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  1. Wondering what people think of Paul Casey’s chances today. He has outplayed Brooks Koepka so far and for me has been outside of the ‘Moliwood’ partnership he has been our best performer in my opinion. driving accuracy is proving to be the key factor this week and he is well ahead of Brooks in that area. He is a great match player and has found birdies all week where Kopeka has struggled. Was expecting him to be odds on so will take the 5/4

    1. Tough one, Casey has been great the first 2 days, but he’s a man I never can quite trust to get things done. Brooks also seemed to find his range on the last few holes yesterday, so Im not overly keen to get involved, but probably slightly favour Casey. There’s better value around I think. Webb Simpson to beat a tired Justin Rose looks good to me although hope it doesn’t happen! Have done a treble on him plus JT and Molinari

  2. Well after the euros have given the U.S a pounding the middle 2 sessions I think they may have let them off last night and 10-6 is by no means over. Think the final day will make it close and the draw hasn’t thrown up many easy on paper wins. I’ve traded out on Europe at 1.17 and certainly see value now very much on the U.S at 10.5. Think they’ll start strong with JT taking care of Rory and the Simpson is value versus Rose. Casey vs Koepka will be interesting and see that as the toughest match at the top end of the draw but it’s not inconceivable to see it 10-9 after the first 3 finish and momentum is a funny thing. Europe only need 4 1/2 points though so U.S can’t slip up at all on the 50/50 games but I think it’s far from over

    1. As I watch looks a good pick with Casey. Olesen was a big price v Spieth but he has gone 3 up. I only did one bet Thomas to beat Rory but he is one down. One thing I have notice is that apart from the Americans struggling to get it on the fairway off the tee is that their putting is not up to much.
      My bet on the U.S. seems sunk but Europe have played the conditions well.

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