Free Daily Post: 15/07/18 (complete)

nothing today from me.

Nothing today from me.


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  1. morning all,

    just glad i left the racing alone yesterday. Far too competitive.

    Just two from me today. There is money around for these two so dont be put off by the price. The latter especially!

    STRAT 2.10 Enforcement 20s available most places.

    SOUTH 2.50 Beyond the glen 125s massive on the exchanges.

    good luck

  2. Weakest event bets:-
    230 Top Billing
    305 Native Optimist
    345 What A Laugh
    430 Mr Fizz
    515 Prince Khurram
    525 Cornish Beau

    1. Results: L, L, W4.27, W2.94, W7.03, L (Prices are BSP – less stake and 5% commission)
      Profit: 11.24pts

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