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‘recent tips’ from members’ club…

From today’s Members post…

Recent Tips

(recent losing tips from section 2/’notes’ horses in members post…tracking them on ‘three strikes and you’re out/stop at a winner…they were +40-50 in the 4-6 weeks prior to 07/06/18)Β 

(running total, from 07/06/18: 3/13,5p, +21.5)Β 

3.20 Carl – Lady Crystal (1st run since tipped)

3.20 Carl- Ventura Secret (3rd run)

6.00 Wind – Kaths Legacy (1st)

6.20 Notts – Tallinski (1st) (posted 07.43)


GL with any bets, my attention is about to turn to all things Royal Ascot.



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    What a disgraceful US Open the course at Shinnecock Hills is playing the same as when last played here in 2004 and the course executive assured that this carnage would not happen again this year,they should never hold the US Open again.
    Mickleson another disgrace a seasoned professional resorting in my view to cheating maybe not be in the rules,but the crowd gave him their view with the booing of him on the first tee today.
    Having said this Bryson De Chambeau is tied 16th on + 8 madness and only five off the leaders on + 3,and young Matt Fitzpatrick is doing Sheffield and England proud so far being tied 8th as i type and could have had 150/1 about him pass me the kleenex.

    1. Agree with your views about Mickelson’s cheating. My opinion of him went downhill a few years ago when he criticised Ryder Cup captain Tom Watson after the event when they had lost. He may have multi millions in the bank and good luck to him – he’s earned it. But the man has no class.


  2. Hi Brian
    The trainers notes that you are putting up are you a member of a group of trainers who pass on info of their runners on the day and some days you are given up to 30 or 40 horses for you to try and find a winner and in most cases choose the wrong ones.
    I recorded one with this approach a few years back for a few months and was not impressed so be very wary if you are subscribing,and if i recall a few days ago you said on the lines of that you are stopping putting them up for it is becoming embarrassing,which leads me to believe that you know that they are hard to find winners.
    Is one of the trainers Warren Greatreaux?and we all know who as horses with him,200 point Max bets which are odds on and surprise they lose on a regular basis.
    Wishing you all the best.

  3. hi colin,

    thanks for the heads up ……….. they have all been free tips into my inbox in the main ?
    i don’t subscribe to any of them thankfully ……… every now and again they send through a winner πŸ™‚ …but only every now and again …………

    betting gods
    architect tips
    value rater
    lol … the list is endless πŸ™‚

    i have been betting for 40 years now … and have only just starting to make a profit with josh …lol πŸ™‚

    do you specialise in golf bets only ?? i have profited e/w with some of your advices thank you πŸ™‚

    thanks again
    brian πŸ™‚

    i will stop posting them now πŸ™ !!

    1. Brian, only just starting to make a profit with Josh says it all.

      You’ve arrived at the right site at long last.

      I’d say join up straight away and follow some of the juicy advice in the members’ posts.

      Not least from Colin above and Nick Mazur, though plenty of others are worth a look. This site is a goldmine, mate!

          1. thanks andy and westy2

            gl today all πŸ™‚

            soon be ascot … just one more sleep πŸ™‚

      1. HI CHRIS M ,

        yep all onboard with josh and sp2a as well now .. best thing i have ever done betting wise ! ….. it compliments my already self proven system for “dutching” and forecast betting …… really going great guns between us only for small stakes at the mo .. but already paying/paid for itself many folds over !!! as i say i have been there and done it brought the t-shirt with most tipsters ( so called) (like ian at sp2a .. i go back to the colin tinkler hotline days … “good morning everyone .. the sun is shining the wind is blowing ….. and i have just watched the first batch go thundering bye” …… lol ….they were the days 6 odds on favourite accumulators πŸ™‚ nye on every time i was more profitable on my own … until josh came along that is …….. it has re-boosted my confidence in my betting approach … and it is their for me to be reminded by my current betfair balance …. i may have to re-write that book .. “winning it all back” .. may take a few years ….. but i will give it a go now i am here amongst bookie bashing friends πŸ™‚ …. really really enjoying it now ……… just wish my wife was less inquisitive as to what i am doing all the time and what could make me happier than her seemingly πŸ™‚ ………… emmm nagging or or the nags … let me think πŸ™‚

        gl and thanks for the advice on here .. really appreciated πŸ™‚

        1. Hi Brian
          So pleased that you have taken advice from us on here,debated long and hard whether to respond to you earlier but must admit these so called tipsters or con men who make second hand car salesmen look like vicars and should be stopped,the more we make people aware of them and stop plying their cons on hard working people the better.
          Said it so many times the BHA and Jockey club should look into these people who are registered horse owners with them who also run tipping lines,for me they are bringing the sport into disrepute with some of their antics in reliving people of their hard earned cash.

          1. Ha ha made me laugh that Colin. Are they still allowed to advertise in racing post ? Not looked in it since I subscribed to Geegeez. If they are, it’s all wrong . Puts me in mind of the minder episode of Terry answering three different call boxes at the same station and giving a different horse in the same race. Showing my age , call boxes??

  4. Monday 18th June 5f Windsor 6.30
    1. He’Zanarab, Implicit, Oona, Improvising
    2. Esque Amore, Nefarious
    Ratings Bet 1pt Win Oona, 1/6th pt combo trifecta Oona, Implicit Sophosc.
    I have seen Implicit, Oona and Sophosc from this field. Comments below.
    Implicit 67.
    Oona – Typical Kodiac shape, bit fat and today was clearly not the day as she drifted wildly. Easily improve on this nto. 75
    Sophosc – A bit of size and substance 65
    I think this is a weak race and the Henry Candy newcomer Nepharious is a clear danger, Improvising for Hughes too. However worth taking a chance that this racy little filly Oona can improve enough on her third run to see off Implicit who is a short backed scuttling type. Oona is small but deep chested, a bit light behind but the sort the Hannons often get to win when others would not. Sophosc is a much bigger leggy unit but showed a bit on debut. Trainer tries hard with his 2yos. One of my least favourite jockeys on 2yos up Liam Keniry but might run into a place using previous experience.
    I’m off to Royal Ascot tomorrow and will post up the ratings for the Coventry later together with links to the photos from Sandown last Friday.

  5. Hi, live from Lake Garda (back in the UK later Tuesday), taking a break from the sun in the bar watching the Sweden match. I can bet via Bet365 on football and golf but not horse racing. No joy on the US Open but going well in the World Cup.
    Today I have Sweden under 2.5 goals at 1.6 (looks safe as neither team look as if they could hit a cows arse with a banjo); Belgium HT/FT at 1.62 and England to win at 1.42.

    Back for Royal Ascot on Wednesday. Good luck.

    1. lol martin …… enjoy the scenery …let’s hope kane has a better eye for goal tonight and it doesn’t get too dier !! πŸ™‚ … or as i should say “sur soire” as i am currently on the normandie coast line on a deck chair with my hanky hat on staring back to blighty …….. my internet is very patchy at best here at the mo could be a long night !!
      gl 1& all πŸ™‚

  6. Ascot and Thirsk 19th June
    Bad day yesterday with another 2pts gone west.
    The Coventry Stakes Ascot 6f
    I won’t put up ratings bets as there will be so many tied at the top. I will simply list those that are joint top rated and give a shortlist, although I seem to be wasting bullets at the moment.

    1. Advertise, Blown By Wind, Calyx, Cosmic Law, I Am A Dreamer, Indigo Balance, Kuwait Station, Sergei Prokofiev, Shine So Bright, The Irish Rover.
    As I don’t want to bias myself before I see the ones that have evaded me so far it is hard to make choices. Calyx and Sergei P are clearly very talented and may blow the rest away so for value purposes my two are Advertise and The Irish Rover.

    Thirsk 1.40 6f Nov D1
    1. War Tigress, Prairie Spy, Jasmine B
    2. Ascended, Evangeline Samos
    With the danger of Ascended from the Haggas yard a difficult race to assess. Maybe there is some E/w value in Jasmine B from the best draw.
    Thirsk 2.10 6f Nov D2
    1. Armageddon, Deira Surprise,
    2. Beechwood Izzy
    Can’t really take on the odds on favourite, again any value may lie with the Brian Smart runner Armageddon.

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