Free Daily Post: 09/09/18 (complete)

members test zone quals today inc autumn trainers..

Today’s qualifiers from the members’ test zone, inc a few for the new Autumn Trainers report…

Members Micro System Test Zone


Paddy Brennan (14/1< guide) 

3.05 Font – Millie Nautique 

Autumn Trainers

C Longsdon (8/1< best) 

4.40 Font – Midnight Gem

5.10 Font – Cardigan Bay 

E Lavelle (late addition)

2.00 Font – Lady Markby 




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  1. Wasn’t going to bother with York today but with ground easing will be backing Mooltazem in the 2.20 @ 14
    3.35 – Robib des Mana @ 33 (poss e/w)
    4.40 – Turban @ 7/2

  2. Great call on the golf Colin, almost a carbon copy of the nerve jangler from last year. Thanks again for the tips, they’re much appreciated.

    1. Hi Jamiem
      Thanks for your kind words,did Matt make us sweat but what a player he has mental strength by the bucket,and lets not forget he his still only 23 years of age.
      The Omega was his 5th title in under 4 years,outstanding,wonder how far he will go.

  3. Salisbury 8f Novice Global Hero
    Photo File:
    Not a particularly good race with Rowland Ward like Calculating at Good wood underperforming. There may be much made of how Too Darn Hot’s race is not working out due to the poor performance of the 2nd and 3rd but I think it is irrelevant.
    Global Hero although the smallest in the field was by far the most racy and ‘ready’ looking despite the supposed principals having all raced.
    Global Hero – 83
    Chatham House – Got that lumpy look back end not quite strong enough for the rest of his bulk. 77
    Takumi – Better sort, improve as still fat 84
    Rowland Ward – no excuse, just ordinary. 75
    Chinese Alphabet – Similar type to Rowland W might beat him if they re-oppose. 75
    Fox Premier – 74
    Mister Chiang – 73
    Artistic Language – Not fit 70
    Bonneville – Small fat, too compact 67
    Black Abbey – 64
    Salisbury 7f Mdn Fillies Manuela De Vega
    Photo File:
    I was a bit disapoointed with the quality of this field other than the first two home
    Manuela De Vega – Well made rangy filly. 90
    Heritage – Strongly made and better quality than the two favourites, Hello Bangkok and Indigo Angel 89
    Starry Eyes – 78
    Hello Bangkok – 76
    Indigo Angel – Still didn’t look fully fit 74
    Belle Chanel – 75
    Cambric – Still down hill, nice type 77
    Riverina – 73
    Headland 7f Nursery Salisbury
    Photo File:
    Oddly this was the easiest race of the day to sort out. Headland stood out as the best in the pre-parade.
    Headland – Medium, solid, fit 74
    Glorious Dane – Possibly right that he was not worth the 75 I gave him previously 72
    Winter Gleam – Did not strike me as a 74 which is what I had given on debut 67
    Valentino Sunrise – 60
    Gunforhire- limited by bulk 58
    Peter’s Pudding – might win a seller for Me E. 54
    Of the others Padura Brave looks ok but doesn’t run ok. 65

    Yourtimeisnow Gp 3 Dick Poole 6f
    Photo file:
    Yourtimeisnow – Good tough filly, I think will be better over7f 86
    Lady Aria – Caught my eye at the last minute, ok 80
    Come On Leicester -76
    Firelight – Looked great, precocious type. Better than this? 75
    No Way Jose – not earning her debut 86 here, but better than this 7f? 75
    Orange Blossom – Smaller solid type 73
    Roxy Art – 72
    Scintillating – paddock stand out, maybe been growing and still downhill, possibly a 90 but questions abound.
    Usra – Ordinary 70

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