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1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers

2.Any ‘Notes’ (my subjective thoughts/’tips’)

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1.All Qualifiers Against Stats Pack/Ratings Pointers



2.50 – Fashion Theory (4yo+, micro class) I3 11/2 UP

3.55 – 

Rasheeq (4yo+, m dist/class) H3 I3 7/1 UP

Computable (4yo+, + m dist/class)  16/1 3rd 

Discreet Hero (m going) (trainer change) w2  16/1 UP

Patrick (m age) G1 14/1  S6  UP

Elysian Flyer (m age) H3 I3 15/2 

War Whisper (m age) 16/1 UP

4.55 – Munthany (4yo+) 14/1 UP

5.25 – 

Vive La Difference (4yo+) H3 I1 G1 11/2 S1 S2 S4 2nd

Wonderfillo (m age) H3 4/1 UP



2.00 – Pride Of Angels (m class) w1 H3 9/2 UP

3.35 – 

Spirit Of Belle (all hncps) w1 H1 I3 3/1 S2 2nd 

Lord Clenaghcastle (m going) I3 6/1 UP

4.05 – 

Becca Campbell (all hncps 5 yrs,all) 14,30 ES+ I1 G3 14/1 S3A S2 S6 UP

Roy Rockett (all hncps) 13/2  2nd 

Iballisticvin (m class/going) H3 6/1 UP




Fakenham- None 


6.00 – 

Royale Django (all hncps + hncp c + m dist) 25/1 S2A UP

Gorsky Island (hncp c) 9/2 2nd 

8.00 – Dusky Raider (all hncps) w2 16/1  S2A UP

8.30 – Crackle Lyn Rosie (NHF) 20/1 S2A 2nd 



6.50 – 

Zero Grand (hncp h)  33/1 

Eddy (m1+m2) I3  18/1 S2A S5 UP

Max Forte (m1) I3 16/1 S2A S5  WON 16/1>4/1 (35p R4) 10/1, 5.47 BFSP

7.20 – 

Dark Mahler (hncp c) w2 I3 10/1 S2 S5 UP

Brendon Hill lad (hncp c + m1) I3 16/1 S2A S5 




H1/H3 = HorseRaceBase Top Rated or Top 3 Rated (at time of posting)

G1/G3 = Geegeez Gold Speed Ratings (Dr Peter May) Top Rated or Top 3 Rated

I1/I3 =  Inform Racing Speed Ratings – Top Rated or Top 3

14,30 = Geegeez Gold ‘trainer form’ indicators. 14 – 5+ runs last 14 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr. 30 – 10+ runs last 30 days, 20% win sr OR 51%+ place (inc wins) sr

ES – ‘Elite Squad’ qualifiers:  Flat : HER     Jumps 2017/18HERE>>>

ES + – Elite Squad ‘Plus’ +   (rationale/ angles in link above)

S1-S6 : S = ‘Strategy’ and refers to the ‘advised strategies’ in the link below. S1 = ‘Strategy 1’. Added on morning of racing along with the price. w1– won last start.   w2– won two starts ago (tracking as of 15th Feb 2018)

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‘Advised Jumps Strategies’: Jumps 2017/18 Read HERE>>>  (updated to end 22nd April 2018)

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2.Any ‘Notes’ (my subjective thoughts/’tips’)

Test/trial  : ‘NOTES’ ‘aka Tips’  (2017 Sept-Dec: 31/176, +110.75)(2018: 9/89,31p, +22.5)  (1 point win bets) (Festival Tips 2018: +101.5)


6.00 Lud – Royale Django – 1 point win – 25/1 (bet365/coral/BV) 22/1 (gen)

That will be all for tips…

A 25/1 poke here that could go any way really but at that price I couldn’t help myself… this horse is 2/7 over fences, but 0/5 in handicap chases. Only one of those has been on Good ground, a C2 off 127 over a trip too short, 21f. This horse looks best on a sound surface to my eyes and for me there are plenty of valid excuses for his lesser efforts. He ran well over hurdles in Sept/Oct and two starts ago at Muss, back over fences, he was running a decent race, staying on, before making an error. He would have hated the heavy LTO on all known evidence and wasn’t put into the race as he was never really going. The fact he returns within 24 days would indicate that it was nothing too serious, and likely ground related. He looks well handicapped to me now, Johns jumps back on, and these look ideal conditions. He gets a headgear switch also. It could be it happens too quick around here and he needs further/or a stiffer track, but at 25s I had to roll the dice. I hope they race him up there and can get him into a rhythm, as we’ll have some fun if they do, provided he jumps well also. He has the ability to win this to my eyes and it looks an open enough race- most in here have something to prove and one of them will bounce into life back on a decent surface. 

Elsewhere… I did stare at Max Forte for a time and on reflection I may have been to quick to dismiss that last run as him still being out of sorts- I think it was softer there than advertised but at 12s I think I thought that run, only 14 days ago, was just too poor, esp given he had run well on soft before. But any horse can be excused a bad run and if he repeated his runs from Feb/April 2017 he would go very close to winning this. I have had a nibble but couldn’t bring myself to put the full tipping point on. We shall see if I have got that right. Some money is coming for him, and I can see why. He may appreciate this stiffer track more also. 

The 3.55 Thirsk gave me a headache! And I still don’t know what to think about it. I’d like Patrick to win for Flat S6, I have a sneaky suspicion he may want 6f to be seen to his best, but he may blast out from low and try and make all and his Geegeez Speed figure is massive compared to the rest here- which makes me think it’s an anomaly but you can back all GG top rated over 5f races and do just fine I believe. I won’t fall off my seat if one of the others wins, or none of them! That looks a proper trappy 5f sprint handicap, one where I’ll prepare to see a horse go in, prob in Sec 1 above, unbacked! 


Yesterday’s tip ran a strange race… tanked through the first 4f or so and travelled like a horse who I thought would go very close.. he has either a) done too much too soon and shot his bolt- much like Johnstons at Goodwood who I think lost his race on the way down to the start as he was far too keen/using energy..maybe they had a horrid journey or something! – b) hasn’t put down on that ground when asked c) just had no turn of gear and need 8f minimum, if not further. Or a combination or 1 or all of those points. He will win races. The Loughnane horse I tipped at Beverly a few weeks back under SDS came out yesterday over the same CD and won at 25/1!! Gulp. I didn’t have a penny on and missed him- I keep saying I need to improve my tracking of tips, esp as many are on unexposed horses who will step forward at some point- but I appear to keep failing on that front. Must do better. I wouldn’t have tipped him given his last run was just too poor for me, but he clearly needed it- but if I’d have noticed him I would have mentioned him and had a 1/4 point on or something. I blame the sun and the lure of a beer garden! 


I have been a bit late with the write ups…remember weekdays (exc bank holidays) there is never any new content, in terms of horses/qualifiers/tips after 10am, and 11am at weekends. 


3.Micro System Test Zone

Jumps Angles

Paddy Brennan (14/1< guide)

7.20 Exet – Lip Service 3rd


Handicap Chase System Starting Points (10/1< best)

7.20 Exet – Admirals Secret NR


4.Any general messages/updates etc

Results: To follow

Chester: some ‘Festival Notes’ to follow.





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    2.05 Warwick – Lady Ingleby u/p
    2.05 Warwick – On Raglan Road u/p
    2.40 Warwick – Hargam WON at 5.17
    2.40 Warwick – Joueur Bresilien u/p
    2.55 Kempton – Always On The Ball u/p
    3.15 Warwick – Masterplan u/p
    4.05 Kempton – Fixed Rate 3rd at 10.00

    3.45 Fakenham – Some Kinda Lama
    4.45 Fakenham – Master Workman
    5.30 Ludlow – Djarkevi
    6.30 Ludlow – Nightfly
    7.30 Ludlow – Scented Lily

  2. Thank you Roddo for giving me another opportunity to reiterate my thoughts.

    I posted my opinion on SP2AC in the same light as one would on Amazon, not expecting a backlash by others who enjoy the service. Once again to confirm, I’m only posting my opinion on here as Josh gave them a recommendation and just to make those who hadn’t made a subscription aware that the validation of bets are not as straight forward as they or Josh would lead you to believe.
    The impression given of validation is its just a matter of looking up sporting index, looking up SP2AC and there you find figures showing profit/losses in neat compartments over the last two years. Sadly this isn’t the case and any attempt to track down the various selection conduits used over different periods would need CSI investigators. Non de plume contributors appear to come and go muddying the waters and now the added “mention” has been promoted from its lowly post script to join the elite. It will be interesting how long lowly “mentions” can have such lofty position before it joins others with sudden culling.
    I point this out more because I think these tipsters undermine fantastic work by sites like this. Josh does a wonderful job in organising everything on here giving not only lots of stats but a family feeling and absolutely no ambiguity. Without a doubt the best.

    An update on a real tipster( and he’s free) as you know he’s had a few winners over the last week. At available odds it was a 1 point profit. Personally I thought some of the tips were way off in terms of draw, going and even distance when viewed through the exceptional geegeez instant but who knows.
    Prices are still remaining close to best odds after publication but race after race shows its worth digging into the selected race as Hugh usually finds weak favourites etc for his selection. Colin asked about class and I dont have stats but prices are slow to drop as class goes up but probably wins are accordingly. As last post, its best looking into selections on geegeez, the loss in price is worth it mostly.
    Good luck Roddo !!!

    1. we are all entitled to our opinions so here’s mine, i wouldn’t subscribe to a service if i wasn’t making a net profit which i have with sp2a and that’s all i’m interested in making a profit. i use the information from Josh in my own way and it makes me money, i read other peoples post’s and look at their reasoning and if i think they are making sense i’ll back the selection and it makes me money, I’m a pretty seasoned punter and have my own rules re banks and staking which i stick to and it makes me money. so personally i don’t give a monkeys if it’s difficult to gleam certain information because i’m making money. As regards to Hugh Taylor if i could get the odds he quotes he might be worth following but i can’t so i don’t because i wouldn’t be making any money.

    2. Chubnut .Thanks for putting your thoughts on this excellent site run by Josh. As i have said before i am a thick lad from Yorkshire and its obvious you are much cleverer than me because i cannot grasp what you are saying about SP2A.
      I think what Lately said yesterday, Chris Murrell,Christopher Jones,Martin whittle and Martin Colwell said today just about sums up how i regard SP2a. The results over the past eight months speak for themselves. I know because i have steadily increased my stake as the profits have rolled in.
      I believe Ian at SP2a like Josh is the most transparent tipster i have come across. They send all tips to a site which monitors selections and Ian at SP2A is an absolute top man and replys to your e/mails within minutes of getting them. I have been a member of Geegeez since it started so i also know the value of that service and how their form layout etc is the best in the business.
      I will leave it at that. Thanks for wishing me good luck but its not luck you need its having the correct tools and i think with Josh,SP2A and geegeez i am in a decent position.

    3. RE SP2A, happy enough with their ‘mentions’ if they give me a 125/1 winner like Billesdon Brook. Biggest I ever had. Agree with others – they have been profitable for me over last six months, and that’s all that concerns me.

    4. Hi Chubnut,

      Your assessment of results validation was correct, as of 1st Feb, as per comment/links below, I believe it is no longer correct. Ian now records results for Daily Tips (as received by subscriber and what subscribers experience/judge their results on) and for Elite (as received by subscriber and what subscribers experience/judge their results on) (many subscribe to both, some to just one or the other, the special 3 month trials we do inc access to both) separately.

      Before he started doing that I agree, there was no way to actually judge the service on what the customer received and it was confusing. Hopefully this new approach, for the main tips, will see an end to that confusion. I trusted the results he presented to me, then the results that I experienced myself in trial 1, and also the feedback from members. I’m sorry you appear to have not enjoyed whatever time you spent on a trial as you are in a minority on that front- well, a big one I suppose, as 30% of folk across the two trials didn’t stay, which just shows you it wasn’t for everyone, which is fair enough- that’s the point of an extended trial! 🙂

  3. Voodoo Doll Ludlow Tuesday 20:00 1pt e/w Price taken 12/14-1 3/4 places split stake (available with one bookie at 20/1)
    Max Forte Exeter Tuesday 18:50 1pt e/w-Price taken 1/16-1 3/4 split stakes

      1. What was the rule 4 re Max Forte? I backed it at 16/1 but saw there were 5 non runners!

    1. Blimey I don’t Adam and Eve it! First winner over jumps since the 15th of April. 35-40p rule 4 but still would have beat starting price and didn’t Bryony do that well!

  4. Not all tipsters have the same goal. Some do go for genuine profit and you likely have to pay for it. You would expect that the more you pay the more you would expect to win logically. But the person who determines this is the punter and how much he stakes?
    SP2A usually goes for each way selections at a medium cost level to the subscriber. However with each way selections you would expect to make a steady but not spectacular profit over time, which based upon my figures the tips they give do.
    However with Hugh Taylor,you have someone who works for a TV channel and for free to a wider audience. Hugh pumps out the tips and the channel he works for use the prices quoted that you cannot get when he wins. 2017 was not great for his tips despite what his channel say, but 2016 and 2015 went OK for a free tipster. But who would bet big on a free tipster? The answer is someone who tracks his tips at a price you can get on at and then records a profit or loss over a period of time and has a staking plan.

    What you have to understand re tipsters is that you need to keep your own records of profit or loss based on achievable price you can get on at. Then make a judgement as to whether you want to follow them and pay for the privilege if necessary. You can only do this by giving them a trial.

  5. I Agree With Both Martin and Chubnut.
    As A Fully Paid up Member of SP2a a Couple of Years Back
    And on a recent Trial.
    Found the Site Confusing
    Far too Many Mentions .
    Changes in Tipsters Who were So called Experts in there Fields , and too Many selections for Me.
    Can’t Get my Head around Variable Staking
    Quarter Points Don’t quite see How Anyone can Work like That.
    Profit and loss Not easily found
    and Certainly at the Time was Never made Clear Just how many Selection there would be.
    Point to Win . Point EW. is Straightforward enough for me.
    Don’t want to be Doing More than 2 In a Race Either Which is certainly not made Clear enough.
    Although I accept this is how some Folks like to Bet.
    Spa2 Not for Me . But not Knocking those it Suits.
    Believe Ian is Honest And Straightforward But a Bit more Clarity on What you are Going to recieve and The Staking Would Not Go Amiss in the Advertising


  6. The rollover of tipsters could make it hard for newbies to get their head around. I would also say if it wasn’t for Josh’s recommendation, I wouldn’t have joined if I had happened to land on the website as results aren’t easy enough to make sense of.

    However, the truth is that this is a service that is striving to get better and better. The rollover of tipsters is just because even better ones have been sourced! I am probably about 200 points up since I joined last October and that is using a heavily restricted betfair and willhill account (requiring late am betting) and a sunbets account account, so should be achievable for the vast majority on here.

    I used to be a member of the secret betting club who are an independent third party who review tipsters. From that, I have followed a fair few tipsters including ones that have won their best tipster awards but none have made me profit than SP2A. In fact not being reviewed by SBC is a major positive for them in my opinion because as soon as tipsters are promoted on there, odds crashes happen consistently. (Arbers on betfair ruining for the majority).

    Odds availability can still be a bit of an issue with SP2A, however tbf they have a real knack of finding horses who may not be at all obvious to even the most seasoned of formbook reader and so some of their profits will always live on regardless of membership size.

  7. No Argument with any of the above Comments. I Accept Most people on the Blog have Found SP2A . To be useful in their Portfolio. Suppose Size of Betting Bank and Stakes Is an Issue. Take on Board Some Get Better Prices Than Other and 200 Points Profit not to be ignored
    But is there any Problem advertising Perhaps on a Monthly Basis
    Number of Selections
    Losing Runs . Winning Runs
    Points Laid Out
    Return To SP.

    I Can’t see why Not, Josh Does it
    And You pretty much know where you Stand ‘re Losing Runs. Josh makes no bones about Stating there Could be losing of 25/30 or More and that’s very useful infomation to Have.


    1. These are my thoughts too. I have looked at their website many times before and dismissed it time and time again because it just cried to me as being another tipping site.

      If they just gave a monthly breakdown of how much profit their tips have made or itemised results so I can work it out for myself then that would have made all the difference.

      I am only considering them now because of Josh’ recommendation but that wouldn’t be needed if they were able to let their results speak for themselves

  8. I subscribed to SP2A because of personal recommendation (it wasn’t Josh). They have made me lots of money, so a big thank you to Ian and the team.

    Looking at it selfishly, I don’t want any more subscribers to the service because they might affect my odds. But I realise that without income they won’t continue so am happy to promote them.

    I understand that many of you doubters want to conduct due diligence, but if the recommendations of Josh and some of the seasoned bettors on here aren’t enough for you, then perhaps you wouldn’t like the service anyway. It’s not a service for nitpickers, it’s a service for people who like backing winners.

  9. I have been betting on horses for 16yrs and believe me I have joined many a tipping service including the famous ISIRIS and they have all lost me money while costing hundreds in subscriptions,the services run by Josh and Ian are head and shoulders above anything that I have used before

    1. How can the likes of ISIRIS continue to publish outrageous profit claims when people I have spoken to and the likes of yourself who has posted dispute this. It seems they are closing the service at the end of the year!!

      I agree with other posters, keep your own records and staking plan then its full proof. You either stay with a service or leave


      1. That old chestnut from ISRIS closing down again!!! this happens every so often with them and must be a form of marketing ploy,go quite for 12 months then start advertising again to bring in the mugs.
        Spoke to them many years ago and they said they had won £20000 in12 months to a level £100,
        they then said the stake is 5 points per bet,so said to them you have really won £4000 at level stakes,they would not have it, for me i would doubt they even make a profit and at that time they wanted just under £2000 for a years membership.
        Have mentioned on here before about regulations not existing,Racing Post want the advertising revenue,so they are about as useful as a chocolate fire guard.

        1. It’s interesting to contrast the reputations of SP2A and Isiris, particularly to cynical eyes like mine; one seems flagrant, over many years, in its deceit whilst SP2 has endeavoured to be totally transparent, and achieved that, to my satisfaction.
          I’d never heard of them until Josh’s special offer last year but am pleased to have found a service of integrity for once.
          There is still room to be critical, of course, because we have different perspectives, and it is our responsibility as individuals to look after our own interests by monitoring our own, unique, results from day 1.
          I think the staking is a still a mess because it leads to bets being under-staked as Billesdon and TP Win (amongst others) showed last weekend, because ‘value’ (an elusive concept, I know) was not exploited, and the value was in the place element, and the quarter point bet EW doesn’t take that into account.
          My other comment is that for the expertise at their disposal they offer too few bets!
          I trust Ian, and others, don’t feel undermined by what I say, as I am an annual member which demonstrates the worth I discovered with him and his colleagues, but recognise that I, and others like me, will always be trying to enhance the return we get from our subscriptions. Thank you, Josh, for bringing us together.

          1. Yep, Ian, like me I’d like to think, can take on board well intentioned, polite, constructive criticism… and I’d agree with most of what you have said there, esp on staking…the starting point is that tips to advised to SP/BFSP over time it is still very good, and the results below would indicate how much better BFSP is to SP, even after comms. I think they have improved on that front, with main tips generally being 1/2 point EW now, and mentions at set 1/4 point EW- staking/and knowing when to elevate a horse from mention say, to tip, is so so hard, and subjective. Hence why I am pro level stakes. They get the hard bit right! I have confidence in their approach to identifying the horse/tip in the first place and have long since just gone to level stakes, X to win on all main tips, and now I throw £5s to win at the mentions- a couple months back I would not have backed 1000 G winner, as it would have been mentioned in the write up…but I was in a rush Sunday, looked at the horses listed, backed them and didn’t read write ups. So, them elevating a ‘danger’ horse say, to what is now a positive/prominent ‘mention’ with a 1/4 point is a positive progression. In time we will see the results and go from there- I suspect I may just end up level staking the lot! X to win, on ‘tips’ + ‘mentions’ but even if you don’t back the mentions, the tips have been bloody good since Oct, and through 2018, across the board inc Elite. I see that willingness to think/ponder/improve as a positive, not a negative, esp in the context that their ‘core’ is so good and can be trusted. And as you say we have it in our power to differentiate from advised stakes if we wish, but that is up to the individual and they should be judged on the advised.
            I think they have the number of tips right but that is always a tricky balance also, and you can’t keep changing approach- Ian’s approach on that front has worked well for so long.

  10. Some from me today.

    14:50 Thirsk – Palenville (12/1 gen) 1pt EW

    15:20 Thirsk – Blazing Saddles (3/1 gen) 1pt WIN
    Bartholemu Dias (4/1 gen) 1pt WIN

    17:25 Thirsk – Edgar Allan Poe (14/1 gen) 1pt EW

    15:45 Fakenham – Some Kinda Lama (14/1 gen Betfred 4p) 1pt EW

    20:20 Exeter – Shiroccan Roll (16/1 gen) 0.5pt EW

  11. Good morning all, just thought I’d share some of my thoughts today. Recording your own results is a must. I keep records of everything I use, tipsters(Sp2a and a couple of others), Josh’s site and my own systems. I really don’t care what Results are published by the services I use, as long as my records show a record of profit from prices I have taken. Also I always use my own staking plan That I have become comfortable with, I don’t listen to what tipsters/others say about what they think you should stake, it’s your money so it’s up to you. Bottom line if you don’t keep your own records your profits with suffer.

    1. I said this above. Log your own results for tipsters at prices you can get on at or BOG. It paints a clear picture and everyone will find it beneficial.

    1. Thank you for continuing to post Colin. I have faith in your methods – I’m sure things will turn for you soon.

      1. Thanks Francis for your kind words.not the start i wanted for everyone and this losing run as happened before and no doubt will again,if you have a bank it will turn around.
        There as been some close finishes in this run which you would expect one to go in our favor,on Sunday the only bet was 1.2 in running on Betfair and lost to a very well handicapped horse and our horse finished in front of the 3rd by 4 plus lengths.

        1. I feel a turnaround in your fortunes coming along soon Colin. Everyone goes through a lull (as I well know) but have faith in your method. At least that’s what you told me lol 🙂

    2. Hello Colin,
      I’ve been following you since 28/02/18, at £5 level stakes and despite the current losing run mounting, I am still in profit and will continue to back your selections with confidence.
      Thanks for posting them.


      1. Good to hear Yarker and thanks for your support you all knew a losing run would turn up i have mentioned it enough times and it always hurts me at the time.

  12. Just a quickie Josh, I am off to Chester on Thursday as I think another member is (?). Any thoughts for some trackside wagers would be hugely appreciated!

    1. Highly likely Doug, I’m back in Liverpool this evening, whole day in ‘the office’ Wednesday so I’ll give Day 2 a good go,(and a good look for Day 1) then off to Dublin on Thursday, where Guinness may occupy the mind more come Day 3 haha. I’ll see what I can do! Prob time for another video, and we have draw/pace to interest us also.

  13. I thought I would wade in on the SP2A debate. I would add to what has been said that anyone seriously doing this needs to keep their own results. Stops you worrying about trying to figure out results they put up which sort of solves the main problem (although if anything like Chris said I am glad it keeps some away from a personal point of view of the prices lasting). Personally they went past the £4k profit barrier this weekend since October (and I have made a profit every month) so I really cannot complain. Likewise I have my own system as to staking based on their confidence in tips/mention although I must admit the chopping and changing on the points has been a little frustrating and I have told Ian this although that seems to have been largely sorted and fingers crossed it stays that way. With regards to the number of selections per race I think its more down to their mentality of making an overall profit on a race which I guess its different from other’s philosophy but it seems to work for them so I cannot see that as an issue. They are ultra conservative (hope I don’t offend anyone given its very much a joke but Ian strikes me as so conservative he only changes his underwear one a week!) given they often advise e/w on 4/1-5/1 shots and that’s when I will go win only instead of what has been advised. The fact that unlike most services they tip in the morning the prices last far longer than most of the other services they use (not to mention I have more bookies to use in the morning).

  14. Have I missed some argument somewhere?.
    Is there any tipster in the land that tipped the 1-2 in both guineas last weekend. Not to mention the national as well.
    It is absolutely outstanding tipping to my my eyes.

    1. Hi Ian
      This is not good enough you should have had the tricast.
      On a serious note i am unable to put my thoughts on these pages but take it all with a pinch of salt,i know it hurts when you are totally honest and your integrity is without doubt.

  15. I suspect most people following RTP are, or want be, successful and treat betting like a business. If you’re a small business and rely on ROI or someone else’s figures to determine the way forward you can kiss goodbye to that business.

  16. SP2A…

    Right. Bear with me…

    1. RESULTS…

    Like a few on here I was miffed by the lack of proofing on Racing Index which did not relate to the daily emails/tips… the first thing to say on that front, is that the tone in some places on this page that there is some sort of smoke and mirrors as to the results, or things deliberately being unclear/misleading, is bollocks. End of.
    (please note the use of the word deliberately!)

    Ian, in part due to his background in financial services audit I think, does at times make things rather too complex/confusing, and we’ve had many a laugh about that- thankfully we have a good relationship where I can be rather blunt – as I do like simplicity where possible – (new members on here may be smiling now at the irony there…but I promise Section 1 does make sense eventually!!! :)…read the welcome note/watch the videos please! ) The important point is that this isn’t a deliberate ploy, rather just an approach that in my mind could be improved… clearly it’s in is business interests for everything to be as clear as possible, inc results on his website (which clearly could do a better job on conversion)

    Those commenting as to the recording of results/confusion WERE correct.

    Now, they are just wrong.

    Back in January I suggested to Ian that it may be wise if, as well as proofing his individual tipsters, he proofed the DAILY TIPS and The ELITE TIPS separately, and as received by the customer (inc me).

    This now happens. On Racing Index, if you care to look, you can find the Daily Tips and the Elite Tips, recorded to 1.00 win and place, to SP/BFSP, and advised stakes, which is based on a £10 stake, 5.00 win and 5.00 place generally, as majority are 1/2 a point EW advised, with odd 1 point win, odd 1/4 point EW.

    Fell free to dive in…



    You can click on ‘bets’ in blue next to each month to see every horse etc etc. You can see to nominal 1 point win and 1/2 point EW etc. These are to SP/BFSP and those with access to bookie account still, will have done much much better.

    As mentioned a few times, whatever service you join, or whatever approach you take, you should always record your own results, even if just a simple P/L.

    Ian started recording in that way as of Feb 1st 2018. By all means you can now sit back for the next few months/years and make judgment in time. Those results are there to be challenged by members if needs be and Ian will happily discuss. He has nothing to hide- obviously- because he proofs to Racing Index off his own bat!! (and to SP!)

    When you are a business owner etc, it can be hard to put yourself into eyes of the subscriber, as you do view things differently. That’s why I’m always keen for feedback on what I do here.

    There is no doubt the results recording for SP2A could have been clearer, and he took on my advice, and I’d like to think that is now the case, as per the links above.

    (I say that knowing my results recording could be better/far more detailed also, and I am reaching the point where this one man band probably needs to get some help on that front)

    So, whereas some of the criticism in terms of results WAS valid, and I agreed with it, that is no longer the case.(although there is always room for improvement)

    In 2018 so far, Daily + Elite, they are +82 to BFSP, after commission I think, to 1.00 win and 1.00 place…or £820 odd to £10 win and £10 place, £20 per point. And that is to BFSP.

    (the first trial Oct-Dec, at 1 point EW to advised prices, made +330 odd points)

    These results also do not include the 1/4 point ‘Mention’ horses. The service should be judged on those official tips as recorded per Racing Index. I will speak to Ian as it would now be wise to record mentions somewhere also, and to publish those results monthly so that we, the customer, can make informed choices. But I was happy enough with the £5 I threw at the 1000 G winner at 100/1 🙂

    2. Their Approach…

    it really is quite simple… Ian sends out an email each day with tips… a handful of horses, 1-3 on average, with a staking amount next to them, mainly 1/2 point EW now, sometimes 1 point win, sometimes 1/4, but 1/2 EW is the standard… you back said horse! That is all we have to worry about. That is what you and I judge our results on.

    There are also now the ‘mentions’ which were borne out of Ian and his team’s in depth approach to tipping/analysis which naturally leads to there being ‘danger’ horses- you will see that when I write up a tip above I will mention the odd horse that I fear etc. That is a positive as it shows a depth of thought.

    Ian wants his service to be the best it can be, as should any conscientious person in our business, and in life generally, so instead of those ‘danger’ horse just being buried within their EXCELLENT write ups/logic, they now decide which ones to pull out and ‘mention’ more strongly- and they have now started adding 1/4 point staking advice… the alternative is for them to NOT list/mention these horses at all… I think all of us who were on the 1000 G winner are rather glad that they have taken this new approach- which is just an enhancement on what they were doing already. But it is much clearer for the customer now. Many will just now back all ‘tips’ and ‘mentions’ that are posted in the tipping box/stated clearly, at the top of each email etc.

    This confusion over the team of tipsters XYZ, is actually THE positive and the USP… it isn’t for us to worry about…we get an email, listing horses (‘tips’, ‘mentions’) to back how we please, following their staking advice or thinking about it ourselves with the info available. They have done so well over a long period, nearly 7 years, to SP!, because of this approach. Ian is very methodical with how he recruits people to the team, tags them in and out etc. He spent a year+ mentoring a guy and analysing results, to promote him to being the main Elite service tipster- and he has had a brilliant few weeks since stepping into the plate… this unique approach is what makes SP2A such a fascinating tipping service, different from any other out there, and why, OVER TIME, they have been so consistent, to starting price!! It is why they are so good, not a negative! This isn’t a daily change, there is a core he relies on that tip to him/us exclusively, and it’s his job to analyse over and over to make sure the tips collectively, as received by us, as the best they can be. I think having experts on the Flat, AW, Jumps, Big/high class races, AW, etc is a positive, not a negative!

    3. My approach to recommendations…

    SP2A I think are the 6th ‘tipping’ service that I have advised readers to try/take a look at, in 4 years. My approach is to find you a low risk opportunity whereby you DO NOT have to take my word for how good they are, but so that you can see for yourself!!! -My first aim is always to get to a point whereby I trust said service owner. Your trial includes your opportunity to record your own results/prices, paper trading if needs be, and making a decision based on YOUR experience. (such thinking is why my own members club has a 7 week trial period for £7, for example)

    That is why we did the offer… 3 months at 50% off, and a money back guarantee over that period if they lost money to advised stakes to SP in that time. That is your guarantee, and you get 3 months to see if their approach is for you. My job hasn’t necessarily been to say ‘definitely sign up long term and spend X amount on subs etc’ but rather to take the 3 month trial, and in that time come to your own conclusions. It may not be for you, but my job is to put that power in your hands for low risk, and with people that I trust.

    The large majority of people who have joined either the October trial or the one in Jan, have stayed – clearly a minority may not have enjoyed the approach, which is fair enough. But I know the numbers I’m seeing and the % conversion , which indicates to me that the majority have been delighted, and hence that gives me the confidence to keep recommending them. That view is backed up by the comments above, which from a small sample, would indicate that the majority are content. I also back all the tips myself, having started with £5 bets and moving up.

    Right, I think that’s all I need to say on that front.

    Please separate any criticism of content/approach/experience/things that could be better, – from the well meaning intentions behind said service. I do not appreciate the tone in some places of integrity being questioned and an idea that Ian or myself want to trick people into signing up to something. If you’ve spent any time on this blog or in my virtual company and think that is in my nature/my aim, you can unsubscribe and leave 🙂 Without doubt there are elements that could have been better, (and could be still) as there always is, but that is very different from being deliberately misleading.


    1. I can verify SP2A’s performance by points won and it is good and steady. I have no reason to support them or Josh as I pay for both services. Both services are straight forward and have good returns. I track loads of tipsters (mostly for free) and alike and most are honest enough and the worse they do is say you can get on at a price when you cannot. Most lose and some win and that is how it is.
      If you are not keen on any service then you should leave it.

    Just an example in the 2.00 Brighton Foxtrot Knight why could not back price alone.
    It as dead heated first once on GD/FM ground last time out won on soft/heavy,won easily.
    Ruth Carr as sent it along way south but for me the ground is my concern and i would certainly not want to back it at evens,could well win but not for me.

  18. Yes Well Put Josh.
    I Had looked at all Points of View and implied No Criticism not was I NitPicking. You Pays your Money and Takes Your Chance.
    As I said I Subscribed to SPa2 long Before it was ever Mentioned on Your Blog.
    Then took up the Trial that was offered Via RTP.
    Having Paid up Feel I’m Entitled To make the Comments
    That its Not For Me.
    I’ve Been around Racing for and Tipsters for Over 55 Years Read all the Ads In Handicap Book.
    Subcribed to Most of Them .
    Unfortunately .
    Since it’s had A Mention Isiris.
    Worse of The Lot.
    Probably the Most Blatant advertising Though was Done By the CREAM. Every week Top of Advert Would be a Headline
    Ie BOOTLACES won 50/1 it Did indeed But They Didn’t Tip it.
    Have Things Changed in Tipster Ads . Don’t Think So.
    To Make it Clear I was Not Being Critical of Ian . He is one of the Few Good One out there
    Top With Customer Service .

  19. Phew, let’s get the normality back! Not adverse to a disagreement. All I’d say is ‘ ya pay’s ya way un yo live with it ‘!
    Apart from Josh’s and Nick’s tip in RD and MF I’d like to add four more!
    Kings lad
    Rose to fame
    Sevsoevsky…… Not sure how heavily this one’s been backed due to non runners.

  20. I cannot understand the continuing debate about Ian’s SP2A…..It’s a no brainer.

    I don’t need to keep bank set aside for his service…its well ahead….so thank you Ian…..keep on making it difficult to read the selections name….Then the added complication of stake suggestion, with clear explanation why the choice. Phew!!…it’s so difficult, i must keep my powers of concentration honed to follow your service and accrue all benefits….Cheers mate.

    Tony Mc

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