Free Daily Post: 19/08/18 (complete)

nothing today.

Nothing today. 

I’m not having much luck with the members tips that I post up in the free posts, another blank on Saturday. Terentum Star’s race was over before it began with a very bad stumble, game over. There wasn’t an excuse for Kimberella that I could see. Rather annoyingly the race was won by a horse i tipped LTO in Goodwood’s big sprint. Clearly should have just kept the faith!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, 



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  1. – 6 for the flat and -1 for NH
    P 3.05 – Galileo Spear @ 11
    3.35 – Golden Spell @ 7
    5.10 – Biddidibob or whatever it is @ 7/2
    S 2.20 – Foundation Man @ 10
    3.25 – Voix D’eau @ 8
    5.00 – Benny in Milan …….would be no bet at current odds of 7/4 ish

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