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nothing today.

Nothing again today.


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  1. I really hope SP2A have a good jumps season, been a long old slog the past few months and it’s become very difficult to back their tips with any confidence.

    1. you and me both, it’s been quite horrendous. For whatever reason they’ve collectively had a shocker over recent weeks/months, and we can only hope the jumps eyes are working, otherwise it’s going to be horrible. Need to get back their mojo as haven’t repeated/hit heights of last Oct-Dec. It is hard to have confidence with the selections, no hiding that. I still back them all to level stakes but they need to restore faith pretty quickly.
      Looking at Racing Index results for the year across Daily, mention and Elite just isn’t pretty, and if you took out the 1000G winner would look rather catastrophic quite frankly. Given previous year’s success to SP/BFSP, that’s a bit concerning. The last 3/4 months across the board have been awful, and no sign of life in September as yet.
      I should try and spin a positive picture but it’s bloody tough at the moment. This must be their worst spell in 8 years and surely there’s a turnaround soon.

      1. I suggest that you follow their selections but not back them at present. Let them find some form. I track their selections, both tips and mentions, and performance and I will give a shout out when I will be backing them again.
        Also email Ian at SP2A from time to time with any suggestions/comments you may have from a positive perspective. He is always happy to hear from subscribers I find.

    2. DJC – I cannot disagree, indeed I can only agree. The past few months have been the most testing in 7-8 years. There are times in this game when the harder you try, the tougher it gets and it is the worst sustained run we have suffered. On the flip side, we do have a proven tried and tested group of 2-3 NH specialists who have out-performed Flat over past 3 years. As recently as mid June, after 9-10 months of continued and excellent profit we were being inundated with hugely positive praise, some on this very blog.

      That does not mean we are complacent or don’t care, it hurts; in many ways and is not good for the body or soul or for the many valued and loyal members that we have. The fact we proof means there is no hiding place and even that proofing does not always reflect the 66/1 SP winner that many were on at 100/1 or 154/1 BSP or the £1 advised Tricast that paid out £6600 that many were on in full of percentages of.

      The fact is we were never the greatest some claimed we were, but neither are we the worst and useless and we have every confidence that we can return to the very good form of the past. Please though feel free to drop me a mail at any time if you have any thoughts and concerns (as Martin suggests) as someone else’s Forum is perhaps not the ideal medium to discuss things in the detail I would like to.

      The opportunity to contact us is always open and as many know, we will always try to respond in an open and transparent way, ignoring only the very small minority, who are abusive. We will never stop trying to find profit, that’s for sure.

      1. Well said Ian, I for one have the greatest respect for the way you are honest, and genuine, and feel confident you will turn it around, and it is as you said worth remembering you have provided we the members with some really tasty winners previous to the downturn, chin up, I’m sure most of us are with you, the good times are around the corner

  2. I don’t think the 6000/1 tricast was advised. There were 6 selections that day and so 120 possible combinations in the tricast. It would be surprising if anyone had a €120 bet on tricasts especially when it wasn’t suggested in the message.

      1. You could be right but Ian has mentioned a 6000/1 tricast from an Irish race before so I think that’s what he’s talking about. It definitely wasn’t an “advised Tricast” and claiming that it was is a bit naughty.

        1. it was the Irish grand national. it was not a tip but 6 members independently used the tips to cop the £6000 tricast.

          1. To do so they must have spent £120 each on the tricasts or maybe they just got lucky and picked horses at random from the Tips and Mentions. 2 of the first 3 horses were “mentions” and not Tips and there was no suggestion to do tricasts. If people backed all the combinations then really it’s a 55/1 (6600 divided by 120) payout based on 120 perms.

            Fair enough if people backed it but to claim it was an advised bet isn’t accurate. Personally I find it a bit galling that it gets quoted anytime the SP2A Tips are going badly.

          2. don’t think he is claiming it as a tip tbf. from what I read he’s saying tips are proofed but may not be a true reflection of what members have won. It’s like Nick M putting up 4 tips in the members and many winning on the Yankee and many not doing it. We are responsible for our own staking plan. Martin C advised bailing out of the flat tips a while ago. A good call I think.

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