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  • Off to Windsor for the 2yo races this afternoon. As usual at Windsor they look trappy and I have not seen many of these.
    In the nursery Aspire Tower and War Eagle make obvious appeal. Charlie Fellowes outsider Divine Gift is top rated for me and may be worth an ew punt, currently 16 on bf.

    Novice D1 1.55pm
    Joint top rated Sephton and Shoot for Gold, Politicise looks the danger. God Has Given may well run into a place at big odds.
    Novice D2 2.25pm
    Top rated Bader
    Next Fenjal, Good Birthday, Reeth
    Surrey Thunder is the favourite but I always have reservations about Joe Tuite being able to develop his 2yos 2to.
    Both divisions look too difficult without seeing them.

    alpha2 08/10/18 10:38 AM Reply

  • So the golf monthly tipster appeared to hit the crossbar again. This time with Ryan Moore in the Safeway Open. You will recall that I asked him on twitter how the P&L was settled i.e. What prices were used. His response to my question whether he solely uses sportsnation odds, he replied: “No the profit is from the account I use – for ease. It will be very similar. I always say to people to use the account best for them – either odds, ease of use etc”.

    Fair play for him responding and whilst not as transparent as we would like, I guess it’s fair enough because after all he is not trying to run a subscription based tipping service.

    Francis 08/10/18 11:41 AM Reply

    • Yep, another frustrating loss although I went to bed long before he was in contention thinking Snedeker had it won. Haven’t seen the play off but very frustrating all the same.

      The Betfair quintet I referred to last week had a place from Padraig Harrington (paid out full price for some reason even though he was tied). They’ve had 30+ winners/places this year so there is normally at least one place a week meaning a huge bank shouldn’t be required if that continues. Lucan Herbert finished 2nd a couple of weeks back too at 80/1 which would have further massively boosted their profiits. Approx £800 profit from appox £2000 staked I make it for a healthy ROI this year.

      Chris Sengelow 08/10/18 12:00 PM Reply

      • Last week was a blank week for my tips and a loss of 5 points. Now + 80.25 points for 2018.

        martin colwell 08/10/18 12:51 PM Reply

      • Chris
        Was kicking myself all 3 rounds of the tournament with Snedekar for would have put him up instead of Grillo but he has been struggling with back pain over the last couple of months,do not know if this stopped him winning or not,certainly would have expected him to have won after round 3,interesting to see when he next plays.

        colin leafe 08/10/18 1:08 PM Reply

    • Francis,
      Pleased that Golf Monthly responded to you,and has you say they do not charge subscription fee,however for me it is the plummet in points every year which is cause for concern.
      The other concern is sponsorship in sport with bookmakers now sponsoring most top football clubs including my own team Derby are sponsored by 32Red who also sponsor Middlesborough,for me this should not be allowed for they are only trying to glamour rise gambling to the young kids,to get them hooked.
      So for me any tipping site whether free or subscription have links with bookmakers will totally steer clear of them.

      colin leafe 08/10/18 1:01 PM Reply

      • At Millwall we have the glamour of roofing and scaffolding contractors as our sponsor!

        martin colwell 08/10/18 1:28 PM Reply

      • Agree with you my team have some dodgy casino site called Dunder as shirt sponsors

        christopher jones 08/10/18 2:30 PM Reply

  • That should read “in response to my question”

    Francis 08/10/18 11:43 AM Reply

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