Free Daily Post: 03/07/18 (complete)

nothing from me again today..

Nothing to get too excited about today really, no 3m+ chases to attack etc,so another blank day. In any case i’ve got plenty of Goodwood/Galway research to be getting on with.

GL with any bets,



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  1. Neilmck
    Hi Neil for the golf there are 86 bets for + 61.06 points profit,whatever the ROI is on this please let me know,not very good at maths.

    1. At 1 point stakes it is 71%. Carry on like that and you will soon have your own Island and Yacht.

        1. Does that work for ew bets? If it’s 172 points from the 86 bets, does the ROI reduce to 35%? Which is still very good btw!

          1. The each way return would add to the ROI as all winners would have been placed plus some of those horses beaten would also have been placed. So for example if the place only proportion were to add say another 25 points, the ROI would be 47% etc.

          2. But they were each way bets, and the place returns are included in the profit figures in the original post.

            So a profit of 61 points from 172 points staked is a ROI of roughly (61/172) 35%.

          3. I was under the impression that they were win only bets from Colin but I may be wrong. If they were win only bets then converted to each way bets then you would only truly know the each way return if you knew the relevant prices of those horses that had been placed. Anyway the figures he has posted are good!

          4. Yes you are correct they are, I am calling them horses when they are golfers. I am a bit confused but no worries, points of profit is a nice basic measure anyway. I will keep track of these bets from now on re ROI.

  2. This is moving to my footy, tennis and golf fancies. Let’s stay on track for the racing eh?!? A poor day of racing doesn’t mean we bet on anything that moves. Find it a bit odd platform to be discussing this. All for community but this is a racing forum.

    1. You’ll find people talking about betting on other sports here too. Mostly golf and football, and sometimes the odd post about tennis when the big tournaments are on.

    2. The free post is more open but principally racing and is generally busier with some outstanding regular tips during NH. Members post is strictly racing.

  3. World Cup – No joy yesterday and I am now going win or bust as I am not reading the games well and will stop posting if I have a loser. I am going for both games to be drawn after 90 minutes today in a double, both are at least 2/1 and so the double is 8/1.

    Good luck.

    1. Martin, At least you havn’t tipped England to win, so that must give us some sort of chance !

    2. Oh No!!!!

      That has put a damper on my Sky Super 6 selections. I have both matches to draw after 90 minutes. Martin, I hope you have not put the mockers on this with your selections.

  4. Never been interested in ROI only interested the points profit and the money which goes into my bank account,and after four years of proofing my bets to Optimum Racing and 10 months on RTP and i have always been transparent with prices with bookmakers and never make false claims ie
    Garcia last week tied 8th SB paid 8 places but i recorded him as a losing bet.

    1. It just gives you an idea how much has been staked to make the profit. I’d far rather invest 172 points to make 61 points profit, than 500 points to make 61. ROI just takes the points staked into account as well as the overall profit.

      1. The ROI v Points debate is very similar to the “win or each way” debate, no rights or wrongs largely personal preference.

        Points win prizes and show a solid measure whilst ROI can give a client an investment % target and a longer term assessment of income potential. My only issue with “points” is as you point out, after a few years you need to also know “points staked” as the pure “points won” number could be from dozens of tips; hundreds or thousands.

        Each to their own though and the most important measure is that the score is a + positive meaning enemy the Bookie has lost and Punter has won.

    Greenbriar Classic

    Tony Finau 1 point ew 14/1 1/5 7 CO BO plenty of 14/1 available with different terms
    Only made two appearances here finishing 13th and 7th and with his confidence on a high having his best placing in a masters at the US Open finishing 5th can go well.

    Russell Henley 1 point ew 20/1 1/5 6 BF BV 888 plenty of 20/1 available but with different terms
    Coming into form with seasons best at the Travellers finishing 6th,he as two top 5 finishes here in his last to appearances.

    No bets for the Irish Open

    1. Selections noted and logged.
      I lost 9 points last week and am now minus 14.25 points for 2018.
      I am going with Joachim Niemann in the U.S., 1 point each way at 28/1. He has some steady form this year and will be suited by this course. In the Irish Open I will go with Russell Knox, 1 point each way at 28/1. He has had some decent form in the U.S. recently and can play in the windy conditions that may be encountered.
      No tournament match bet sorted yet.

      Good luck.

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