster/now retired) as I suspect he has others taking care of that side but ultimately his responsibility. Sadly the RTP approach of no questions asked refunds for accidental payments etc, doesn’t appear to be that widespread…and when dealing with new people to me, I can’t take that chance that they are as generous, hence the ClickBank threshold.
      You can also go through the CB complaints route if you can’t process it yourself… you have 60 days to claim the refund from the point of charging and that was automated, as per the ts and cs on sign up form.
      So, try all of the above, meanwhile I’ll prepare to unleash merry hell.
      And please follow this up with me via email from now on or DM me.

      Josh 09/10/18 8:56 AM Reply

      • Thanks Josh and sorry for unloading this on you (wasn’t my intention when originally posting) but it’s commendable you’ll try and sort it. Will contact you via DM if it doesn’t get sorted! Thanks

        Chris Sengelow 09/10/18 9:04 AM Reply

        • Chris,

          go to!/ and look up your order. You can then claim your refund directly without speaking to the vendor.

          traf69 09/10/18 9:17 AM Reply

        • No problem, well it’s not commendable, it’s my job to. I pride myself on my integrity/reputation, and if you’ve joined a trial etc on my say so, then it’s my job to take it personally etc. My main aim with such things is to ensure you’re all protected financially, hence with this one the ClickBank assurance as discussed by me and others. It’s either that or I have a history with my ‘trusted circle’ who, performance issues aside, I know have the same approach as me to customer service/no questions asked refunds etc. I’ve a high threshold, hence why you can count the number of other tipping services i’ve discussed on two hands, since start of 2014. So, when I hear disgruntled voices it always concerns me…the one thing we all have 100% control over in this game is customer service, and there’s never an excuse for shoddiness on that front.
          You’ll be able to get your money back as discussed, but i’ll speak to Ron about the main issue at heart – it’s just not acceptable to ignore emails and/or block correspondence on twitter – albeit I suspect that because the maj or their marketing seems to be on twitter, they get a large chunk of tyre kickers/gambers etc, who are probably tiresome to deal with, unlike the well informed folk I sent their way! 🙂

          Josh 09/10/18 10:01 AM Reply

          • Thanks for posting this. I have had the same problem. When I emailed RW to cancel I was told …this does not comply with the refund policy. I have opened a case with Clickbank as suggested and will advise how I get on.

            Colin Hudson 09/10/18 10:57 AM Reply

            • Let me know how that goes Colin, as per terms of CB they should have a refund policy, but as per the two that have processed refunds already, and as per Chris’ link above, you should be able to cancel/refund yourself, without any need to email RW racing etc.

              Josh 09/10/18 1:18 PM Reply

              • I should add, worst case is that for those who want a refund (you and Chris), i’ll send you the money out of my own pocket 🙂 Hopefully that’s not required as the refund process through CB does appear to be working, for 2 others anyway, and Danny as per his comment below.

                Josh 09/10/18 1:26 PM Reply

                • I wouldn’t accept your offer anyway but am sure it won’t come to that Josh and will be sorted out asap. Thanks though, the fact it bothers you is enough for me

                  Chris Sengelow 09/10/18 3:21 PM Reply

                  • Well believe it or not nothing bothers me more than someone having a shit experience/losingmoney, based either on my own content here, or from another service that i’ve advised. I’ll need to reassess whether I recommend RW tips again or not etc. Keep us posted.

                    Josh 09/10/18 3:25 PM Reply

                    • I personally think Ron Williams is a great service, 14 winners from 41 bets is pretty damn good. Average winners around the 4/1 mark with the average bet around the 13/2 mark. Made plenty in the 2/3 weeks I’ve been with him.

                      Chris Albin 09/10/18 5:12 PM

                    • Chris – the issue is nothing to do with the quality of the tips which do indeed appear of a very high standard

                      Chris Sengelow 09/10/18 7:21 PM

              • Thanks Josh.Had email from CB to say refund has been processed.

                colin hudson 10/10/18 11:02 AM Reply

      • Clickbank is the same as Paypal, in that you have a online account and you can log on and cancel or reinstate any transactions. Therefore you do not have to rely on those you are transacting with. I appreciate that this has been stated previously by others.

        As with all tipster services you have to give them a decent amount of time to perform or not. I have always contacted such services I have had something to do with to discuss performance etc. Extended trials are available from some services if you contact them when you do not hit the ground running with them and ask for an extension.

        martin colwell 09/10/18 9:10 AM Reply

        • Yep, it was a 2 week trial for £1, and it’s a forever ongoing trial. ClickBank is better than Paypal in that regard- in terms of the refunds.. that isn’t automated through Paypal, you still rely on the vendor’s good grace to process any refund etc, whereas with CB all the power is in the customer’s hands, without any need to speak to vendor, both for cancelling and processing a refund.

          Josh 09/10/18 9:54 AM Reply

    • Chris
      I have received full refund eventually so I am confident you will
      He was also not replying to me but eventually did and he says he was in Costa Rica with no signal so that explains lack of communication I think

      Danny Binks 09/10/18 9:37 AM Reply

      • ‘In Costa Rica with no signal’…. Love it! :oD

        Tim 09/10/18 12:08 PM Reply

        • Yeah it’s nonsense like that which winds me up as they’re tweeting away after every winner and I’ve received replies on Twitter.

          It’s not a massive issue and a reply such as ‘we will process this within the next 7 days’ would have done me but blocking me on Twitter did wind me up a tad!

          Chris Sengelow 09/10/18 12:20 PM Reply

          • Hi Chris,

            As others have suggested make sure you cancel your subscription directly via ClickBank. Follow the instructions in the emailed receipt you will have received. It’s quite simple and worked well for me. Malcolm

            Malcolm Silkstone 09/10/18 7:59 PM Reply

    • hope you get your refund quickly Chris, personally i have kept with the service and will try over a longer period as it’s showing a nice profit at the moment and i was looking for another service to replace one which i had dropped.

      martin whittle 09/10/18 10:58 AM Reply

    • TBH it looks a bit dodgy what they (probably one guy) is doing on twitter. They have multiple racing tipster twitter accounts all retweeting each others winners, when one goes on a winning streak they all go crazy with the retweets.

      I did sign up a while ago to Thoroughbred Betting (who retweets Ron and a few of there others), same thing £1 clickbank trail, but if you use PayPal for the subscription you can easily cancel it within your PayPal account.

      Rob 09/10/18 10:58 AM Reply

      • It’s not dodgy Rob in my view, not from what i’ve seen/discussed etc. Dodgy services don’t use ClickBank.
        I spoke to Ron about all of that re-tweeting and that’s a business decision from him… they do all seem to have an agreement from a marketing perspective, which is up to them – they are all different services I think. That seems to be in the in thing with twitter, but importantly it’s not a ‘twitter tipping service’ as such, it existed before and that’s clearly how Ron has been advised to promote etc (not the way i’d do it, for various reasons – all that booming after winners is a marketing ploy but i’m not sure it reaches out to the right people who are likely to make a long term assessment on a service) – they do seem to have an agreement on that cross promo front but I have no views on the other services, or indeed have no idea what their payment systems are etc. I have no concerns with the ClickBank process with regards to Ron’s Service, but am annoyed/concerned by that customer service element touched on by Chris and i’ll be following up. But, the quality of the service, from a tipping/email/delivery point of view seems fine, but clearly some work needed on the other side of things.

        Josh 09/10/18 11:11 AM Reply

        • I’m not saying dodgy in a way of scamming you out of money, but the marketing from the same group of people or person.

          If you take a look at these twitter accounts:


          Its all about Ron, they all offer a clickbank service and they all have a website that is registered with 123-Reg, some with same IP subset, obviously could all be a coincidence, but it seems to be working well for them.

          Rob 09/10/18 12:01 PM Reply

          • Interesting. Ron did say that he got Elite I think to help with his website set up, etc, so would make sense that’s all linked/on same system. He gave impression that he’s not that great on the tech side and has sought help etc – whether from the right people, who knows. I don’t follow any of those but will take a close look. I can’t think it’s all the same service but with different names/branding etc, but who knows. food for thought. The correct starting point is to be sceptical/assume everything is dodgy, but from what i’ve seen all legit, but interesting. Maybe that’s the model to survive on the tweet machine. Thanks for the detective work,

            Josh 09/10/18 12:08 PM Reply

            • Yea, sorry to be sceptical but I did look into it a while ago and thought it was quite a clever operation, but there are things that stand out that it could/is the same person, take for instance this 2 tweets



              But I will leave it alone, whoever it is seems a good tipster 🙂

              Rob 09/10/18 12:23 PM Reply

              • Whoever is behind it must be worth a mint. The popularity is huge and those 44 quid a month will Sharp add up.

                Chris Sengelow 09/10/18 12:44 PM Reply

                • To me it looks like they all use the same support system/customer service etc (which clearly sounds shoddy, on that front) That would make sense from what I know to date. I’m content for now that they are different services, Ron had a few winners on the 5th, Thoroughbred had a different winner as tweeted, and that wasn’t tipped by Ron. Can’t think they’d have a business if it was all the same tips, as if you joined more than one that would be obvious, and clearly price pressure. Given who they are generally targeting (twitter users/generally I want a winner, and I wanted it yesterday, and if you tip two losers in a row i’m off) I suspect they have a lot of churn but you’d soon notice price collapses if gets too big, and then it’s end of the road/service.
                  I’ve yet to intentionally advertise a dodgy service as far as I can remember and hope one hasn’t slipped through the net. He does seem to be a very good tipster, but everything else is leaving a sour taste it seems.

                  Josh 09/10/18 1:22 PM Reply

    • I took the trial and whilst the results were impressive, I’m already happy with the 3 services i have. One of which is RTP.
      Ron’s service is more expensive than the 3 i currently have combined. So definitely in the premium bracket for me.
      Otherwise clickbank refund procedure is slick (i didn’t go to vendor) and currently being processed.

      Darren Braddock 09/10/18 2:14 PM Reply

      • Thanks Darren, that’s reassuring to read. Any problems on that refund front then do shout, and i’ll start gearing up in my battle attire 🙂

        Josh 09/10/18 2:24 PM Reply

  • Well it was a tough day yesterday, well apart from Ken continuing to show why he is the AW expert here. Bank looked pretty good at the end of the day. My selections were poor, the two Gabrials at Ponte had the writing on the wall when the market showed their chance in the race with big drifts. Master Grey got backed into 3/1jf but seemed to get stuck in the mud up the home straight. Time Medicean ran a strong race but never looked like getting on terms with those at the front. Onwards and upwards.

    Chris M Selections:
    13:20 – Dusty (16/1 gen)

    16:10 – Vallarta (11/1 gen)

    Chris M 09/10/18 10:01 AM Reply

    • Thanks for kind words Chris. I wouldn’t go as far as “expert” haha. Just found a method that seems to be working. Still tinkering here and there to get the ROI up a bit but so far so good.

      To put things in perspective, across all my bets, I’ve had 6 consecutive losing days. Can’t remember when that last happened. I’ve not done anything differently over that time, just one of those periods that happen occasionally. Hopefully today will reverse the trend, as I’m sure yours will turn around sometime soon too.


      Ken McKenzie 09/10/18 12:05 PM Reply


    3.40 Catterick Shortbackandsides BOG 3/1

    7.45 Newcastle Outrage BOG 7/2

    colin leafe 09/10/18 10:08 AM Reply

    • Nice one Colin. As long as I don’t have more than one of my own tips, I’ll take yours as well. Ta very much.

      Ken McKenzie 09/10/18 7:57 PM Reply

    B3.30 – Barrsbrook on 3rd run @ 18
    B 4.00 – Hedging on 7th run @6
    B 5.05 – French Kiss on 1st run @ 8
    C 3.10 – Highwayman on 1st run @ 20
    C 4.10 – Vallarta on 1st run @ 12
    N 5.10 – Last Chance Paddy on 1st run @ 14
    G 4.15 – Voix du Reve on 1st and 2nd run @ 6/4
    G 4.50 – Grand Partner on 5th run @ 9
    I’ll put some figs together for last week later today. Not happy reading at moment although quite a few 10+ places about.

    Titus 09/10/18 10:12 AM Reply

  • Jockey bookings to note:-
    320 Haddaf
    400 Cricklewood Green
    425 Dream Desert
    435 Glens Wobbly
    445 Mr Sundowner
    515 AJ Cook
    530 Cutting Edge
    and a notable trainer:
    250 Peccary

    chrisrees 09/10/18 1:09 PM Reply

  • Great start for Nick and Brian – well done guys!

    JohnnyB 09/10/18 1:42 PM Reply

  • 🙂 thanks johnnyb … early days but i am gradually tightening down my systems …. but hey had a couple of winners yesterday … on we go .. see if we can get more in today 🙂 ( just putting my findings / testings on the free post as is the rules 🙂 )

    good luck one and all and of course brilliant once again from nick and ken 🙂 (goes without saying 🙂 )

    BRIAN 09/10/18 1:52 PM Reply

  • Boom !! Nick strikes again.

    geoffwylde 09/10/18 2:04 PM Reply

  • Nick, what can I say mate!!!

    Next time your in London the booze is on me.

    Cracking stuff!!!

    Jim 09/10/18 2:06 PM Reply

    • And again Brian, and Nick – wow, you are on fire! Hope you have both done patents, Lucky 31s etc.
      Not sure I have ever followed a time of the month system before Brian – is it something my wife could explain to me?

      JohnnyB 09/10/18 2:15 PM Reply

      • Steady!! 🙂 (no reply needed Brian!) 🙂

        Josh 09/10/18 2:17 PM Reply

      • 😛

        BRIAN 09/10/18 2:20 PM Reply

  • Thanks for the kind words guys. Sadly couldn’t find the 3rd one (wish I picked Strutter again who was a gallant 3rd).

    Nick Mazur 09/10/18 4:11 PM Reply

  • S2A (editor…SP2A) has just landed a winner at 58s bfsp what a day lesson in betting you never know when these days turn up its all about patience and discipline

    christopher jones 09/10/18 4:19 PM Reply

    • Quite, my betting bank with them needed that 58/1 boost, glad I went on the machine and to usual 1 point the lot, which was luck more than judgement but oh well. Need a few more of those mind, but certainly helps. The year is looking ok, the last few moths been testing, but hopefully a turn around is in the offing. A repeat of last Oct-Dec would be just wonderful.

      Josh 09/10/18 4:21 PM Reply

    • An important lesson in level staking also (I am just as bad hence why I keep mine level-Buzz would have been my NAP LOL). They certainly seem to have excellent results when least expected. Seem to remember when they had a run in June most of those were advised at lower stakes.

      Nick Mazur 09/10/18 4:23 PM Reply

    • Hi Chris. I don’t see an S2A in Josh’s qualifiers. What was the horse?

      Ken McKenzie 09/10/18 4:24 PM Reply

      • Ken, he means SP2A… that’s a typo I think! S2A is jumps, that winner was at Brighton, so certainly wasn’t one of those haha.

        Josh 09/10/18 4:26 PM Reply

        • Missed a couple of each way with them yesterday Josh but like you I’m strictly on the nose to level stakes

          christopher jones 09/10/18 4:38 PM Reply

          • i’m an ew man myself but got 25-1 bog so i’m not complaining and with Nicks 2 (did the trixie as well as singles) a very nice day indeed. 🙂

            martin whittle 09/10/18 7:04 PM Reply

            • just had a look at my account
              Impart @ 8/1
              Buzz Lightyere @ 10/1
              Timetodock @ 12/1
              Trixie, 4 bets * £0.50 E/W
              09/10/2018 02:29:43 4.00 64.50
              nice little bonus

              martin whittle 09/10/18 7:10 PM Reply

  • Fantastic work again Nick, but sod’s law the only time I didn’t do the trixie. Sick as a chip, but delighted with the two winners at the same time.

    Aidan Trimble 09/10/18 7:50 PM Reply

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