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nothing from me today

Nothing from me today.


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  1. Hi Darren C
    Ref Jason Day Majors he has played in 32.
    14 from 32 Top 10 finishes including 1 win 43.75%
    8 from 32 Top 5 finishes 1ncluding 1 win 25%
    He has not been at his best over the past 18 months,and put in my notes that he was coming back to form at the right time and he his a Major player.
    Had a good 1st round so hope that he can go on and win,see on Sunday night.

    1. My match bet of Jason Day v Justin Rose is all square after day one. I am surprised both are three under as Rose has not been able to practice due to injury. Jason Day needs to get his putter going to win. I cannot doubt the rest of his game.
      Majors are usually one by top players these days. I know that Brooks Koepka has locked up the last two U.S. Opens but other than that the top players have cone through. I would swerve Rory as he has had a number of chances since his last major and also Tiger, until he does it again which I doubt. Also John Rahm’s temperament gets in the way and Rickie Fowler cannot get it over the line.
      So Day has a good chance as does Leishmann and Molinari. Justin Thomas is also in contention after only one round.

  2. Hi Josh

    I appear to have been locked out of the members club.
    Could you look into this for me please.
    I have sent you a couple of emails as I am not sure whether my subs are due for renewal
    Chris Kay

    1. Hi Chris,
      Not sure Josh will be able to do anything til late in the day as he is on his birthday adventure. If you want to post your email I’ll get back to you and copy anything you require.

    2. Can you not get into ‘My Account’ on the site? That will tell you where you are at re Subscription history.

  3. Hi Mike

    I was really just looking for access to the members area. But if Josh is unavailable then I’m sure I’ll survive a day without it.

    1. Hi Chris, apologies.. appear to have failed getting round to sorting that for you! I can’t get into my members dashboard on mobile I don’t think but will have a look while I’m on the road now. Mike is a member and sounds like he’ll email you all today’s content etc if you want. There were no tips. And if you follow any members he’ll probably copy their comments also. I’ll sort in time for tomorrow. Josh

  4. A bit of a rant about Sandown today together with two more race reviews and photo files from Goodwood.

    A frustrating day on the 2yo front yesterday made worse by travelling to Sandown to watch the two 2yo heats and being asked for £50 admission because Niles Rogers was playing after racing. I shall be writing to the RP later about the absurdity of not having two tiers of tickets.
    I mentioned in my post the reservations I had about Jim Crowley on both Fanaar and Mutawaffer and I am not sure that he could not have done a better job. In both 6f races he was gifted an easy lead and then appeared to get caught napping by a more engaged and vigorous jockey. I see him in the Hanagan mould really, a good handicap jock and can win on the best group horses which he gets due to his retainer but does not necessarily get the best out of 2yos. He just seems a tad complacent, maybe it is to do with his retained position.
    Goodwood reviews Thursday2nd August
    Richmond Stakes won by Land Force
    Photo file:
    1. Land Force – Little bull. 98
    2. Marie’s Diamond – 95
    3. Shine So Bright – 93
    4. Konchek – 90
    5. Sabre – 88
    6. Neverland Rock 86
    7. Sporting Chance 84
    8. Cool Reflection – Likeable type not sure why he underperformed. Maybe a bit light behind 79
    9. Charming Kid – Nurseries for him. 76
    Telegraph Nursery won by More Than this
    Photo file:
    1. More Than This – absolute stand out despite reservations about Fahey and Hanagan at Goodwood could not be opposed even from draw 10. 90
    2. Indian Viceroy – Long, ok chest 82
    3. Greenback Boogie – Improved for 7f and perhaps a bit under-rated – 70
    4. Hieronymus – No picture
    5. Barristan The Bold – odd run from missed break and out the back to finish well. 76
    6. Revich – Strongly made chunky. 77
    7. Forseti – 75
    8. Chonburi – 68
    9. Artistic Rifles – Prooving a cliff horse, clearly not an 89 as I initially rated him. Still looks a decent type 77
    10. St Ouen – Looks good enough to win a nursery. 75
    11. Water Diviner – 74 OR too high
    12. Two Blondes – 73
    13. Reddiac – Not sure if the picture is really him. 78 if it is
    14. No More Regrets – Looked like the other Hannon runners. 78
    15. James Watt – Bit of a three part job limiting talent. Hugely over weighted due to early wins. 67
    16. Cupboard Love – 69
    17. Shaybani – Injured.

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