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  1. -2.7(sp -4.25) flat and +.5(sp .25) nh yesterday
    B 2.00 – Jeopardy John @ 3
    B 4.00 – Double Reflection @ 2
    2.15 – No No Cardinal @ 9
    2.45 – All Set To Go @ 7/2
    3.45 – Solstalla @ 13/2

  2. Sandown Friday 31st Aug Review
    Elsaabiqaat Nursery
    I didn’t photograph these and my selections Time For Bed and Slowmo finished 2nd and 4th. It turned out the draw advantage was nullified at this meeting. The reason given was the gs going. Not sure if Sandown have not been fiddling around as my impression previously was that if anything the draw bias to low was enhanced on softer ground. In any case the wrong Hannon runner won. Not a very good race. It was hard to separate Time For Bed and Elsaabiqaat on looks and maybe the draw made the difference. The two I also had very closely matched Li Kui and Superceded finished within a nk of each other from middle draws. Overall a poorish race as indicated by class 5. Possible the winner is a 75 but I don’t think there is much to take out of this.
    Alrajaa 7f Mdn
    Photo file:
    Another race that lived up to its Class 5 billing. Won by an ordinary type with experience in a slow time. A couple to take out of it.
    Rajinsky – Lower medium. A bit light behind. 74
    Walkinthesand – Medium, strongly made, small head? 78
    Guildhall – Medium to lower medium, well made, 75
    Sovereign Grant – Similar to Guildhall, 75
    Alrajaa – Looked the best in the field, over rated on debut, just medium, still daft and calling. Folded a bit tamely here 77
    Dubai Instint – 72
    Eden Gardens – Small and chubby 68
    Forest Of Dean – 9/2 a quite ridiculous price given his level of fitness. Just here to learn. Not a bad type and may rate around 80 nto.
    Daniel Dravot – 66
    Sea Battle – Fat, 64
    Almania 7f Maiden
    Photo File:
    Almania – Not that big but had tightened up from debut. 86
    Buffalo River – Tough butty type. Improve 84
    Divine Gift – 68
    Dawn Treader – Not that big but well put together.. 75+
    Coup De Gold – unlucky as hampered and stumbled at separate times. Better than this. 76
    Millions Memories – Still a bit downhill and green. Should improve a lot. 82
    Pegasus Bridge – 66
    Swiss Cheer – I liked this one, not sure why. Auction winner? 70
    Goodwood Sonnet – narrow 65
    Dancing Jo – Fat, close coupled, no athleticism. 60

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