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nothing on Sunday

Nothing from me on Sunday. Sadly nothing to cheer in the Summer Plate, both selections poor, and not close enough to picking the winner for my liking.


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  1. Weakest event selections:-
    245 Take The High Road
    320 Ink Master
    420 Cricklewood Green
    430 Forthefunofit
    455 Orions Bow
    505 Closest Friend
    600 Dew Pond

      1. Looks like the money is coming in! Disappointing result though for golf – Molinari is not a great player and feel it makes the tournament worse when an average player wins it (e.g. Todd Hamilton, Paul Lawrie, Ben Curtis).

        1. I think that’s an unfair comment because Molinari has been the best player out there today.
          In total control of his swing unlike all those around him.
          He’s also been in red hot form and recently won on the American tour.

          1. Molinari wins by being the best player over the 4 days – excellent! No bogeys over the last 36 holes was decisive.
            I do not understand anyone saying that he is not a great golfer, maybe because he doesn’t hit it 400 yards off the tee? Comparing him to Todd Hamilton is just ludicrous!!

        2. Peter,

          Opinions are clearly what make any sport so watchable and popular and you are obviously entitled to yours but I don’t think you should lump Molinari in with “average ” players. He has won on both main Tours (rarer than you may think) including the BMW PGA Championship
          He had also won a World Golf Championship (against a strong field). This is against a backdrop of putting struggles that have plagued him throughout his career. A major is the next logical step for him along with the European Tour order of merit and i think we will look back at him as a great when his career is reviewed as his achievements will be matched by very few.



        3. With respect and being polite as this Forum deserves and abides by, that is the most non-aspirational; arrogant; un-sporting and negative comment I have seen about any/all sport in many a long year.

          Who decides who “deserving or worthy winners are” under your criteria, what dictates “average”.

          In any sport to compete or participate at world class or top class level takes a huge amount of natural ability, a massive amount of hard work; a little luck and a huge amount of mental and physical prowess.

          No one playing in any Tour Golf event is “average”; anyone playing in a Major is an outstanding player, and from there in my humble opinion, it is just varying levels of “superlatives”

          It is far too easy to make crass comments on a keyboard, and having had the opportunity and pleasure of being around “greats” in my past sport, I would strongly suggest that there is nothing average about Major / World / Olympic or any other top measure in any Sport, especially one played over 4 days of massive pressure.

          1. Well…at the half way stage of The Open I looked for 3 players circa 100/1 who may have a chance. I was surprised to see Molinari on the exchanges at 97 based upon his recent form. Therefore I had a bet on him. Made sense to me from a betting point. A good advert for a player who has sought performance coaching in terms of delivery of winning performance requirements. He played the course and whilst other players are more exciting and more artistic as golfers, Speith and McIlroy, you have to get it done.

            Xander Schauffele looks a future winner of the tournament.

  2. Molinari has won on both the European and PGA tours (and elsewhere)
    He has won a World Cup (with his brother) and a WGC event
    His recent form is absolutely exceptional (2nd in the 2017 USPGA also) and a deserved winner of The Open with his final 2 rounds being top drawer golf
    Always a great ball striker but now has learnt to putt
    Average he is not

  3. He has been absolutely amazing all year and there will be few more deserving. Going to be a huge player in the Ryder Cup and other players will be queuing up to partner him.

    I’ve never seen consistency like it, when his putter is on fire he is unplayable

  4. Martin, I think it was a hell of a shout to get a 100/1 winner. Followed you in with a small bet and cashed out for over £100 profit. Hindsight is a wonderful thing – but with so many tied it seemed the percentage call. Gutted now of course 🙂

    Cheers, Steve

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