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ALL Tips x5, Section 1 (comp) + Test Zone

1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack

2.Any Tips/Notes (Daily Tips/Festival Tips/other thoughts)

3.Micro System Test Zone

4.Any general messages/updates etc


1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack



2.05 – 

Escobar (m age) 15/2 

Alemaratalyoum (all hncps) H3 G1 7/1 S2 S6 WON 7/1>7/2 (3.20/1 BFSP)

Al Erayg (m dist) 8/1 UP

Just Hiss (m dist) I38/1 UP

2.40 – Red Centre (2YO) 14,3013/2  3rd 

3.50 – Calder Prince (3yo+) ES+I3 G3 12/1 S3A# UP


Jabaar (all hncps) H3 2nd 

Finniston Farm (3yo+ hncps) ES+ H1 I1 3/1 S1 S3A# WON 9/2 

Grandee (m age) 7/1 UP



3.40 – 

Alfarris (m class) w214,30I3 G1 10/1 S2 S6 UP

Seniority (m class) w214,30 22/1 UP

4.50 – Moneta (2YO) 30 5/2 UP

5.55 – Squats (m class) 18/1 UP



3.05 – Orient Class (m dist) 25/1  UP

3.35 – Staxton (m TJC) H3 I3 5/1 2nd 

4.10 – 

Multellie (m TJC/D) w1H3 I1 G3 13/8 S2 S4 WON 13/8>11/10

Be Perfect (m class) I3 12/1 3rd 

4.45 – Shortbackandsides (m class) I1 11/2 2nd 



2.35 – 

Our Charlie Brown (3yo+, + m dist) I3 12/1 UP

Jacob Black (m dist) 9/1 UP

3.45 – Mukhayyam (3yo+ hncps) H3 I1 10/1 S2 S6 WON 10/1>5/1 (BFSP 4.7/1) 



Market Rasen 

2.50 – Mille Nautique (m class) 16/1 S2A UP

3.25 – Earth Moves (m age) 14,30 I3 16/1 S2A S5 UP

4.00 – 

John Constable (hncp h) 14 I1 10/1 S2 S5 UP 20/1 

Hatcher (m hncp debut) 6/1 UP




H1/H3= HorseRaceBase Top Rated or Top 3 Rated (at time of posting)

G1/G3 = Geegeez GoldSpeed Ratings (Dr Peter May) Top Rated or Top 3 Rated

I1/I3 =  Inform Racing Speed Ratings – Top Rated or Top 3

14,30 = Geegeez Goldtrainer form’ indicators14 – 5+ runs last 14 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr3010+ runs last 30 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr

ES –‘Elite Squad’ qualifiers:  Flat : HER Jumps 2017/18HERE>>>

ES +Elite Squad ‘Plus’ +   (rationale/ angles in link above)

S1-S6 : S = ‘Strategy’ and refers to the ‘advised strategies’ in the link below. S1 = ‘Strategy 1’. Added on morning of racing along with the price. w1won last start.   w2won two starts ago (tracking as of 15th Feb 2018)

The Strategies: Where should you start? Some ideas HERE>>>

‘Flat Strategies/results‘: Flat 2017 Read HERE>>>(updated to end 15th July)

‘Jumps Strategies/results’: Jumps 2017/18 Read HERE>>>(updated to end 15th July)

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2.Any Tips/Notes (Daily Tips/Festival Tips/other thoughts)

Daily Tips(2017 Sept-Dec: 31/176, +110.75) (2018: 27/275,92p, +17.9) (1 point win bets) Festival Tips (2018: +156)


Daily Tips

3.25 MR – Candy Burg – 1 point win – 9/1 (bet365/BV) 8/1 (gen) UP

4.00 MR – John Constable – 1 point win – 11/1 (gen) UP 20/1

Both awful sadly! Both out the back and never in it. Poor JC has gone at the game momentarily it seems, can’t have enjoyed his switch to chasing etc. Jumping was awful and looked shot on confidence. 


Festival/Big Race Tips

3.40 Newmarket

Tricorn-1 point win – 20/1 (gen) UP

Via Serendipity – 1 point win – 25/1 (gen) UP

Via Via– 1 point win – 33/1 (gen) 3rd 33/1

Ah, well two of these were out of it early on, given the split and jockeys wanting to go up the middle. The small nearside group was behind by 5l at halfway, game over sadly. I didn’t expect that and that’s rather hard to predict. Via Via gave me a thrill there, he’s run a very good race. They’ve all bumped into a group horse it seems, albeit one who benefitted from sitting off a frantic pace. The winner was on the long list, Frankie +Johnny G, but I wanted but I wanted bigger than 10s in a race like that and his first proper run in a big field. He looked progressive and has enjoyed the challenge. Thankfully S6 ensured it wasn’t total carnage on the day, for any follows of that flat strategy.


Candy Burg… I can’t work out why this last time out chase winner is 9s/8s here, that looks double what it should be. He’s fit, unexposed over fences (3/3 inc french wins), wasn’t stopping LTO, generally jumps well and races handy. He should sit behind the pace here. His yard is in form and I was just left scratching my head a bit as to what i’m missing. RH is the question I suppose but that’s an unknown, as all his three chase wins have been LH, but he jumped straight LTO. If his jumping goes to pieces then that will be why maybe. He shouldered 12-5 LTO and while i’m not sure he beat much, on what these have done to date/ratings, he is the best, and plenty of the others have to prove themselves in C3. The Thomas horse is a big danger but has had a 70 day break, although Sam can ready one, but his price seemed about right. He will try and set the pace and ran ok in a deeper race when last seen. Lavelle’s was a lucky chase winner and needs to step forward, again fitness to prove but if she wants them fit they can be. Special Prep is unexposed but this is deeper than his first chase run and a new test, but he has the ‘could be anythings’ about him. Anyway, I thought he just looked big to my eye and he’s still open to improvement as well. I’ll pay to find out if i’ve got him completely wrong.

John Constable…well, IF he returned to his best over hurdles he’d demolish this lot in my view. His yard is in form and this is the easiest hurdle race he’s ran in for some time. If he repeated that run at Haydock in May three starts back that would put him bang there against these. He’s only 2lb higher than when winning last year’s Summer Handicap Hurdle here off top weight. The question then is clearly his form/confidence/wellbeing, having been chasing the last twice. Connections appear to have abandoned that idea pretty quickly and hopefully he enjoys himself returned to timber. He could throw in a laboured effort if his head isn’t now in the right place but at 11s i’ll take the chance. The Jardine horse has been thumped in the weights for that make all victory LTO, has fitness to prove and his trainer isn’t firing on all cylinders, albeit they are going ok. With any luck the Skelton horse won’t give him an easy time either on the front end and hopefully they both give a toe into the race for JC. At his best he’d be able to sit behind these two comfortable, before pulling out over the last two, and away to victory! There are some other unexposed ones but this is all about whether he can run up to this mark back over hurdles, the rest are stuffed for me if he does. 11s allows the play.


Newmarket…well i have used my stats as a guide here… the 10/10 stats leave a list of 19 so don’t really help with shortlisting and if the winner isn’t in them then I probably wasn’t destined to get the winner this time. From there I have focused my attention on those 20/1 or bigger, with yards in form and/or horse in form…

Tricorn…this has been the plan and Johnny G (how is it not Sir Johnny G yet) is in fine form, as is the horse by all accounts. He has big field form, relished fast ground and the hood appears to have made the difference. He has winning form at the track also and this looks an ideal test for him. He should race handy enough from his draw near the stands rail and if he can switch off, he should be thereabouts at the end I think. He’s got a big handicap like this in him and is still so lightly raced.

Via Serendipity… this one hasn’t run a bad race this year really and has been knocking on the door in some very good handicaps, especially Ascot. He got his deserved victory LTO and arrives at the top of his game. He gets the services of Mosse and he can’t do much wrong this season either, since he relocated from France. He’s all class, despite his advancing years. The trip is the question but he is never stopping at the end of 8f and at this price I thought he was worth a dart. Again he should be handy enough and in the right spot. The horse is 2/4 at the track and it would be great if he could add to that! This ground is drying out and Good to Firm does pose a question for a few in here, but not these two… it could be a niggle though for…

Via Via… this looks to have been a plan after that prep run LTO where he ran with credit on the July course. He just seems to relish the Newmarket tracks, 1/3,2p across both with his win on this course. Maybe he just doesn’t like travelling too far from home. I thought he was an interesting outsider here as he’s lightly raced for his age and has a win here on fast ground. They appear to think it may be quick enough here but that run suggest he’s worth the chance, unless his older legs don’t like it any more. He ran with credit in the Lincoln on his first run of the season where I think he’d have been top 4 with some luck in running. He was squeezed/hampered a few times there and couldn’t get out/get rolling in time. I don’t think big fields are a problem for him. She should track the leaders also and be in a ‘no excuses’ position. I was happy to roll the dice at a big price as this test could be ideal for him and he looked interesting.

Clearly I may not have mentioned the winner! It looks wide open and I wanted some big prices onside. The track doesn’t appear to be riding with a bias, so it could all be about pace and who stays on best/is best handicapped in conditions. Three lively ones to go to war with and hopefully i’m on the edge of my seat as they enter the dip and climb for home.


Really Super…

I should briefly mention her/yesterday. Wow. I feel a bit guilty for not being more bullish as it’s always hard with one you have a share in but hopefully some of you had a nibble at 20s down. I don’t know how she was ever that price and I picked enough holes in the oppo in my own mind. If you were with me track side/parade ring, you’d have been in no doubt as to my growing confidence. And you may have joined me in a further trip to the bookies track side. Albeit I don’t think it was my cash that forced the collapse!! 🙂 She looked a picture and was the calmest she’d ever been. Jack reported she’d just been getting better at home, was settled and just enjoying life, not highly strung as she had been. That win and maybe a change of stable has had some impact and maybe she likes Amy’s new base more. How you stable a horse/and what those stables are like, can have a big impacted. (‘windows’/ventilation etc) Or she’s just maturing and it’s taken her longer than some. Anyway…the Keighley horse looked tubby, as did Lavelle’s, who was agitated/keen. We had the beating of the King horse and that just left Mulhollands who I thought was a main danger on that LTO win. What I didn’t predict was the slow gallop. I thought more would go forward or in any case if not it would still be stronger than her last run. It wasn’t. I also had no idea she had that turn of foot in her. I’m not sure i’ve seen that too often with a jumps handicapper…she’s found about 3 lengths in a matter of strides after the last/3taps of the whip, and away she’s gone. That’s very exciting as it means she’s now tactically versatile, and Jack still thinks she’ll be even better with a much stronger pace to sit behind. It looks like she likes winning and likes trying now. The race was run at a crawl so I don’t want to get too excited. It was 8 seconds slower or so than the C4 novice hurdle on the card over the same CD! But, Mulholland’s thumped our time LTO, and that just shows the importance of pace- they went lightening quick there and he stayed on when it collapsed. The 130+ animals haven’t run up to their marks and the race wasn’t run to suit for some of them, certainly Keithley’s but she’s worth watching NTO. Anyway. We have a serious animal on our hands which is great fun and very exciting. She hasn’t stopped improving yet and who knows how far she can climb up the handicapping ladder. The next run will tell us plenty more again, but as yet I can’t reveal where that will be. But, she likes a month between races, and well, i’m sure you can guess, all being well. And, down the line…her flat rating of 73 looks more and more interesting with each hurdles run. I’m sure well have to try and exploit that at some point in the years ahead, but hurdles it is for now. whoosh!




3.Micro System Test Zone


Autumn Trainers

NTD (22/1<) 

2.50 MR – One Forty Seven 8/1 UP

5.10 MR – Earlofthecotswolds 9/2 WON 9/2

E Lavelle

3.25 MR – Buster Thomas 8/1 UP


Paddy Brennan (14/1< guide)

2.50 MR – Mille Nautique 16/1 UP

3.25 MR – Jovial Joey 10/1 2nd



Top of the Class

2.35 C – Intransigent 11/4 2nd

4.50 N – Moneta 5/2 UP

1.30 H – Sparkle Roll 11/4 WON 15/2

The Doyler

7.45 C – Maybe Today 7/2 UP


4.Any general messages/updates etc

Saturday Big Race Pointers

The Cambridgeshire

10/321, 40p

10/10 aged 3-6

  • 7/10 aged 4 or 5

10/10 had 2-6 career wins

10/10 had 1-5 handicap wins

10/10 had 3-8 runs this season

10/10 ran in a ‘non major’ race or G2 LTO (no runners from G1 LTO in sample) (basically Listed/G3 LTO: 0/40,2p)

9/10 running same class or up 1

9/10 had 4-17 handicap runs


Tregoning  (2/7,3p) 1x : I Mohammed/H Morrison/M Wigham/J Gosden/B Meehan/R Fahey/M Meade/T Tate



Newmarket Cambridgeshire Meeting 2018

Trainer Pointers

For the previous 5 years…

John Gosden

All: 54 bets / 15 wins / 24p / 28% sr / +22 SP / +27 BFSP / AE 1.36

  • 9/1 or shorter SP: 15/41,23p, +40 BFSP
  • Non-handicaps (not maidens): 12/25,16p, +36
  • 1m4f+ : 6/14,9p, +11
  • Listed: 8/14,11p, +29
  • 1 runner in race only: 14/38,19p, +40
    • 9/1<: 14/31,19p, +47
  • 1st career start OR Top 4 LTO: 15/43,22p, +38
    • 9/1<: 15/34,21p, +47


Charlie Appleby

All: 33 bets / 8 wins / 11p / 24% sr / +4 SP / +8 BFSP / AE 1.48

  • 9/1 or shorter SP: 8/19,11p, +22 BFSP
  • Handicaps: 6/14,7p, +22 (9/1<, 6/11,7p, +25) (9/2<, 5/8,6p, +15)
  • 2 year olds: 5/16, 7p, +15 (9/1<, 5/9,7p, +22) (9/2<, 4/6,5p, +13)
    • Handicap Nursery: 4/5,4p, +23


Others of note

  • AOB/non-handicaps (not maidens): 4/21,11p, +49 (inc 25/1-44 BFSP winner)
    • J A Heffernan 2/4,3p, +53 (Donnacha may get the outsiders this time?)
  • A Balding/handicaps: 4/15,8p, +11
  • W Haggas/non-handicaps (not maidens): 4/19,9p, +7
  • M Appleyby/handicaps: 3/13,4p, +32




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Do join in the conversation below, we're a friendly bunch.. all questions welcome, and do share your selections or thoughts

32 Responses

  1. Good evening everyone, what a day to return from my hols with Really Super doing the biz – fabulous for all concerned plus RTP members living the dream vicariously!

    If anyone is still interested I will recommence posting those horses where trainer/jockey have a strike rate exceeding 40%. Just to restate these are not tips but might assist in looking at the respective races with a different angle. I doubt whether I back them will influence anybody but I will now specify those I am on personally (if only so you can avoid them!). All strike rates for last 12 months unless stated. Figures in brackets are win/place percentages.

    15.00 Newmarket Legends of War (45/68) 20/1

    15.40 Newmarket Mountain Hunter (50/60) 33/1

    17.55 Newmarket Silver Line (50/60) 14/1

    14.05 Haydock Gurkha Friend (50/75) 12/1

    15.50 Haydock Big Les (50/75) 10/1

    18.15 Chelmsford Anaakeed (50/60 last 30 days) 5/2

    19.45 Chelmsford Wohileh (as above) 3/1

    20.45 Chelmsford Defining Moment (41/75) 10/1

    Having skimmed the Spotlight comments I like the chances of Legends of War and Mountain Hunter at the prices. Big Les looks the better bet of the Gorman duo while I fancy a double on Anaakeed and Wohileh. Cue all the others hacking up.

    Best of luck.

  2. What a cracking day on the gg’s. What with Nick and Josh coming up trumps and my first two races at Newcastle coming up with 11/2 & 16s winners. Josh trumps everyone as an owner (that must be an amazing feeling) but that was good fun.

          1. Ah don’t go making that mistake! You know what happens after a big high. I’ll get the picks up later, I’m a bit distracted just now 🙂

  3. Well a cracking day all round on RTP with Really Super having a great run for Josh, I got on at 12/1 and Highgarden for Nick also at 12/1. I hope a few of you managed to get on my AW picks with three winners at 11/2, 10/1 & 16/1 BOG. 25.5pts profit for the day. The rev f/c also came up in the 8.15, paying £61.93 to £1 stake.

    Chelmsford tomorrow. Qualifiers below:
    5.45 Pitch High 12/1
    6.45 Kyllachy Gala 10/1 (14s available on B365 but I’ll proof to 10s)
    8.45 Good Business 9/2

    All 1pt win

    Good Luck

    1. Absolutely fantastic yesterday Ken! Looks like the new altered system is paying off 🙂 . More of the same today please and the end of month will be looking “oh so sweet”

      1. Thanks Chris. Yes it’s been going well but no chickens being counted. After a day likely yesterday, inevitably there’ll be a dip just around the corner but hopefully the new method will keep the losses to a minimum. You’ve been having a good spell. Keep up the good work. It’s good to share the love (and the profits 🙂 )

  4. Nice to keep things ticking along today. I was going to try and do some write ups but already almost an hour overdue.

    Final Venture Haydock Saturday 15:15 1pt e/w Price available 12/1
    Tricorn Newmarket Saturday 15:40 0.75pt e/w Price available 20/1
    Very Talented Newmarket Saturday 15:40 0.75pt e/w Price available 16/1
    Afaak Newmarket Saturday 15:40 0.75pt e/w Price available 25/1
    Big Les Haydock Saturday 15:50 1pt e/w Price available 10/1
    John Constable Market Rasen Saturday 16:00 1pt e/w Price available 10/1

  5. Newmarket 2-25. Gossamer Wings 33-1 only beaten a short head by Signora Cabello 5-1 was beaten 13l by Pretty Pollyanna 6-5 but had to switch a couple of times and should have finished closer, been running well in this sort of company and has first time blinkers applied today. looks overpriced to me and i’ll have a small ew at the price and a couple of quid at big odds on the exchange.

  6. 2 Possible TTS runners today, both from the “B” List…

    14:50 Market Rasen – Mille Nautique
    16:35 Market Rasen – Kiruna Peak

    Yesterday’s was a non-runner.

    A sackful and no bloody tracker email again will be back if any CAW or Nav
    C 2.35 – Magical Effect on 9th run @ 9/2?
    H 3.15 – Just Glamorous on 1st and 2nd run @ 6
    H 3.50 – Kenny the Captain on 3rd run @ 12
    H 4.25 – Dominating on 3rd run @ 11
    N 2.25 – Gossamer Wings on 1st run @ 33
    N 3.40 – Raising Sand on 5th run @ 28
    N 5.55 – Muntadab on 3rd run @ 14
    N 5.55 – Danielsflyer on 5th run @ 15/2
    R 4.45 – Rantan on 2nd run @ 9
    M 4.35 – Marjus Quest on 3rd run @ 11
    C 5.30 – Always Resolute on 3rd run @ 6
    H 2.05 – Escobar on 3rd run @ 8
    H 3.15 – Copper Knight on 3rd and 4th run @25
    H 3.15 – Tommy G on 1st run @ 16
    H 3.50 – The Daley Express on 2nd run @ 20
    N 3.40 – Afaak on 2nd run @ 22
    N 3.40 – Tricorn on 2nd run @ 20
    N 3.40 – Kynren on 3rd run @ 12
    N 3.40 – Raising Sand on 2nd run @ 28
    N 3.40 – Whats The Story on 1st and 2nd run @ 40
    N 5.55 – Gilgamesh on 4th run @ 10

    1. Have used the gg tracker for years and always found it to be very good, but I have been receiving very few emails the last couple of weeks which is very annoying.

      Chris R.

  8. Yesterday’s runners were not fruitful with only Capton in the places.

    Chris M Selections:
    14:05 – Just Hiss (15/2 gen)
    14:05 – Alemaratalyoum (15/2 gen)
    17:00 – Jabaar (4/1 gen)

    15:45 – Mukhayyam (13/2 gen)

    Good luck with any bets today 🙂 . Currently looking into trends for the Cambridgeshire so may post up some more if any take my interest.

    1. These are not going to be selections but I will back them with small bets taking the 8 places on offer with Bet365 or Skybet. Came to this shortlist using some trends. Could be nowhere near but in a race of this size anything could happen.

      Mordin @ 14/1
      Zwayyan @ 33/1
      Via Serendipity @ 25/1
      Also a pound on Euro Nightmare @ BSP

      1. Yes well done Chris. You’ve had a good month. It’s always difficult to know which tipsters to follow, particularly on Saturday, but yours are becoming a staple of mine. Cheers.


    2.05 Borderforce BOG 12/1
    5.55 Muntadab BOG 14/1
    5.55 Squats BOG 25/1
    8.45 La Fortuna BOG 2/1

  10. Good luck today, it looks hard.

    I did Wissahickon on Monday at 16/1 for the Cambridgeshire, but with so many runners!!!

    I also like Al Erayg, 2.05 Haydock and Orient Class 3.05 Ripon. They both look a good price based upon relevant from and potential for improvement.

    In the U.S. racing I like Mendelsson in the 10.50 at Belmont Park at 7/2 now. 2 points win.

    Good luck.

  11. Todays fun and the prices I have taken:

    14:00 Chester The Grey Dancer 50/1
    14:05 Haydock Park Gurkha Friend 10/1
    14:30 Ripon Dark Thunder 11/2
    15:00 Newmarket Legends Of War 25/1 EW
    15:45 Chester Fast Dancer 6/1
    15:50 Haydock Park Big Les 8/1
    16:00 Market Rasen Innocent Touch BFSP
    16:00 Market Rasen L’Inganno Felice 9/2
    16:15 Newmarket Hanakotoba 200/1 EW
    17:55 Newmarket Ripp Orf 7/2
    20:15 Chelmsford Arzaak 6/1

  12. 340 Masham Star – this frequent racer -21 outings since March!!- intrigues as it likes fast going, well drawn on the faster side too, and it’s most recent win was over the straight mile at Redcar and step another furlong today, back on straight course, for the first time so improvement could be lurking. B365 offer 8 places at 66/1 if they will take your bet?

  13. well done josh on really super .that high has got to feel Amazing..thanks also for the kind words when I picked a winner last week lol..

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