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nothing today

Nothing today. Seems a bit too much guesswork as to ground conditions so i’ll take the day off.



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  1. Very late start to today
    Yesterday profit @ bog 3, if doing poss e/w 6, sp 1 or e/w 2.9
    W1.50 – Duggary @ 5
    3.20 – Medici Oro @ 3
    5.00 – The Throstles @ 3
    U 2.40 – Go Now @ 12
    3.45 – Dell Arca @ 12
    4.15 – Hammersley Lake @ 7
    5.20 – Better Days @ 10

  2. Wolverhampton 2.20
    No ratings here just a comment that 10/1 about Mark Johnston’s Elusive Brand ridden by Franny Norton and drawn 1 seems generous for e/w punters.
    I saw the odds on favourite Phoenix Of Spain at Sandown on debut
    Phoenix Of Spain – Big lad, a bit plain. Trundled through and probably flattered by the fading of the first and second having been broken by trying to go with King Of Comedy. 74
    I would think his status in the betting is far more down to his price tag of 220k than what he achieved on that day. Similarly Multamis cost 100k. Elusive Brand only cost 12k.
    1pt e/w Elusive Brand currently 9’s and 10’s or much bigger on Bf.
    She may not be any good but with Multamis and Phenix Of Spain being dropped to Wolverhampton so quickly does not speak volumes for them either.

  3. Not today for Elusive Brand. A bit green but showed promise running on late. Phoenix Of Spain might be better than 74 but the question remains about the quality of the race. Glad I didn’t spend 100k on Multamis.

    1. Obviously this is much more of your area of expertise than mine but I had a nibble on Multamis before I saw your post given that Newbury race he raced in has produced 7 winners from the first 9 runners with only the 6th disappointing (winner has yet to run) so maybe that gives this race a little more credit although doesn’t like like he would have liked the AW based on breeding.

  4. Been taking too many photos lately and am a bit overwhelmed by the backlog. Here are a couple of races from Ascot on Friday. I’ve got 4 races from Sandown and Newbury from Thursday still to do and loads of mugging up for Goodwood as I plan to be there Tuesday to Thursday.

    Race Reviews
    Ascot 27th July
    6f Colts Mdn Production
    Photo file:
    1. Production – Splendid big strong lad, really carrying a lot of condition, so much I was not confident of a win bet. So did a trifecta with the two fittest, Crantock Bay and Harbour Spirit. In the end he had far too much talent for these and although the distance was not great he was a comfortable winner 87+ more than likely group level.
    2. Crantock Bay – Smaller model, probably medium sized, deep chest but just strength dwindling a bit toward the back end. Very fit and disadvantaged by perhaps racing a bit far back and challenging wide. I think SDS tried to mug Dobbs on Production here and he almost pulled it off. A brilliant ride even if he didn’t win. 79
    3. Harbour Spirit – Medium to lower medium bonny and ready 2yo type. At least two sizes smaller than Production. If I had said to myself at the beginning of the season that I’d be picking a Hughes horse on debut at Ascot I would have questioned my sanity. He is a rapidly improving trainer and he had Harbour Spirit in great condition for debut and was just done by bigger better colts. Definitely a maiden winner. 77
    4. Almania – Maybe a Stoute gradual development type. A bit upright and tubular, tall and will probably need a mile. Just a niggle about his overall shape. 79
    5. Lethal Guest – Lightly made, ok shape but nothing standing out about him. Looked outclassed in this pre-parade. 74
    6. Power Link – Ok size, top end of medium but not that efficiently made. Too fresh early. 75
    7f Fillies Novice Ceratonia
    Photo file –
    The most noticeable thing here was that nearly all the runners looked as if they could be fitter. Maybe the heatwave has reduced the pressure they have been put under at home. They all looked like future winners to me albeit not higher level. and this may have been a decent fillies race.
    1. Ceratonia – Another good looking strongly made filly of the Appleby production line. Not, I think a superstar but a good solid performance. 78
    2. Model Guest – Previous experience helped for this tall leggy filly who when she fills her frame might be quite useful. 77
    3. Belle Chanel – Low slung top end of small, athletic build but potential limited by size. Looks like she wants to race and win 74
    4. Embrace the Moment – Not surprised to see this one drift. Compact but not athletic, 73
    5. Flighty Almighty – Big strong filly, green and a bit daft, Richard Kingscote did not seem to be able to get her properly organised early on and she should improve hugely after this race. Just a something about her that raises a question as to whether she will be better class. 78
    6. Queen Constantine – Ran a solid race and looks a decent filly 75
    7. Octavia Minor – Typical Hannon 2nd string, Ok filly with plenty left to work on. Probably better than Embrace The Moment long term. Win a modest maiden nto? 75
    8. Teresita Alvarez – Another Noseda runner like Querelle at Newbury looking a bit fat for debut. Ran well for 6f then understandably faded. Strongly made should win a maiden at least 78
    9. Just Be Friendly – Very little chance to observe this one as she was smuggled in late. Looked to have a bit too much condition. Too free for at least four furlongs but stuck on well until the last 200yds. Much to like 78

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