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  1. Salisbury 6th Sept 2.50 8f Novice D2
    1. Chatham House, Fox Premier, Mister Chiang
    2. Chinese Alphabet, Global Hero, Rowland Ward, Takumi
    3. Artistic Language
    Fox Premier – Tall well made chap. Green and unready beforehand and in race. 80
    Rowland Ward represents the Too Darn Hot form in this race. Fox Premier makes plenty of appeal, generally too tricky without seeing them as Chatham House and Mister Chiang also look dangerous. Chinese Alphabet will also get a second look although W Knight seldom has debut winners he has shown himself capable of producing them and is in form.

    Salisbury 3.20pm 7f nursery
    Kwela – Small but strongly made, disadvantaged by racing on stand side and maybe ok. 72
    Winter Gleam – No picture, ran well for a long way. 74
    Bobby Ewing I have seen but got no notes and in his picture he looks very ordinary, certainly no better than 72
    Glorious Dane – Like the other Hannon horse strangley green for this stable. Solid chunky, 75
    Valentino Sunrise – Very fit, lightly made, lacks scope. 60

    Difficult, further inspection of photos suggests Glorious Dane does not deserve 75. I did not get a picture of Winter Gleam at Newbury but must have liked him to give him74 and he is unexposed. Also it is William Knight’s time of year.

    Highly speculative 1pt e/w win Winter Gleam

    Salisbury 6th September 3.50pm 7f Fillies Mdn
    1. Cambric, Heritage, Indigo Angel, Manuela De Vega, Starry Eyes , Zaula
    2. Abuja, Aubretia, Hello Bangkok,
    3. Belle Chanel, Come Back To Me, Gatria
    Belle Chanel – Low slung top end of small, athletic build but potential limited by size. Looks like she wants to race and win 74
    Belle Chanel like Winter Gleam in the nursery were both badly bumped and lost all chance in a Kempton race on 15th August. Both may go off longer than they deserve to be as they finished in the last two positions lto.
    Indigo Angel was beaten 2.25l by Hello Bangkok in 2nd and third on their debuts.

    Dick Poole 4.20 6f Fillies Gp3
    1. Come On Leicester, Firelight, Scintillating, Yourtimeisnow
    2. Lady Aria, No Way Jose,
    3. Roxy Art
    4. Orange Blossom
    Come On Leicester – Very much the small one of the bunch. 78
    Scintillating – Looked a class above the rest, size, strength and depth. probably group class. 90
    Yourtimeisnow – Medium, athletic, big strong back end. Not given a hard time and would have won over 7f. 86
    No Way Jose – Medium size, a bit on the leg and downhill yet repeatedly took the eye. Appeared to be travelling all over the winners and jockey never lifted his stick. 86
    I’m inclined to stick with my Scintillating rating of 90 although not having seen Firelight cannot in good faith suggest a bet unless she is 5/1 which she is at present!

  2. This should have been at the top

    Salisbury 6th September
    Salisbury 6th Sept 2.20 8f Novice D1
    1. Lethal Guest
    2. Bo Samraan, Cap Francais,Davydenko, Skymax, Young Merlin
    3. Barb’s Princess, Beat Le Bon, Jersey Wonder,
    Lethal Guest – Lightly made, ok shape but nothing standing out about him. Looked outclassed in this pre-parade. 74
    Not much to oppose the top of the market with here, I did comment that Lethal Guest looked more of a miler when I saw him at Ascot. He finished 1l behind Calculation in the Too Darn Hot race which if you ignore Calculation’s run yesterday when he was clearly out of sorts might be ok form if yet unproven.

    1. Hugh, I put some of your nursery contenders into my tracker.

      Merlin’s Magic 6.10 Chelmsford is potentially 11lb well in on your ratings, am I right?

  3. As there is so much 2yo racing at Salisbury and there are so many I haven’t seen, here is a list of those that look as if they will go off at value prices and may reward some e/w or e/w accy punts.
    2.20 Lethal Guest bf22’s
    3.20 Winter Gleam bf9s
    3.50 Belle Chanel bf20’s
    4.20 Yourtimetimeisnow and No Way Jose 38s

    The two shorties I like best are 2.50 Fox Premier and 4.20 Scintilating

  4. Hi Ben,
    what is your view of the European Ryder Cup team for you know far more than me with your experience caddying.
    First of all i do not back in the Ryder Cup,however very disappointed in this team appears to me an old pals team,especially the wild card selections,players who have under performed for several years,and a great fav of mine Stenson who has not proved that he is over his elbow injury.
    Doubt the Americans are quaking in their boots!!! famous last words.

    1. I agree with Colin as I said here previously, Garcia and Stenson are struggling at present. I did like Rafael Cabrero Bello, as he has found some form and has a good record at the course and has experience. The Americans do look strong.

    2. Hi Colin,

      I get why Thomas has done it. Yes it is the old boys club but there are 5 rookies already in the team and so he had to try to get a blend. However, history has shown that it is very rare for somone completely out of form to suddenly find it at the Ryder Cup (Montgomerie and Poulter are probably the 2 obvious exceptions). Funnily enough if you are going to pick Garcia, I think he should have picked Cabrera-Bello as they gelled quite well last time and RCB is coming into form but politics come into play I’m afraid and they would take a dim view of him playing on the PGA Tour last week rather that trying to qualify in Denmark. Casey had to be in because Bjorn basically promised him a place if he re-joined the Tour and I would always have Poulter.

      I personally would have gone for Cabrera-Bello over either Garcia or Stenson but then it gets harder and as you and Martin both said the American team is strong. I read somewhere that it is statistically the best ever US team.

      Either way, I am very excited about it. I love the Ryder Cup. There is always such a good atmosphere.



      1. Hi Ben,
        thanks for posting your views always an informative read,for me guess i am biased for local lad Matt Fitzpatrick should have been picked.
        Did you hear anything about Alex Fitzpatrick after his debut a couple of weeks ago,hear that he his going to the USA,will he hack it for his brother Matt could not and he came home early,did not do him any harm.

        1. Thanks Colin,

          If you think it is tough to make it in Europe, that is nothing compared to the States. Anyone who can make progress out there will always be well set to succeed in Europe. I never liked the PGA Tour. It was very aggressive and impersonal.



      2. I don’t really think there was too much contention in Bjorns picks.

        Casey, Stenson and Poulter all had to go for different reasons.

        I would also have picked Rafa over Garcia but can see why he went with the latter. The top 10 finish at Paris a few weeks back may have just swung it his way.

        Find it more worrying that 3 of their 4 picks (if you include Finau) are in great form and their top 8 are loaded with major winners. Not sure home advantage will be enough to overcome that

  5. can totally understand Bjorn’s selection logic with 5 Rookies qualified he has gone for experience.

    We have seen over the years that form goes totally out of the window. It is a unique Event in Golf, and a massive occasion.

    Some thrive on it, others wilt under the pressure and it can destroy careers.

    Recall last time Fitzpatrick as an example, arrived in prime form, left like a gibbering wreck. Others like Poulter can arrive as a jabbering wreck form wise and leave on top of the world.

    We have seen Yanks implode as they have 12 individuals and Europe excel as they have a TEAM…

    Remember Seve and how he would suddenly gel with guys he simply did not like or communicate much with otherwise like Langer and Faldo…remember Monty suddenly growing a personality bigger than his “man boobs” and who can forget winning for Darren Clarke…

    It’s the Ryder Cup – unique, enthralling; gripping and nothing better than slapping the proverbial faces of those “in the hole” idiots.


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