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Doncaster Big Meeting Notes/qualifiers…

Below are my members’ ‘big meeting notes’ for Doncaster, to be used as starting points. They helped us find Another Eclipse yesterday and with any luck may point to a few winners over the last two days. I’d use them as a ‘way in’...


Trainer Pointers

All stats for previous five meetings/Festivals

Roger Varian

All runners: 33 bets / 11 wins / 20p / +84 BFSP

  • Top 2 at least once on last three runs: 10/23,14p, +80
  • Top 4 LTO: 9/19,12p, +82
  • 1+ runs at track: 8/15,10p, +64


David Simcock

All runners: 27 bets / 7 wins / 10p / +27 BFSP

  • Handicaps: 5/13,5p, +31


Luca Cumani

All runners: 22 bets / 6 wins / 14p / +23 BFSP

  • 3-10 career runs: 6/14,10p, +31
  • Ran 21-45 days ago: 6/15,11p, +30



All stats for previous five meetings

Andrea Atzeni

All rides: 78 bets / 22 wins / 41p / +92

  • 5f or further: 22/64,36p, +106
  • 3yo+ races: 17/43,25p, +65
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th LTO: 12/27,16p, +78
  • Handicaps/ 0-3 runs in handicaps: 7/16,11p, +48
  • Trainers: Varian/Cumani/Simcock: 12/27,16p, +78


Day 3 Qualifiers (from stats above)

Trainers –
335 – Algometer and Sheikhzayedroad
440 – Monsieur Noir
545 – Loveisili

Atzeni –
150 – Dan’s Dream
300 – Time to Study
335 – Max Dynamite
405 – Chynna
440 – Monsieur Noir
510 – Bernardo O’Reilly
545 – Loveisili



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  1. Sandown and 14th September
    Sandown 2.15 5f Mdn
    1. Astronaut, Royal Dynasty
    2. Drummer Jack, Michael’s Choice Lille, Reticent Angel
    3. Quicksilver
    After the series of wide drawn wins at the last meeting on similar ground against the received wisdom that low is the place to be this does look to be between the top two, however they look likely to be overbet. That said this looks to be a poor race and maybe Michael’s Choice from draw 1 who has an ok speed rating can strike.
    Sandown 3.25 8f Novice
    1. Gentle Look
    2. Dawn Treader, Jeweller, Wojood
    3. Aussie Nugget, Kosciuszko, Mubariz, Venedegar
    Previously seen
    Venedegar – Why does Ed Dunlop run them to get them fit instead of tuning them up at home? This one in race 3 still carrying too much condition. Chunky model who will win a maiden. 78
    Dawn Treader – Not that big but well put together.. 75+
    Kosciuzsco – A bit spare, fit but green, improve. 77
    I’ve reviewed the pictures of all three of these and they are all different shapes, which is the best miler? I’m not sure, the fly in the ointment is Gentle Look who blew out on debut. Looking at the replay he did not as the poor performing Wish for the same stable did at Goodwood look like two boards nailed together.
    Both these races look ordinary and I can’t find a compelling reason to back any on paper. In the flesh it may be different. Dawn Treader and Gentle Look seem to offer some value.

    At Doncaster in The Flying Childers I shall be with Rumble Inthejungle

  2. Another blank day yesterday and quite a few today
    D 2.25 – Well Done Fox @ 14
    D 3.00 – Speedo Boy @ 8
    D 5.45 – Jack Regan @ 9/4
    C 2.35 – The Fluter @ 100 (poss e/w)
    S 3.30 – Relight My Fire @ 7
    S 5.00 – Keepers Choice @ 9
    S 6.10 – Cent Flying @ 11/4

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