Free Daily Post: 15/05/18 (complete)

a quiet day..

Nothing again from me today, i’ve got a bad stomach bug at the moment and populating this post is down the list of priorities today.

GL with any bets, Josh


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    AT + T Byron Nelson

    Marc Leishman 1 point ew 25/1 1/5 8 SB 25/1 1/5 7 CO BW 28/1 available with different terms
    The windy conditions of Texas suits Marc play and he was recently 7th at Bay Hill.

    Beau Hossler 1 point ew 40/1 1/5 7 CO plenty of 40/1 available with different terms
    New kid on the block first season on tour,however Trinity Forest is his home club and provided he can take the pressure of home advantage and the expectations of the home crowd he should go well,he proved his ability a few weeks ago finishing a fine 2nd at Houston.

    1. Looks like all the 40/1 on Hossler has been quickly snaffled up. 33/1 and 7 places from Coral, Boyle and Betway. I can’t get on with any of those, would you still recommend it as a bet at 28/1 and 7/8 places?

      1. Hi Neil
        First time this as happened with the price vanishing since starting in September.
        Should you back him at 28/1 that is up to you for me i would back him at 28/1 again this is with restrictions from bookmakers who are a pain in the bum.

        I always take a price and then put the bets up straight away after.
        You all know my view on tipsters who are claiming fancy prices on the horses which if they are successful you will have no bookmakers accounts to put your bets on.
        All mine will always be at bookmakers SP so there can be no doubt about the returns.

        1. Thanks Colin. Like you say, it’s the first time I’ve seen the price disappearing so quickly as well.

    2. I too like Leishmann each way at 28/1, 1 point each way. Jimmy Walker seems to have recovered from his health issues and is finding form. I will have 1 point each way at 25/1.
      I am minus 12.5 points for 2018 now and so need to find a winner!

      Good luck.

  2. Sorry guys but i have let the side down on here with time. I have missed the prices on two horses. I have managed to secure the odds so i will print new odds next to the movers

    Sed 2.00 Millie the minx 100/1 sorry folks now 28/1! 3.00 Siannes star 16/1. 5.00 complex kid 100/1
    Bev 2.10 Champagne clouds 33/1, 2.40 pearl of qatar 12/1, 4.10 zodiakos 16/1, 5.10 villa tora 16/1, 5.45 solider blue 33/1
    Sout 7.30 delirious love 16/1
    Win 4.50 cushuish 100/1
    Chep 5.15 country rose 40/1, rocky park 40/1, 6.50 showmethewaytoaverilo 20/1, 7.20 pink phantom 20/1 sorry now 11/1, 8.20 everlasting sea 12/1

  3. Josh

    ICE TRES 7/1 today. Was this not one of your TIPS a week or so ago?

    It might be worth following them up after you tip them and don’t win within a 14 or 30 day period and follow NTO.

    I believe another last 2 weeks ago went in following your tip.

    We might be missing something here.

    Hope you’re slowly getting over your bug. Sure it wasn’t a Guinness bug? A dodgy pint?

    Good health.!!


    1. Hi Mike,
      It may well have been!

      Yep, it’s the one area I need to improve on, simply following my tips from LTO that didn’t win, plenty of them go in on next 1-3 starts, it just gets lost in and amongst everything else i’m doing, but I need to up my game on that front. I’ve been saying that for months and still haven’t acted, in theory not hard to track them in HRB after i’ve tipped them, just about forming the habit! They are worth following generally, or at least keeping an eye on.

      They removed the headgear again (she seems to like a constant switch), maybe she was too keen LTO or prefers 16f max.

      The jonjo horse I tipped LTO runs in 8.30 South.


  4. Josh

    8.30 S Frozen Flame. LTO 6.20 Hunt – Frozen Flame – 1 point win – 16/1 (gen) UP, no excuse, bad blunder may have cost 4th, but not the win. Traveled into it well, next run maybe.
    I’ll have a nibble at 7s.


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