Free Daily Post: 08/08/18 (complete)

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Nothing again from me today but an article of interest to read…my review of Goodwood and Galway, with the aim of learning plenty for the future…




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  1. Hitting the xbar again but no cigar, -5 yesterday
    B2.40 – Solesme @ 3
    4.40 – Following Breeze @ 4
    C 5.00 – Angel Carlotta @ 16 poss e/w (2plcs)
    K 9.10 – Lamya @ 9

  2. USPGA Golf – The course in St Louis this week and multi level greens and longer grass than is normal on the U.S.Tour. Therefore a bit of target golf may be in order. So I definitely like Francesco Molinari each way at 40/1. The course may be right up his street.
    I will also look to Justin Thomas to follow up on last weeks win at 14/1 and have 2 points each way.
    In tournament match bets I like Mark Leishmann to beat Hideki Matsuyama at 2.1 on Matchbook and will have 5 points on it.

    Good luck.

  3. I hope you don’t mind, I thought I’d have a pop at posting my own selections today.
    I’ve been trying to find good e/w possibilities that occasionally find the odd winner. It’s been doing ok over the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d share. Obviously, they’ll all come last now as so often is the case.
    As a rule, I’ve been using each way extra on bet365 for any larger priced horses (25/1 plus). Let’s see how this bunch do:

    2.00 Chep Perfect Symphony

    3.10 Brighton Pendo/ Pour La Victoire
    3.20 Ponte Zeshov/ Mister Moosah
    5.25 Ponte Round the Island

    1. Selections/posts always welcome in these parts Jimmy, plenty post freely on here (more so in winter jumps season as i’m more active on the free posts!) and in the members’ posts, plenty of shrewdies who pull in decent profits.
      Nearly a perfect start there, unlucky to get collared by the rag!
      best of luck with the others, and keep them coming,

      1. Thanks Josh.
        Quite pleased with that. 3 nice places. I’ve been backing them in e/w multis and singles, so they’re turning a profit at least. I’ll have a tweak and see how they get on over the next few days.

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