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nothing from me today.

Nothing from me today.

GL with any bets.



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  1. Hi Josh
    I’m not sure what has happened, but since yesterday I have been unable to access the members pages. My last payment was only made on 16 May.

    1. Hi Steve, just emailed you, all sorted, well, through to 19th June anyway! For some odd reason for first time in your 20+ monthly payments PayPal didn’t ‘talk’ to my members software so didn’t update automatically, no idea why. With any luck will do so on your next payment on 16th June. Sorry about that, technology a strange thing at times!

      1. Cheers Josh

        Thanks for sorting so promptly – my missed day was about level anyway, so no harm done.

  2. Monday 21st May Windsor 6.15 and 6.45

    6.15 Fillies 5f Maiden

    1. Come On Leicester, Implicit
    2. Kadiz
    3. Elieden, Farump

    Ratings Bet .5pt e/w Elieden

    Come On Leicester finished 3rd in what is usually a hot race at Ascot with Satisfying who runs in the 6f race later on the card 3/4l behind. Here he is drawn 1 with Ryan up and looks to deserve his odds on status. Implicit is from James Tate who seems to have lost the knack of fto winners that he showed a while back. I did not like Kadiz that much on debut behind Strings Of Life at HQ– note on race below
    This is not to say this was a great race although Strings Of Life may well progress well as she has the structure, there were none of the others I would pick out as anything more than ordinary although no doubt several will win races as 2yos. Worthy noticng that the race was significantly slower than the colts on the previous day despite faster ground.
    This race has only thrown up 1 winner and 3 places from 11 subsequent runners. Kadiz also ran poorly nto and has a hood on today.
    Whilst Come On Leicester will probably win Elieden for Gay Kelleway looks a worthwhile sporting ew bet. Drawn 11 over 5f at Chester and racing wide she was then hampered twice in the straight but ran well despite all that. At Chester she had PJ McDonald up, sadly today Lasher Luke Morris will be bouncing about on top. If anyone can unbalance a 2yo he can. Elieden is also drawn wide but that is not so much of a disadvantage as it appears and hopefully if he gets her away well she will have a good chance of a place. 12’s available in places.

    6.45 6f Fillies Novice


    1. Main Edition, Oona
    2. Crimean Queen, Laxmi, Ring Out The Bells, Satisfying, Sesame, Sufficient, Vena D’Amore

    Ratings Bet: 1pt win Main Edition, 1pt win Oona

    Logic would seem to suggest that Satisfying 4th at Ascot on debut in a hot race should have the experience and talent to win this. I have a niggle about R Hughes being able to develop them first to second run, his MO seems to have changed this year and his 2yos are much more competent and ready fto than in his first two seasons when one could put a line through them as they would be too fat. This season they have been going better fto.
    It would not be surprising to see any of Crimean queen, Laxmi or Ring Out The Bells competing for the win either so no f/c possibilities.

    1. Couldn’t agree more with your comments about the thug Morris-how he gets away with the machete action with the whip is beyond me.(He must have something on the stewards to condone his above the shoulder technique ) and as you say all it does is unbalance his mount

      1. Clearly I think Luke Morris style was honed and developed on the AW tracks where he came to prominence a few years back and that style of riding was perfect for AW mules who can and do respond to his more aggressive “bouncing” style. They tended though to be veterans with dozens of races/miles on the clock who he could coax and win races because of his style not in spit of it.

        Have to agree it is a style entirely unsuited to a raw and green 2 – 3 year old who needs a rider with patience, good hands and balance. In that context personally, I always think Tom Queally (vastly underused now) is a great exponent and a few years back I always looked at any juvenile Ian Mongan rode too. The other current jockey with an aptitude I would say for younger horses is Sean Levey.

        I suppose it’s hot horses 4 courses and jockeys 4 types. I always thought if you want a poor/moderate jumper bullied and cajoled book AP whereas if you wanted a top NH horse nurtured and handled deftly book Ruby.

        Different horses require different handling and what’s sauce for the goose and not always sauce for the gander.

        1. I agree with you on Queally…there used to be a hot little system when he started to hot a few winners..back him…He had phenomenal returns sometimes…but of course some power that be cottoned onto it and…surely couldn’t have cramped his rides? I ponder.
          Luke Morris is a bruiser with good cause…..he’s come up the hard way….and one of the biggest thugs [not my words] uses him to good effect…Mark Prescott Bart.
          He insists you call him Sir Mark. He told me lol. A story there Ian.
          Yes!. Your right Ian, he lacks the finesse of Tom Queally.

          Tony Mc.

          1. Re Comments Luke Morris I can only speak as i find did us proud with Marsha and without his feedback we would not have gone to France with her.


          2. It’s not a criticism Bill…merely an observation….I back Luke too.

            Tony Mc

  3. Newbury 18th May Review and photos.
    First Division won by Advertise
    Pictures here in finishing order
    1. Advertise – Lovely when a theory works out, joint top rated with Eyelool he was available at 10’s in the morning eventually going off 4’s jt fav. Big strong boy looked the best made in the paddock but just a concern that he was carrying a bit too much condition but that could be said for most of them. 87
    2. Pogo – One of the first I put a line through, did not think it was fit, a bit slouchy and switched off in the paddock and I preferred the very similarly made Pesto. In the race he was green and out the back early then hung. Looks ok 84
    3. Burj – Compact neat ready type, well tuned, lacking scope. 74
    4. Alfie Solomons, on toes and kept out of pre-parade and paddock as long as poss. Too keen early and maybe set the pace to allow the ones at the back early to take advantage. Still stuck on well. Richard Spencer had him very fit hard to see a lot of progress from here. 75
    5. Eyelool – Ok but unsure as to why he was made jt fav other than on connections. Did miss the break and made up ground too fast. 73
    6. Lahessar – chunky muscular sprint type, not fully tuned, improve from here 76
    7. Manton Warrior – A bit tubular for my taste but showed early speed, fairly fit 70
    8. Pesto – Athletic type, maybe a bit straight in the shoulder which would not help on drying ground. Not fully tuned improve. 76
    9. Requited – Bonny and solidly made, looks to have the potential. Much too fat to do himself justice fto but showed good early speed before getting very tired. Not given a hard time. Worth watching. 75
    10. Precision Prince – Lightly made, ordinary but ok for this stable. 68
    11. High Proof – Ordinary, not fit. 67
    12. Valentino Sunrise – Very fit, lightly made, lacks scope. 60

    Second division won by The Paddocks – slightly slower division and these looked a lesser bunch other than Artistic Rifles who was a bit fat and eventually withdrawn at the start.
    Pictures in finishing order

    1. The Paddocks – Did not take the eye at all. Smallish, ok strength and probably one of those tough Hannon ones that will keep surprising. 75
    2. Blonde Warrior – Lower medium, looked very fit but did not strike as special, I backed this one as it was the best of my top rated three. 75
    3. Mendoza – Took the eye a couple of times. Not the best made but seems to have a bit of potential 72
    4. Happy Power- Ok size, hard to see 625k’s worth. Strongly made and stayed on nicely. 77
    5. Salam Zayed – Bit fat for debut but ok at a modest level. 73
    6. Mykindofsunshine – Ok debut run for Clive Cox 73
    7. Fly The Nest – Puzzling this other than it reflects a bit of a pattern of some of Charlie Appleby’s runners peaking early. Did not look a cut above the rest in the pre-parade which casts doubt on his form from Newmarket. 75
    8. The Big Bad – Heavy low slung boy, very colty. Nurseries for him 67
    9. Mont Marsie – Fat and plain, nowhere near ready but not much potential. 60
    Artistic Rifles is the No 1 horse. Looked a tad chubby on the day but barrel chested and strongly made. Stood out as classier than his rivals but withdrawn at post maybe 79+

  4. Morning all,

    CAR 5.15 dasheen 20s
    RED 2.05 hurricane five 40s, 4.05 batten the hatches 15/2 5.35 foxy’s spirit 25s
    LEI 6.00 miss elsa 10s, 8.00 javelin 25s
    WIN udzungwa forest 100s

    Good luck

  5. Dazzle Gold 4/1.. 4.15 Carlisle, could step in if Arbalet freaks.
    Redcar 5.05…Creel 6/1 Voyager Blue 4/1.
    Leicester 7.30… Epic Challenge 8/1.

    I’m slowly resurrecting an old 3yo colt system that used to return 50%+ winners but have to remember it all yet. BOL all

    Tony Mc.

  6. Further to the above comments about jockey riding styles, I said when Josephine Gordon was up-and-coming that she would get to the top because she sat still and never unbalanced a horse. Ryan is the same.
    I don’t like Luke Morris’s style. But then again Pat Eddery’s all-action bouncing-on-the-saddle style didn’t do his career much harm!

    1. All the great jockeys had that one essential to be great Pat….They were nevr unbalanced…That applies to over the sticks too. Pat and Toss Taafe brothers were a joy to watch at Aintree……got many a bob there as a kid. lol

      Tony Mc

  7. I have nothing against Luke Morris on older horses although I do think he can get a bit enthusiastic with the whip but keep him away from the 2yos.
    His overall strike rate is 12% on turf 2yos just 7%. That alone is enough to deter me without having watched him. Adam Kirby has just as much drive about him as Luke but is a different class of horseman on a 2yo.

    I find it hard to agree with Ian about Tom Q. He is on my avoid list for 2yos like Luke. I agree he is a sympathetic jock but I think suffers a bit from the too clever by half issue. It can’t be all about finesse as Ryan and Richard Kingscote illustrate. They are two of the best for me, just shading it from a host including Josephine Gordon, David Probert, Oisin, Buick, Franny Norton, Harry Bentley, SDS and the Doyler plus some northern boys. (excluding Paul Hanagan particularly if he has to go around a bend)

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