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Newmarket pointers

No tips today… the list of horses below ‘qualify’ against some trainer stats I looked at for this week’s Newmarket meeting. As always they are to be used as starting points. Do note that Gosden/Appley generally do best with those sent off 9/1< ….


those horses that hit any members big meeting stats… (starting points!)

1.50 – Humantiarian/Kick On / Travel On / Magic Illusion

2.25 – Daafr / Indomitable

3.00 – Dixieland Diva

3.35 – Cardini

4.10 – Ben Vrackie / Saracen Knight

4.45 – King Lud

5.55 – Exeat



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  1. Just when I was ready to write off my attempts at picking flat winners I clear the losses of the last month or so in a day. Drifted from 9 to 25 so didn’t bother watching ? and another @ 7/2
    N 4.10 – Sheikhzayderoad @ 11/4
    N 4.45 – Another Eclipse @ 9/2
    3.25 – Fiddlers Bow @ 9/2

  2. Sky Bet put up some silly prices on the Golf yesterday and I was probably not the only one to get stuck in. They have now taken off some of those markets and reduced the others in line with other bookmakers. I did not see this give away advertised and came across it when having a bet. It all seems very odd but I cannot find anything to explain it?

      1. Skybet have sunk to a new low ..
        I had £5 ew on “You’re Cool” @ 13/2 last night, it won @ 25/1 but they paid me out @ 13/2..
        When I questioned this it turns out they’ve removed BOG from my account & put restrictions in place, all without prior warning/notice….
        It boils my piss …really does

        1. I would definitely be pursuing that one. I don’t think they can revoke BOG without letting you know first, surely?

      2. I do it through associates. They restricted me ages ago. They have some good offers but some odd ones as well. When I looked at Jordan Spieth he was 16/1 generally to be top points scorer combined. but then I saw that Skybet had him at 110/1 and a few other players at big prices. Clicking on it I thought that it was an error as you get on Oddschecker but when I contacted some guys and ask them to get on they could. Either a rogue trader or rogue algorithm? Anyway it has all gone now.

    1. Reports in some newspapers this morning that US Team have arrived with some sort of “flu bug” that affected some at US Tour Tournament last week. Now, it could be classic Ryder Cup mind games but if corroborated, may impact of some of their players to play 5 games in the intensity, physical and mental that the RC generates.

  3. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your viewpoint I can’t find time to properly analyse the 2yo races from Newmarket although I hope to get there to see them.

    For me the interest lies mostly in the Nursery with Greeley now off 81 and Mordred of 93, so both about 3lbs above my rating. I do think the step up to a mile will be the making of Mordred. Very exciting but impossible to split. My heart lies with Greeley, my head with Mordred. I haven’t seen Indomitable or Daafr but being beaten by Eyelool rules out the latter for me.

    Due to the success I have had with Greeley I am looking forward to seeing him
    Previous comments
    1/ Greeley – (written after last run) – A great result yesterday with Greeley, although still displaying an odd head carriage and looking a bit difficult to convince getting up late on and in the end winning comfortably. It was probably an even better performance than the bare result suggests. The ground had gone from g/f that he won on before to soft, he raced wide with little cover for most of the race. In addition to this his head carriage is odd, he does not really nod, holding his head very stiffly. I am beginning to think that maybe it is just a physical characteristic and not thinking. That said it may limit him as a good nodding action aids efficient breathing. He looks to have filled out well and his strength to get up and win going away suggests we may be able to go to this well once more. My initial rating for him was 70, he raced off an OR of 66 today. Hopefully he will only get put up 6lbs to 74. I would think this performance and his increased strength should mean that he has developed to around 76
    2/An impressive run from Greeley yesterday reinforcing my belief that he was still well in. Looks to me as if he may have a fourth trip to the well in him now as that looked a better than 76 run although he did have the weight advantage.

    Mordred – Lovely type, only just over-shadowed by Dark Vison, slow learner, maybe needs a mile. 90

    Rajinsky – Lower medium. A bit light behind. 74

    Both Mordred and Greeley look great value to me.
    1pt win both Greeley and Mordred 1pt Rev exacta the two

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