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your chance to join/try Geegeez Gold >>>

Hello team RTP,

Now is the time to become your own racing expert! ūüôā¬†

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, in a cave or on the moon this past week, you’ve probably seen or heard something from Matt Bisogno¬†(and me for that matter!) about either the free Trainer Track Stats (TTS) or Geegeez Gold.

As well as giving away TTS, Matt’s just re-opened¬†Geegeez Gold¬†with a very special offer.

Not only is he heavily discounting subscriptions to Gold, voted the best betting website for the past two years in a row, but he’s also offering fast movers the chance to have a one to one consultation with him.

You can get all the details on this page >>

In case you don’t know, Geegeez Gold is a comprehensive racing and betting package that comprises state-of-the-art racecards, form tools, reports and a lot more.


Yesterday I briefly showed you how I use the kit below…


(104 of you have watched it and I hope you took something from it)

It’s easy to navigate, easy to use, and is almost certain to move your betting up a notch.

In fact, I asked one of my long term members his thoughts, so you don’t just take my word for it. Nick has blown us all out the water with his tipping in my members’ comments this year…¬†+430 points¬†up in 2018 to 1 point EW bets (or +¬£4300¬†to ¬£10 per point) Now, he’s a relentless perfectionist, and likes solving his own puzzle (don’t we all?!) but without doubt, joining Geegeez Gold has helped transform his betting. I quote..

“Geegeez Gold is a key part of my research tools. It really helps me visualise how the race is likely to be run and both the pace map as well as instant expert in particular are vitally important in my horse racing analysis. If you want to take your betting to the next level it’s certainly worth trying”


You can do just that HERE>>>

Now, the one to one chats with Matt will go quickly, so if you’d like the chance to speak with him about your betting, Gold, or whatever (within reason!),¬†go here now >>>

As well as Geegeez Gold, Matt’s delivering four ‘improve your betting’¬†webinars for subscribers over the course of the next month; and you can try his service out for as little as one pound.

I’m not sure how long this offer will be open for but what I do know is that, when it closes, he’s increasing his prices by 20%. That’s not a marketing tactic – quite the opposite in fact – but it is a fact.

So if you’re serious about enjoying your betting more, *and* making it pay, you owe it to yourself to check out Geegeez Gold and this very special offer.

You can click here to find out more>>>


I think the Winter Season ticket is a great idea, taking you through the next 7 months, and giving you plenty of time to get stuck in. Sticking to those 4/5 areas in my video would be a great starting point. Use of the ‘instant expert’ and/or focusing on 2m4f handicap chases and further – and just homing in on those that could get an easy lead and stay there… that’s an area Matt has discussed and it could be a great place to focus.¬†¬†

I, Nick and many more, would be lost with Geegeez Gold and the only reason I have been banging on about it is because I know it will transform your betting, your experience of racing and your enjoyment. It will make you more profitable. I hope some of you are up for the challenge.

After all, there is no better feeling than picking out your own winners. These tools are by far the best around, especially the racecards, but now is your chance to find out for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Sign up HERE>>> 

(there’s also loads more info on that page if your’re still unsure. Clearly if you just like following other peoples tips then it won’t be for you. But for those of you who like to master the game yourself, there really isn’t anything better in my view)
All the best, and as always if you have any question for me, or if you join and have questions as you go, i’m always happy to receive them,



p.s. prices WILL increase next week by 20%, but you will never pay a penny more than your discounted offer price for as long as you remain a subscriber. [go HERE>> now to get on-board]




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  1. -2 yesterday
    H 2.00 – Masterplan @ 5/2, had a break after what looked like a tired run lto. Conditions spot on.
    W 3.50 – Just Milly @ 14, a tad weighty but race won’t have much pace so won’t be far off. e/w?
    W 4.20 – Dream Bolt @ 13/2, below last win mark and young James get’s the nod again.
    W 4.55 – Solstalla @ 11/2, tipped it when won a couple races ago and v.good chance here.

  2. Golf, early September someone mentioned Golf Monthly for free tips,forgive me cannot remember who.

    Watched them from 6th September,and must say that their decline appears to continue,and with their staking plan of 20 points or more on each tournament is a worry when having to stake so much each week.

    Admire them for they do record their results in full for everyone to see,to back alongside them you would need a mega Bank.
    2016 + 762.78
    2017 + 423.68
    2018 + 22.44 so far,from the Golf Monthly website.

    1. I feel it may be a bit premature to say it is in decline. If you think how volatile tipster P&Ls can be on a monthly basis with horse racing, I would imagine similar volatility could possibly be seen on golf, even on an annualised basis, given the average odds. I also note they only quote odds. If this is the case, you would have to think the P&L, provided those are the odds they use, should be eminently beatable. Completely agree about the requirement for a very large bank though. Would struggle to much more than £10 per point.

      1. Francis, you may well be right decline may be a harsh word to use,however you noted Sportnation are the only bookmaker that they quote wonder if they sponsor Golf Monthly!!! Did they sponsor from the start in 2016?
        What started my alarm bells ringing is that Tiger Woods won one tournament out of the blue,and Golf Monthly put up 15 plus bets on him many in the Ryder Cup and one for winning most Majors in history for a player,now how many people would follow this advice in backing Tiger Woods,would imagine quite a few.
        The question i am asking being a proven golf tipster is how after one tournament could you advice Tiger Woods with so many bets when he his not proven over a period of time that he his back to his best.

        1. Haha sponsorship deal for sure!

          Yes, delving a bit deeper, he went 10 points win on Rose the other week. I don’t like that. Much prefer the simplicity of your tips.

          WRT Tiger, my golf knowledge is limited but hard to envisage how he could have represented ‘value’ on so many occasions.

          I have asked the guy on twitter if the tips have always been proofed using just sportnation odds. Doubt I will get a reply but worth a go! I may be more interested if they have been.

          1. Will be interesting to see if you receive a reply,not holding my breath.
            For my bets have wondered if i should put more than 2 players up,rare i do put up 3 and on odd occasion have put up 2ew or 2 win but again this is very rare,again why change a winning format.

          2. I put up 3 golf bets max per week and the odd tournament match bet. Otherwise you dilute your stakes across multiple selections and wins become worth less. Like you say if it works stick with it.

    2. Colin, it was me who mentioned him. I’ve been following about 18 months and always get better odds than the sportnation odds.

      If you’d asked me a few months ago I’d have told you he was the best thing since sliced bread but it’s been a struggle of a year and don’t think he has had a winner since Molinari in play at the Open at 80/1.

      He has frustrated me a fair bit by religiously backing Scott Hend even though he is massively out of form, he tipped Eduardo Molinari a week after the Open based purely as his brother won the week before and he tipped another because of one of the production team knew him. It’s all gone a bit senseless.

      He normally just tips 1ew, 2ew, 3ew and 4ew making a combined 20 points for the week. The Rose 10 pointer was a rare one and summed up his luck considering the way Rose made a mess of it.

      I’m thinking about starting with someone else in the new year…quite possibly Steve Rawlings from Twitter or there is also a column on Betfairs site where 5 columnists (including Steve and also Dave Tindall) pick their top bet for the week. It’s been very successful this year (topped up by some recent form) and I like the logic because all 5 selections will have taken a lot of thought. If you want the link I’ll dig it out.

      1. Chris, if it is no trouble to dig out the link then thank you.
        RTP you have Martin and myself doing well on the golf,just read Martins post and he only has max 3 bets,which put together this year must be around 125 points up,not bad for min outlay, then we have horse racing super tipster Nick and runner up Josh and many more,much better that results and profit are being shown,for i have looked at a few more who are putting up their selections since this has happened.
        For me have impressed with the quality of the tipsters on here,so for everyone you need not look any further.
        Josh you have my address for the cheque!!!!

    1. Well he’s a member and he posts in members ūüôā , but he’ll be asking me to license him if people join from that, albeit it’s a nice addition to the +500 or so my tips/main strategies have pulled in this year haha. Josh

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