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1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers

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1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers



2.00 –

Dusty  (3yo+)  w1 H1 G3 11/2 S2 

Whitecrest  (micro TJC) I1 G3 4/1 S2

3.05 – Good luck Charm  (micro class, going, season runs)  w1 H3 I3 9/2 

4.10 –

Stormingin  (micros class, going, runs) H1 I3 10/3 S2 

Winged Spur  (all Hc’s, 3yo+)  ES+ I3 6/1 S3A 

5.15 –

Stormbound  (all Hc’s) 8/1 

Ravenhoe   (all Hc’s)  ES+ I3 G3  9/1 S3A#




2.55 –

Roll The Dough  (allHc’s)  w1 14 H1 I1 G1 Evens S4

Ruby Russet  (micro class) 9/1 

Cinevator  (HcCh, micro class) 50/1 

3.25 – Lillian  (micro TJC) 14,30  14/1 S2 

4.30 –

Mr Satco    (micro class) H3 I3 G1 9/1 S4  S1+S5 (IF 11.00+ BFSP) 

Presenting Berkeley    (micro age) w2 I3 10/1 S2 S5 



2.40 – Dakota Grey  (nov HcCh) I1 G3 12/1 S1 S2 S5 

3.45 – Rightdownthemiddle  (micro runs)  w1 14,30 G3 10/1 S1 S2 

4.20 –

Tangolan  (all Hc’s)  ES+ G3 12/1 S1 S2 S3A 

Innescastle Lad  (micro runs) H3 12/1 S2 

Green Zone (HcH) 16/1 S2A 

Instingtive  (HcH) G1 33/1 S1 

Gentleman James (micro dist) 14 16/1 S2A 

4.50 – Mighty Leader  (all Hc’s. HcCH)  ES+ H3 I3  7/1 S3A# S5 (IF 11.00+ BFSP) 

5.25 – Whenitcomestoit  (1st run nhf) 10/1 S2 




H1/H3= HorseRaceBase Top Rated or Top 3 Rated (at time of posting)

G1/G3 = Geegeez GoldSpeed Ratings (Dr Peter May) Top Rated or Top 3 Rated

I1/I3 =  Inform Racing Speed Ratings – Top Rated or Top 3

14,30 = Geegeez Goldtrainer form’ indicators14 – 5+ runs last 14 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr3010+ runs last 30 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr

ES –‘Elite Squad’ qualifiers:  Flat : HER Jumps 2017/18HERE>>>

ES +Elite Squad ‘Plus’ +   (rationale/ angles in link above)

S1-S6 : S = ‘Strategy’ and refers to the ‘advised strategies’ in the link below. S1 = ‘Strategy 1’. Added on morning of racing along with the price. w1won last start.   w2won two starts ago (tracking as of 15th Feb 2018)

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‘Jumps Strategies/results’: Jumps 2017/18 Read HERE>>>(updated to end 15th July)

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2.Any Tips/Notes (Daily Tips/Festival Tips/other thoughts)

Daily Tips (2017 Sept-Dec: 31/176, +110.75) (2018: 23/244,82p, +8.4) (1 point win bets) Festival Tips (2018: +150.5)

Daily Tips

none today. 


3.Micro System Test Zone


Autumn Trainers

Longsdon (8/1< best) 

3.45 P – Hammersly Lake 

4.50 P – Forth Bridge 

NTD (22/1<) 

4.30 – Southport 

Paddy Brennan (14/1<) 

2.55 NA – River of Intrigue 

3.25 NA – Tempestatefloresco 


Handicap Chase System Starting Points (10/1< best) 

2.55 NA – Roll The Dough 


4.Any general messages/updates etc




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  1. U.S. Racing Tips Sunday evening – Belmont Park race 9, 10.50 UK, Wayne’s Footsteps 1.5 points each way. 6/1 BOG at present. If a non runner, no bet today.
    Results update on Monday.

    Good luck.

    1. The selection was a loser. Last week was our first losing one which corresponds with their being no racing at Saratoga. Since 29 June +46 points profit.

      We will see how we go this week.

      1. Hi Martin

        Thanks for posting US races nice profit up to now would be interesting to see how much of that +46 points is from Saratoga as against other tracks do you have that info


        Peter L

        1. Hi,
          it is +29 and so a significant percentage. Saratoga seems to be where the system is best suited. Their season has finished now and I cannot see when their new fixtures begin? We will continue but with less bets until their new season starts and we will see how it goes this month? If it is unsuccessful we will draw stumps until Saratoga gets going again.

          1. Hi Martin
            That is a good percentage and a good plan to wait for Saratoga to restart and monitor the best other tracks in the meantime

            Peter L

          2. Martin
            That looks like a long wait as I don’t think they race again until July thru to September next year (hopefully I’m wrong)

          3. Yes I think you are right. We are working on another racecourse over there to try to keep things going.

  2. Okay gents, (takes deep breath), I am going to put my head above the parapet and post some “ways in” for tomorrow based on trainer/jockeys stats which have served me reasonably well for a while. I’ve found that strike rates in excess of 40% have worked best.

    15.15 Perth: Justatenner (50% win/70% place)

    17.15 Brighton Imbucato (46/53)

    19.45 Chelmsford: Plentyinthetanksir (50/60 in last 30 days).

    I find all your tips and comments really helpful and was doubtful about throwing my hat into the ring, so please don’t shoot me if I crash and burn!

    Good luck chaps.

    1. Welcome aboard Mark,i for one always on the look out for Trainers/Jockeys methods,so look forward to see how they perform.
      Good luck.

      1. Thanks Colin. To be honest, I’m a bit in awe at the obvious level of expertise in this site, hence not having “tipped” before. But I hope we are a friendly lot (that does seem the case) so giving it a go. Could be short and sweet!

    2. Hi Mark. We have one the same at Chelmsford so fingers crossed for us both. If you have a tried and tested method I’m sure it will work just as well once it is out in the open but it can be quite daunting the first few times. Sharing the knowledge and wealth is what this site is all about. Good luck.

      1. Thanks for the kind words Greg and Ken. I’ve just seen that all three qualifiers are fairly short (quite unusually), so a fun patent might be the order of the day.

        Best of luck to all.

    3. sounding like a man after my own betting principles there mark .. good luck and well done for finding this interesting and thought “prodding” horse racing site ……… after 30 years plus in this game i thought i had not much to learn ……….. jeebers how wrong was i ……. you never do stop learning and discovering new angles … the one thing i have learned and prospered by is to keep it simple and don’t over think things … don’t forget your “gut” has a knowledgeable brain as well ( so in my case i must have a very big brain inside there somewhere ! 🙂 )

      good luck today and for many more times to come !!

      brian c

      1. Thanks Brian – much respect to you for that Jamie Osborne tip a few weeks ago, got my losing bets covered by that one on the day!

    4. Thanks for posting Mark, more thoughtful comments are always welcome in these parts and if there’s some logic underpinning/reasoning, they’ll always be of use, hopefully profitable over time, but worth the read/consideration nonetheless. You have to tame the fear of putting up losers – have you seen how many I put up??! 🙂 And you’ll find that posting in public probably raises your threshold for excellence if that makes sense, and will make you a better punter over time in of itself. But, never be scared of putting up losers, you’re not forcing anyone to back them etc and everyone here will hope you do well over time/they pick up bits and pieces every now and then. Best of luck…and make sure your mind is always looking forward/thinking positive. I don’t want to read any apologies for losers etc! 🙂 Bets of luck. Josh

        1. Yes Martin, my 2yos went completely haywire last year and I stopped posting, fearing that I was looking stupid and concerned about people losing money following them. Not a peep from anyone other than encouragement and this year I have kept going through the bad patches.
          Stick at it!

    5. Great start Mark. Fingers crossed for a full house at 7.15. Do you have note of the odds when you tipped them or do you back to SP/BSP?

      1. Cheers Ken, though we won’t get rich at those prices! 4/1 Plenty, 2/1 Justatenner and 7/4 Imbucato. Still, a winner’s a winner. Good luck for tonight.

        1. An impressive debut Mark, well done. I hope a few followed you in on the patent/trixie. I threw Guild (8.15) in as well as your 3 for a yankee, so fingers crossed!

          1. Thanks gents, won’t happen again very soon! Sorry Guild did not round things off for you Johnny.

  3. Reason To Believe Newton Abbot Monday 17:05 1pt e/w Price available 10/1
    Banksys Art Brighton Monday 15:35 1pt e/w Price available 15/2

  4. 2 NR’s and one 4/1 winner yesterday for a loss of 1pt.

    AW results update for w/c 3 September:
    Staked 29pts, Profit 9.5pts, ROI 32.76% or £47.50 to £5 stakes.

    Tomorrow’s qualifiers to follow.

  5. AW racing at Chelmsford on Monday. Qualifiers below:

    6.15 Swinging Eddie 13/2
    6.45 Classic Pursuit 5/1
    7.15 Corrosive 5/1
    7.45 Plentyinthetanksir

    1pt win each

    Good Luck

    N 2.35 – Highbury High on 4th run @ 6
    P 3.15 – Riva Bodiva on 5th run @ 9
    N 3.25 – Whataknight on 2nd run @ 7/2
    N 5.05 – Every Chance on 1st run @ 7/2
    N 5.05 – Diamond Reflection on 4th run @ 9
    L 3.20 – Hence on 6th run @ 9/2
    N 3.25 – Whataknight on 1st run @ 7/2
    N 3.25 – Knight of Noir on 4th run @ 25 (poss e/w)
    C 7.15 – Tricorn on 1st run @ 7/2
    P 4.50 – Brian Boranha on 1st run @ 10
    I’ll put some basic figs for last week up later

    1. Hi, I am a bit confused and have likely missed something in an earlier post? Are these all tips? If so are you backing them?

      1. Hi Martin, they are Josh’s losing tips and yes I am backing them all, however they’re not for everyone. Stats up to 2/9 at bottom of section 4 on members post 4/9.

          1. Figs for 3 – 9/9
            8 x 1st run, 3 x win, bog + 20.25, sp + 11
            7 x 2nd run, 1 x win, bog – 2.5, sp – 2.5
            1 x 3rd run, 1 x win, bog + 3.5, sp + 3.5
            15 x over 3 runs, 1 x win, bog – 12, sp – 12
            4 x 1st run, 1 x win, bog + 4.25, sp + 3
            9 x 2nd run, 0 x win, bog/sp – 9
            6 x 3rd run, 0 x win, bog/sp – 6
            4 x over 3 runs, 0 x win, bog/sp -4

      2. Martin,… I pull my hair out when I read comments like that haha – esp a member as engaged as you! 🙂 How on earth can you have missed all the chat about my losing tips and mike tracking them etc? He’s been posting them for weeks now. Mike has posted numerous comment after comment, and so have I, and in response to questions from newer members etc. And in the last couple of weeks have discussed them at length a few times in the main body of the daily members posts, both looking back at results and commenting, esp the updated figures for backing my last time out losing tips on their next start.
        Example…there are reflections in yesterday’s (9th Sept) section 2, and a massive discussion on the from me in Section 4 on the 5th Sept members post.
        That’s prob my fault for expecting people to flick through everything I suppose, and maybe the occasional neg of being so much going on/to re cap on at times. Quite aware you have a life outside of flicking through these pages! 🙂 I prob need to add a ‘comments’ section to the Welcome material so new members know what’s going on also, that would probably help.

        1. Hi Josh,

          I am just too busy at present to pick up on everything now, as well as Horse Racing, that the Football and NFL seasons are under way and Cricket continues and I have been betting on the U.S. Open Tennis! Plus I am 59 later this month and the old brain likely cannot go at the same pace as you youngsters. It does sound as if I am spreading myself too wide but they are all profit makers for me. When I hit the Million I will drop a couple of sports!!!

          And I will keep up with the performance of Systems and Tipsters on the blog. I do track all the tipsters performance on here via spreadsheet but get confused sometimes as to how the tips come about?

          Good luck.

  7. 3 of the 4 tips on Saturday placed. Soo close to finishing the week on a high.

    Chris M Selections:
    14:00 – Dusty (11/2 gen)

    16:50 – Mighty Leader (9/1 gen)

    20:15 – Night Story (3/1 gen)

    Results from last week to follow. Good luck with your bets 🙂

    1. Re-Cap w/c 3/9/18:
      15 bets – 2 winners and 1 N/R
      S/R: 14.29%
      ROI: +28.57%
      P/L: +4 pts

      357 bets – 65 winnners and 8 N/R
      S/R: 18.68%
      ROI: +7.97%
      P/L: +27.81 pts

      June: -10.4 pts
      July: +33.68 pts
      August: -0.97 pts
      Sept: +5.5 (ongoing)

      A week of what if’s. More than a third of the non-winning tips placed, if one had got his nose in front it would have been a great week but in a week where things were not clicking a small profit is welcome. Hopefully turn some of those places into wins this week!

  8. Good figures Chris, especially considering you post mid morning when fancy prices are generally long gone. Keep up the good work – I’m following with interest.

  9. There is some decent jumps acing today (well, for the time of the year). Gordon Elliott sends a regiment to Perth and Richard Johnson is up there to ride his first choices. I will go with a Yankee with: 3.15 Miro, 3.45 Rightdownthemiddle; 4.50 Swingbridge, 5.25 Carrie Des Champs.
    At Newton Abbot the Irish trainer Noel Kelly has three runners at Newton Abbot; 2.20 James Boru, 4.00 Mash Potato and 5.05 Every Chance. They fit a trixie today I think.

    Good luck.


    2.00 Arcanista BOG 9/4
    5.15 Solveig’s Song BOG 9/4
    8.45 Lyford BOG 5/2

    Bookmakers SP -17.75 points
    BOG – 12.25 points

  11. Ryan Moore, along with the other top jocks apart from SDS, is at Chelmsford today. Ryan rides Georgian Manor, 7/2 BOG, in the 7.15 and Guild, 6/4 BOG, in the 8.15. Back both for a profit.

    Good luck.

  12. Good afternoon Josh and fellow members,firstly hadn’t a bean on that Dascombe 100/1 shot,in fact I put the racing on the back burner for the summer,had once in a lifetime 4 months of clear skies,sunshine and beautiful sunsets,far more worthwhile to make the most of this godsend(not sure if that is PC these days)than finding the winner of a 4 runner race at Brighton
    Heading to New York on Friday to kickoff the GF’s bucket list,Aintree in April is next up
    I think the Jumps action will start to ratchet up in October so plenty of time to prepare.
    One thing I have been keeping up with though is the rise of Ben Curtiss in the jockey ranks+80 pts in frofit current season.Surely one to follow when the AW season starts in earnest

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