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3m+ chase tip + write up

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2.40 Newton Abbot 

Sporting Boy – 1 point win – 25/1 (gen) UP 25.1>12/1 ..ran ok, looked like he may be involved turning for home, faded a bit up the straight. Has a win in him soon, maybe dropped into a C4. His best run over fences for a time though.


A bit of a poke here but everything has some sort of question to answer and I thought his price was too big. I was a bit on the fence until Mercer’s Court came out and I pondered a bit deeper… he was one of the front runners in this and the selection does like to get on with it, often sulking/dropping himself out if he cannot lead/take it up early on in the contest. He has the ability and the form to make all and bolt up here, it may just depend on his mood. He ran well over hurdles two starts back before a subdued effort again last time, when not leading at any stage. The last time he managed to lead in a chase was at Stratford a few starts back over 28f, where he gave way around 2f from home. Such is his exuberant style this is probably as far as he wants to go. He has good course form, is below is last winning mark, he could get to the front and softer going is no bother to him. His trainer is hitting some form and he’s one of only two in this with winning form in the class, the other being the fav who is usually held up and has stamina to prove. He is a big danger but is short enough, but he’s unexposed over fences, Hobbs is in fine form at last, and he’s running well enough. With any luck the selection can get away on the front end as we will have some fun if he does. Whether or not he last home/does too much, we shall see…but at this price I was willing to roll the dice. He could bolt up, or be hard to spot out the back! The early part of the race will be crucial here.

best of luck



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I hope you’re having a great week. First up, I’ve dipped my toe into the 3m+ handicap chase at Newton Abbot, and tipped up Sporting Boy at 25s in the 2.40, 1 point win. He should try and make all. He may stay there and bolt up, or tail off, as is his want! I thought he was worth chancing. The write up is on the free post. 

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  1. Spirits are at a low ebb here after a dreadful miss on Wednesday. Back in August I saw Million’s Memories at Sandown and noted him down as a better than maiden win quality. Here is the note I published on RtP
    Millions Memories – Still a bit downhill and green. Should improve a lot. 82
    Regular readers will know my benchmark for a maiden winner is 75 so his turning up in a maiden at Yarmouth against lots of unraced horses with the favourite being Sovereign Grant who I had also seen
    Sovereign Grant – Similar to Guildhall, 75
    was an open goal.
    I had a lot of work to do on non horse racing admin that day and had had to swerve Sandown because of it so I resolved to not pay much attention to the racing that day and not post here so I could get caught up.
    Millions Memories won at 40/1 apparently unfancied.
    A bit of a spirit lowerer.

    I’m off to Newbury today, the 2yo races look very open and I hope to try and turn my fortunes around,

    Newbury 21st September
    Newbury 1.10pm 6f Mdn D1
    1. Ouzo, True Hero
    2. Came From The Dark, Intuitive, Jilbaab, Chil Chil, We Like Her A Lot
    3. Abenaki, Heroic, Sir Busker, Tanqeeb,
    I have seen True Hero and whilst he is a nice shape and ran well to be 2nd on debut he is only top end of small. It would not surprise me to see him outgunned. He went off at 8/1 in a weakish Windsor maiden so is clearly not a stable star. I would expect him to run well but probably get pipped by a bigger one. Came From the Dark ran 4th in the same race and might be the one along with Ouzo, We Like Her A Lot and Jilbaab.
    Newbury 1.45pm 6f Mdn D2
    1. Aplomb, Sandlark
    2. Breath Of Air, Dragon Sun, Mohaather
    3. Speed To Burn, Stallone, Whelans Way, Charlotte Rousse
    Looks wide open, none previously seen. Mawsool does not rate highly but is currently favourite.
    Newbury 3.25pm 1m Haynes and Hanson Conditions
    1. Nayef Road, Raakib Alhawa
    2. Dashing Willoughby, Duckett’s Grove, Beat Le Bon
    3. Palavecino
    Newbury 4.30pm 7f fillies Conditions
    1. Fashion’s Star, Ice Gala
    2. Roxy Art, Posted, Rhossilli Down
    3. Delta Bravo, Thanks Be

    1. Whether we like it or not, there is a Gambling God !
      He does just enough to keep you interested, the losing runs are long and easily forgotten, the purple patches are short and stay with you longer, events like Million`s Memories come to us all in different guises and sometimes are the things that keep you going. Let`s hope that Sporting Boy lives up to his name today and we are all back slapping Josh tomorrow 🙂

      1. Ha, i thought the first part of that was describing Sporting Boy!!

        Yep chin up Hugh, those are horrid, no way of coating that sadly but shows you’re doing plenty right and we’ve all missed those monsters. Sadly it is what keeps us going, the next one won’t be far way. Gl today

  2. Happy to see EXXARO in there.
    I have done comb f/cs & t/cs with EXXARO / SPORTING BOY / CALIN DE BRIZAIS
    I think Exxaro will win and hope that one of the others run into 2nd.
    If the aforementioned gambling god is in a generous mood maybe the other could snatch 3rd.
    My 123 are 1) Exxaro 2) Sporting Boy 3) Calin De Brizais hoping that the fav is a false one.
    GL to all

  3. Hi Josh/everyone

    Sporting Boy was very much on my radar today and at the prices he had to be a play.

    The only worry I had was the fact Brendan Powell Jnr was on top. I generally try not to let jockeys put me off too much but I had been doing some research recently and noted that Powell had the following figures for 2018 (updated after today’s ride)…

    6/119 | 3% S/R – 51% below expectation

    His chase record for the year is an even more worrying…

    1/60 | 1.5% S/R – 80% below expectation

    His record for 2018 at Class 4 level and above (all codes) is…

    3/128 | 2% S/R – 62% S/R

    The price Sporting Boy was available at meant that the jockey worry was more than factored into it all and although it didn’t look obvious during the race that he did anything wrong you don’t get those figures by accident. You can never tell what sort of confidence is being transmitted down the reigns either (with his current figures though I suspect not a lot!).

    Powell knows Sporting Boy well (won on him 3 times) but in his current form I’d prefer someone else on the horse next time, something clearly not clicking with the jockey at present.

    I wonder if the trouble he had with the police last year (which he was subsequently cleared of) has effected his confidence somewhat, the dip in his figures would certainly seem to coincide with that…

    Ben (NTF)

    1. Afternoon Ben…
      Blimey those figures are woeful! Confidence is everything and yep you may be on the money there with his troubles etc. Get the impression he fell out of favour with some (well Brockade racing is it, Native river’s owners anyway, used to ride plenty of theirs, but not sure he does any more). That must all chip away, on top of his horrid ordeal.
      I had no idea on those stats, and should probably focus more on such things, as jockeys out of form will rub off on horses. Must be a struggle at that end when not getting many rides/winners.
      I’ll overlook plenty with 25s shots and that wouldn’t have put me off today, but something to think about for sure.
      Time for Noel to jump back on!

      1. Hi Josh

        Yeah I knew his recent figures were bad but I was shocked at quite how bad once I started digging.

        When a horse has it’s conditions (like Sporting Boy today) it would take something big to put me off them when trading at 25/1+ but I have to admit I did hover for a bit when thinking about putting money on SB (I did back it). In the end the price was simply too big to ignore.

        Had a quick look at his stats for Brocade Racing (Native River peeps) and they’ve definitely used him less and less…
        2014 – Powell had 25 rides for them
        2015 – 48 rides
        2016 – 16 rides
        2017 – 6 rides
        2018 – 2 rides

        He’s had 1 winner for them from 24 rides (since start of 2016).

        A change of scenery often works for a horse, maybe an idea for him to do the same, needs something to shake him out of the slump…

        Ben (NTF)

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