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Nothing on Monday


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  1. Flat
    B 3.35 – Banksys Art @ 8
    C 8.45 – Lyford @ 11/4
    N 4.00 – Mizen Master @ 2
    N 5.05 – Rocket Ronnie @ 5
    P 3.45 – Hammersley Lake @ 11/2
    P 4.20 – Green Zone @ 14

    1. w/e 9/9 p/l

      Flat profit Wk 9 = +3 @ bog (sp –4.0) for total of + 22.475
      Runners since start = 260
      winners = 49
      s/r = 18.8%
      roi = 8.6%
      plcs inc win = 98, s/r 37.7%

      NH profit Wk 7 = – 5 @ bog (sp -5) for total of + 47.0
      runners since start = 88
      winners = 18
      s/r = 21 %
      roi = 53.4%
      plcs inc win = 39, s/r 44.3%

  2. Ian SP2A
    In response to your harsh words on Matt Fitzpatrick “as an example,arrived in prime form,left like a gibbering wreck”.
    That was 2 years ago and he was only 21 years old learning his trade,and on hindsight should never have been picked to make his Ryder Cup debut in the States with its intimidating fans.
    Over the past 2 years he has developed and improved,and once again showed his class and mental strength winning the Omega after looking like losing it.
    This was the fifth victory of his young career and NO Englishman in European Tour history has reached that total at such an age.
    My view he should have been in the Ryder Cup.
    Paul Casey age 41 European/PGA wins 15.
    Ian Poulter age 42 European/Asia/PGA wins 12.
    Henrick Stenson age 42 European/PGA wins 20 not proved that his elbow injury is recovered
    Sergio Garcia age 38 30 wins in total but out of form.
    How far Matt goes we will have to see in time,for he his a born winner.

    1. Well done Colin and Matt Fitz. I say that through gritted teeth as, as per last Wednesdays post I put up Lucas Bjerregaard each way at 28/1. I did feel hard done by as Matt did deflect a couple off trees in his back nine but that is the game. I did back Matt when he went out to 9/2 when he dropped a couple back in the final round and so not all bad, but it is a big pay out when a 28/1 goes in!!!
      With the U.S. Tournament to finish today I go in to it +73.75 points up on tips in 2018.

      I will see you on the first tee on Thursday….(Tips posted on Wednesday).

      Good luck

    2. Colin;

      I have not questioned his ability, and indeed our Golf Tipster tipped him to win over the weekend and he (Fitzpatrick) is clearly an exceptional talent.

      I was though making the point in favour of experience in The Ryder Cup as it is as I pointed out, totally removed from any normal weekly Golf Tournament.

      I have no doubt Fitzpatrick can become a multiple Major winner, I equally believe that the experience he had last time could have destroyed a lesser player, and hence, why experience in the Ryder Cup is vital.

      1. I agree that Matt Fitz should be in the Ryder Cup team instead of an out of form Casey or Garcia and an injured Stenson. However I do not see him as a multiple Major winner. Time will tell thou.

        1. Young Matt appears very mature on the golf course and have said it on here many times you have to have mental strength and nerves of steel along with ability and be a winner,which at this time of his career he has in abundance.
          I do feel that he can go all the way to the top,but again time will tell,and remember they are still shouting about his younger brother Alex being a better player at the Hallamshire Golf Club,who is following in Matt’s footsteps by trying to win the Amateurs title in the USA,so in time their can be two Fitzpatrick’s pushing each other to the top.

  3. I don’t think there is a “definitive answer” as far as right pick/wrong pick for the 4 wildcards at this stage. The Captain/Manager never picks a team to lose! And with 5 “rookies” in the side, Thomas Bjorn probably felt it prudent to go with experienced Ryder Cup guys. Personally, I would have picked Cabrera-Bello over Garcia because of 2018 form issues. And I am still wary of Paul Casey – I think there are “popularity issues” as well as issues with his commitment to the European cause – class player on his day though. Fitzpatrick has been unlucky as he has been on the cusp of making it throughout qualification – at one stage I thought he was almost certain to qualify without needing the wildcard……

  4. Ian,
    how do you gain experience in the Ryder Cup when they are not picking the better players,but selecting out of form old pals.
    Forgive me for other nationalities but just a small example of England experience footballers.
    Bobby Moore England World Cup winning captain,being selected way past his sell by date,and it took an embarrassing mistake in a WC qualifier,for which we did not qualify,not the way a great player should be remembered.
    David Beckham another player being picked approx 3 years after his sell by date,imagine the FA were more interested in shirt sales revenue than producing a winning team.
    Wayne Rooney my son summed him up after Harry Kane scored 2 goals in his first game in a WC finals,for in that game he scored more than Rooney had in 4 WC finals having only scored once,for whatever reason the FA grovelled to this average England player,again could be shirt sales.

    I believe in experience but faith in certain players after their sell by date is not a good thing,out of the wild card picks Fitzpatrick should have replaced one of them,Casey or Poulter for me.

    1. Hi All,

      I love these debates because there is no right answer. A couple of thoughts from my end: It would have been easier to go with a less-experienced player/rookie this year because of the home advantage. The atmosphere will not be as hostile as 2 years ago so there will be less pressure on Team Europe. In fact I am concerned about the atmosphere for the event full stop as the French are very reserved at events like this. Hopefully it will be like the 97 event at Valderrama and loads of Brits will make it over.

      Secondly, Thomas knew he could play safe and avoid any negative fall-out. At the time of selection, there was only 1 player who was higher in the World rankings than some of the picks and that was Cabrera-Bello. It will be easy for the captain to defend his picks based on that stat alone but when you add in the experience argument the decision becomes easy for him.

      I feel for Fitzpatrick because he ticked a lot of boxes but sadly I think that his fabulous victory came a week too late.



      p.s. excellent picks Colin, Martin and Kev (sp2a). Great week and still a few holes to play in the States.

    2. Colin

      i don’t think its as clear cut as that this time simply because the side is full of rookies from the 8 automatic qualifiers my understanding 5 of the 8 are rookies.

      If we had picked another 1-2 rookies would have had little or no experience, so in answer to your question I would respectfully suggest that with 5 rookies already we have enough to meet your very valid point.

      You have previously suggested MF was bloodied too soon 2 years ago, clearly he went in to that Ryder Cup in excellent form and I would suggest he took quite a while to get over the experience and he did not perform over those 3 days. Some rise to the occasion; others freeze, those that freeze can learn a lot.

      I don’t personally think that football is a fair comparison as football is funademtally a team sport. Golf is very much an individual sport where on a few occasions you play as a “team” e,g foursomes or play using a “team ethic” fourballs and what makes the Ryder Cup unique is the hype of Europe v USA.

      We won’t cross boundaries away from Sport but it has always intrigued me that The Ryder Cup has a magic formula to unite the otherwise unimaginable…Sevy + Nick ; Bernard and Nick; Seve and Monty as examples, and for once it seems a Continent united…

      So, I personally can understand why he went for experience in his 4 picks, understand why some would see it a “old pals act” if their particular favourites are left out and we wont know until the final holes whether Bjorn is vindicated or not

  5. I followed Colin’s and Martin’s tips last week so came to the play-off having backed Bjerregaard and Fitzpatrick @ 28/1 and 12/1 respectively. I was hoping Lucas would win but not to be. Still, a very profitable week.
    Thank you gentlemen.
    Pat O’Connell

  6. The rights and wrongs of the captain’s picks will ultimately be decided by the result – if Europe win his picks will be lauded as him being clever…..if we lose the criticism will follow for picking older established players using a bias of favouritism towards them instead of younger players in form…

    The USA do look to have a strong team this time so will take a lot of beating

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