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members test zone qualifiers

Champions League Preview…if you missed this, you can read it HERE>>>


Today’s qualifiers from the Members’ ‘test zone’, to be used as a ‘way in’ if you wish…

Members’ Micro System Test Zone


J Osborne/1st Headgear

6.00 Kemp – Fanny Grand 11/1


D McCain (14/1< guide)

4.00 – Hex – Wazowski 7/2

Paddy Brennan (14/1< guide)

3.30 Hex – King Muro 3/1

Tom Lacey 

2.50 Worc -Flashing Glance 5/2


Handicap Chase System Starting Points (10/1< best)

2.20 Worc – Bermeo 7/2


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  1. No Flat today
    NH @ Hex
    2.30 – Two Hoots @ 13/2
    3.00 – Desert Island Dusk @ 7
    4.00 – Wazowski @ 7/2
    4.30 – Quick Brew @ 11/2

    1. w/e 16/9 p/l

      Flat profit Wk 10 = +5 @ bog (sp –1.75) for total of + 27.475
      Runners since start = 280
      winners = 53
      s/r = 18.9%
      roi = 9.8%
      plcs inc win = 108, s/r 38.6%

      NH profit Wk 8 = + 10.5 @ bog (sp + 6) for total of + 57.5
      runners since start = 96
      winners = 20
      s/r = 21 %
      roi = 59.9%
      plcs inc win = 43, s/r 44.8%

  2. Martin what a pick in the KLM finishing 3rd.

    Lee Westwood what can one say other than Vice Captain of the European Ryder Cup team what a joke.
    Old pals act,Experience he should not be in the team.
    USA saw 5/6 about them winning,i do not back in the Ryder Cup but at 5/6 could be tempted,for it is hard to fancy Europe,with their out of form Dads army players.
    Not doubt will have egg on my face after the last hole is played.

    1. Tanihara went -8 in the third round and so it was expecting a bit of him to go low again and take the tournament and we missed a tie by two shots. Still another +15.5 points that takes me to + 90.25 points for 2018. ‘Westy’ chugs along waiting for The Champions Tour and is popular in the Bar for his stories. He may well make a decent vice captain as he is experienced and talks well? He could have won a major in the past if he had found a magic putter in a pro shop seconds bin!!

      Anyway the end of the Fedex Cup coming up and then the Ryder Cup match bets and so back to some study.

      Good luck.

      1. Also the Sky commentary team said he would have won by more than two shots if he had been luckier with the putter! Bit harsh on Lee, I spoke to him briefly & he came across as a really nice guy happy to give you his time. Don’t want to name drop where that was, but they give out green jackets to the winner! Lol.

        1. Lately,
          Not having a go at him but he has passed his sell by date many years ago,how could he go off joint fav for the KLM when he has not won for close to 4 years and he only manages to win on the Asian tour.
          Lee is a Worksop lad and have seen many interviews over the years on our local news and he his a nice chap,however i am talking about his golf ability which as been on the decline for a few years.

    2. Hi Colin,

      5/6 looks an excellent price for the US team. Hard to see how they are that price given the gulf in class. They would be half that price if it was in the States and the venue is a stadium style course which certainly won’t be a disadvantage to them. I also don’t think that the crowd will be that partisan either.

      Just a note on Westwood – the vice-captain role is a non-playing role which I actually think that we be really good at. He is really popular and has a huge amount of experience to bring. I suspect he will be captain in 2 years time.



      1. Hi Ben,
        Once again thank you for your input,yes the bookies got it wrong with Lee in the KLM and sad to say i feel the same in the Ryder Cup,for me USA should be 1/2 or shorter.
        Lee Westward as you say his advisory role and experience will be good,however i do feel that we carry to many players in sport who are past there sell by dates,and the wildcard picks show this,anyway this is my view,you know far more about golf than me.
        At the end of this season it will 5 years that my golf bets have won on the trot and they have been proven via Optimum Racing and RTP.
        Are you going to watch the Ryder Cup?

      2. I have said here previously that if I were backing USA I would let morning one go and then get on. USA usually start slow and the course will be mostly new to them. So they may be 3-1 down after morning one, then back USA as they drift a bit. In the match bets I will oppose Stenson and Garcia (out of form) and Mickelson (Past his best) among others.

  3. Just listened to George Baker interview via Sporting Life,fantastic to hear that he his so well,when his accident happened feared the worse,and their was a worry over possible brain damage.
    Highly recommend to tune in and have a listen.

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