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1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers

2.Any ‘Notes’ (my subjective thoughts/’tips’)

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1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers



2.15 – Master Singer    (micro age) 14,30  14/1 UP


2.35 – Bedrock    (all Hc’s) H1  5/2 

4.55 – Kraka    (5yr 4yo+, all Hc’s) (hncp debut)   ES+ I1 12/1  S3A S6 UP


3.05 – Miss Inga Sock    (micro class move)   w2 14 H3  I3 6/1

4.50 – Kirkland Forever    (micro class move) 14 G3 11/2 3rd 

5.20 – Prost    (all Hc’s) 10/1 2nd 


2.40 –

Ebitda    (all Hc’s)   w2 H3 15/2 UP

Case Key    (micro distance) I3 25/1 UP

Fantasy Keeper    (micro distance) I3 10/1 

3.15 – Azam    (micro class)  w2 H3 I1 6/1 S2 S6 2nd 

4.25 –

Music Seeker    (all Hc’s) H1 I3 11/2 S2 UP

Michele Strogoff    (micro class) I3 15/2 2nd  

6.05 –

Shearian    (all Hc’s)   w1 H1 7/1 S6 UP

Monsieur Jimmy    (all Hc’s) H3 G3 I3 10/1 S4 S5 UP


5.45 –

Our Place In Loule    (micro going) H3 13/2 UP

Mr Enthusiastic      (micro going)    28/1 UP

6.45 –

Breakwater Bay    (4yo+, micro class)   20/1 UP

Fire Leopard    (micro age)   w2 12/1 UP

7.45 –

Kinloch Pride    (micro going)  w1 H3 I1 9/1 S2 S6 UP

Dundunah    (micro age) (wind op)  10/1 UP

8.45 – Pavers Pride    (micro going) 16/1 UP




2.00 –

Prime Venture    (HcH) H3 I3 12/1 S2 S5 UP

Florrie Boy    (micro class, age)   w1 w2 16/1 S2A UP

3.10 –

John Constable    (HcH) I1 11/1 S2 S5 UP

Silver Streak    (HcH, micro age) 8/1 WON 8/1 

5.25 – Ballyarthur    (micro class, age)   w1 w2 H1 3/1 UP


2.55 –

Civil Unrest    (all Hc’s) I1 9/1  S5 3rd 12/1 

Indian Voyage    (all Hc’s)   ES+ I3 10/1 S2 S3A S5  UP

Sleep In First    (all Hc’s) 9/2 2nd 

4.05 – Its Pandorama    (HcH) I3 11/1 S2 S5  2nd 

4.40 – Apache Pilot    (all Hc’s)   ES+ H3 13/2 S3A  WON 13/2>7/2


6.30 –

Christmas in April    (HcH) 6/1 WON 6/1

His Dream    (HcH, micro class) 18/1 S2A  UP

Burrows Lane    (micro runs) H3 12/1 S2 UP

7.30 –

Cultivator    (all Hc’s) 15/2 WON 12/1 

Demon D’Anou    (HcH) 8/1 UP

8.30 –

Just Rocky    (1st NHF) 11/2 UP

Tel’ Art    (1st NHF) 9/1 UP




H1/H3 = HorseRaceBase Top Rated or Top 3 Rated (at time of posting)

G1/G3 = Geegeez Gold Speed Ratings (Dr Peter May) Top Rated or Top 3 Rated

I1/I3 =  Inform Racing Speed Ratings – Top Rated or Top 3

14,30 = Geegeez Gold ‘trainer form’ indicators. 14 – 5+ runs last 14 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr. 30 – 10+ runs last 30 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr

ES – ‘Elite Squad’ qualifiers:  Flat : HER     Jumps 2017/18HERE>>>

ES + – Elite Squad ‘Plus’ +   (rationale/ angles in link above)

S1-S6 : S = ‘Strategy’ and refers to the ‘advised strategies’ in the link below. S1 = ‘Strategy 1’. Added on morning of racing along with the price. w1– won last start.   w2– won two starts ago (tracking as of 15th Feb 2018)

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2.Any ‘Notes’ (my subjective thoughts/’tips’)

Test/trial  : ‘NOTES’ ‘aka Tips’  (2017 Sept-Dec: 31/176, +110.75)(2018: 9/94,31p, +17.5)  (1 point win bets) (Festival Tips 2018: +101.5)

None today.

A welcome 25/1 winner for Flat S6 lifted the mood yesterday, hopefully that one can tick along as the season progresses. My trip to Dublin hasn’t been very enjoyable as yet, having been struck down with a bug or something Thursday evening, and I’ve yet to really leave the hotel room! Still, it could be worse I suppose.  Sadly I am in no fit state to have a look at some of the better races today.

GL with any bets today.


3.Micro System Test Zone

Jumps Angles 

Paddy Brennan (14/1<)

5.25 Hayd- Rocklander (m1/m3)


4.Any general messages/updates etc




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  1. Enjoying the Guiness on the old Emerald Isle, any thoughts on the Curragh card tomorrow appreciated. Cheers Tim

  2. Evening folks,
    nice 25/1 winner today. Love and wises just missed out on a place , WDW ran on to be third. I did have Souriyan but i don’t put horses up below 10/1! it was on my list so i will post all my selections. You can play them your way.
    Hay 2.00 whataknight, 2.35 ubar cool only if 8 run, 3.10 silver streak
    War 6.00 bendomingo, 8.00 that’s gonna sting, 8.30 kingofthecotswolds
    Nott 5.00 railport dolly, 5.35 jackpot royale
    Thr 7.54 fumbo jumbo
    Hex 4.05 its pandorama

    Good luck

      1. Good morning Chris,

        Mate i wish i did! Bit of a story really.
        I’ve always been into horse racing from a young boy….my Grandads fault. NH is my preference.I have done ok over the years but my ex wife enjoyed the profits more. Unfortunately i’m lazy when it comes to keeping records of winners. A discipline i should hone and take heed from the experts on here. I have often dreampt of setting up my own tipping service but like i say i have never proofed.

        I never used to have the time until recently to post and research just the odd occasion. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor in Feb this year, work finished me, so aside from hospital appointments i have much more time to do i what i enjoy.

        I use a similar approach to to the fantastic founder of this site. Unfortunately i don’t have a HRB account, not sure id get to grips with it. The MO of trainers is the main area i focus on. That is all i wish to divulge for now. So what i post are only the ones that qualify in respect of the trainers MO. I will leave you to DYOR in respect of any other criteria you wish to employ. Due to the area i focus on it will put out qualifiers from Josh’s stats approach. In the last 8 days those that have have done really well, along with a few of Nick’s tips.

        good luck today

  3. I keep hammering that crossbar that it probably needs a new paint job but I am sure it will come around soon enough:
    Prime Venture Haydock Saturday 14:00 1pt e/w Price taken 12/1
    Kynren Ascot Saturday 16:00 1pt e/w Price taken 12/1
    The Establishment Nottingham Saturday 14:05 1pt e/w Price taken 8/1
    Wolf Of Windlesham Haydock Saturday 14:00 1pt e/w Price taken 7/1
    Red Tornado Warwick Saturday 19:30 1pt e/w Price taken 8/1

    1. Given Kynren is out have had £5ew on Escobar in the Victoria Cup (so about 0.25pt ew-won’t he counting the result as part of the stats)

  4. My fancies for saturday

    Glencadam Glory 2:50 Ascot 7/1
    rocklander 5:25 Haydock 7/2
    Giuseppe Garibaldi 5:40 Curragh 5/1
    Cyrius Moriviere 7:30 Warwick 11/2

    Good luck everyone

  5. Morning Josh, hope you are enjoying your break. Going to be cheeky and give you a couple to chew over with my take on a few runners at the Curragh.
    2.45 Tammy Wynette
    3.20 Ardhoomey
    3.55 Tush, Bitofmagic, Nora Batt in no particular order.

    Have a great time and good luck today

  6. shouldn’t really bother after yesterday but Mirsaale drifting to 33’s got most of my money back, on the other hand Josh’s section 1 had a cracking day for me up 35 pts.
    ITV racing
    2-15. Exceeding Power 16-1 ew
    2-50 Barsanti 11-8 win
    3-25. Dynamic 3-1 win
    4-00. Ripp Orf 25-1 ew
    1-55. Lady Of Shalott 9-1 ew
    2-30. Thrave 8-1 ew
    3-40. looks a cracking race will probably dutch Lincoln Rocks 13-2 and Tajaanus 11-2
    3-10. Forth Bridge 14-1 ew, small ew on Lord Napier 33-1

    1. Thanks Stephen, slowly getting there I think. No idea what stuck me down. It could be worse, touch wood will be back to normal before my flight back on Sunday!

  7. Ive gone for Great Respect in the 2 year old race at Ascot (4.35). SBS is 2 from 2 at Ascot in May the last 2 years and has a 33% s/r with his 2 year olds in May in general – was a whopping 5 winners from 7 runners last year in May.

    1.30 Market Rasen – Ilewin Geez = u/p at 6/4
    2.05 Market Rasen – Pickamix = u/p at 4/5
    3.15 Market Rasen – Lex Talionis = u/p at 16/1
    3.15 Market Rasen – Our Kaempfer = u/p at 5/1
    3.45 Market Rasen – Bentons Lad = 2nd at 7/2

    Poor day indeed.

    2.20 Hexham – Stormy Milan
    3.10 Haydock – Forth Bridge
    4.05 Hexham – Full Shift
    4.05 Hexham – Quest For Life
    4.40 Hexham – Fly Home Harry
    4.40 Hexham – The Doorman
    5.25 Haydock – Midnight Shot
    6.30 Warwick – Apple Of Our Eye
    6.30 Warwick – Burrows Lane
    7.00 Warwick – Treackle Tart
    7.30 Warwick – Vivas

    2.15 Lingfield – Duchess Of Berry = u/p at 7/1
    2.15 Lingfield – Hameem = 2nd at 11/4
    6.35 Ascot – Returning Glory = u/p at 7/1
    6.35 Ascot – Stream Of Stars = WON at 3.90
    8.35 Ripon – Bowler Hat = u/p at 14/1

    1/5 for -1.20pts ==> 5/31 (16.13% SR) for a loss of 12.80pts at BFSP (-41.29% ROI) so far this season. Very disappointing. I’m having a bit of a torrid time on the stats front right now!


  10. As Josh isn’t well and taking the day off, here are some stats for the Victoria Cup that were posted on geegeez by Andy Newton…

    14/15 – Had run within the last 5 weeks
    12/15 – Had won over 7f before
    12/15 – Winning distance – 2 lengths or less
    12/15 – Aged 5 or younger
    12/15 – Had won no more than 3 times
    11/15 – Carried 8-10 or less
    9/15 – Unplaced favourites
    9/15 – Finished in the top 4 last time out
    8/15 – Came from the top 3 in the betting
    7/15 – Had run at Ascot before (4 winners)
    5/15 – Ran at Newmarket last time out
    4/15 – Winning favourites (1 joint)
    The last 5 winners came from a double-figure draw
    The average winning SP in the last 10 runnings is 14/1
    Note: The 2005 running was staged at Lingfield

    1. Traf69
      I have taken the first 6 trends on your list and come up with the following
      3 Silent Attack
      12 Keyser Soze.. Spencer at Ascot sprints a plus
      20 Via Serendipity


  11. Danny Tudhope has a 25% SR recently; he’s at Ascot and Thirsk:
    215 Humble Hero – Haggas
    325 Urban Fox- Haggas
    400 Firmament
    645 Stonific
    715 Conversant
    745 Dundunah
    815 Martineo – Haggas
    845 Clergyman – R Bastiman
    The other rides are for O’Meara.
    Presumably a plane is involved!
    Back win singles, increasing stakes by 10% after each loser. In the case of Firmament have the stake EW; if a complete loss add 20% to the Stonific bet.

    3.25 Queen Of Time
    4.00 Masham Star Mark Johnson’s kind of price and a great draw very well handicapped.
    5.10 Imagine If
    3.40 Lincoln Rocks
    4.40 Captain Mowbray
    4.40 Apache Pilot
    8.00 Goodnight Charlie

    1. Hi Colin, I don’t get to read through the blog as much as I’d like so may have missed something from you. I’m a member of the Colin Leafe fan club and see that you’ve started posting your bets here whereas you were posting your AW tips on the free post before. So could you tell me if you’ve changed your tip posting as a kind of new tip posting approach as in expanding from just AW, ditched the AW bets, or is it seasonal and will they just be on the members blog from now on?
      Many thanks for your great work Colin, both with horses and golf.

      1. Hi Chris
        From 1st May putting all bets from Flat,NH and AW on members board.
        On the free board i will only put up the AW bets.

  13. Tips _ Wolf Of Windlesham 6/1 x 2 points win. Ran well LTO after a long lay off and may step up to win this, or alternatively not train on? Also a late night race, 8.45 Thi Semana Santa, 9/2 1 pt each way. Looks well suited to race conditions and can go in at a decent price.

    Good luck.

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