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  • Hi folks, sorry but no time to list meetings so you’ll have to use the a-z. Nice 66/1 winner and warm oasis just done on the line. No order :-
    economic crisis/ bronze beau
    munfallet/ imagine if
    wolf country/ celestial sphere
    billesdon bess
    less of that
    reinforced/ mustaqbal

    good luck

    jarrodholmes68 06/05/18 11:41 AM Reply

  • I’m at Newmarket to look at the 2yos. All but Oloroso equal top rated. Often happens at HQ.

    alpha2 06/05/18 1:09 PM Reply

  • Note this was posted last night in yesterday’s free post but I thought I’d post again in today’s, top 3 ratings have already found a 50/1 winner in the 1:50. Let’s see if it can do the same in the 3:35

    Maybe somebody can copy and paste it there.

    Both races are on the Sunday the 6th using my trends with pace and draw bias applied. Below are the top 5 rated in each race.

    Top 5 Rated 1:50 Newmarket:
    Wolf Country -> 227.36
    Sofias Rock -> 175.47
    Grey Britain -> 159.53
    Alqamar -> 116.47
    Duke of Bronte -> 66.51
    Of them I fancy Wolf Country(8/1 gen)/Alqamar(20/1 gen)/Duke of Bronte(13/2 gen).

    Top 5 Rated 3:35 Newmarket:
    Happily -> 90.97
    Vitamin -> 86.60
    Wild Illusion -> 79.52
    Dan’s Dream -> 73.55
    Soliloquy -> 68.29
    Of that lot I fancy Wild Illusion(10/1 gen)/Dan’s Dream(16/1 gen)/Soliloquy(13/2 gen). I like the look of Happily(9/4 gen) but at the odds I am willing to let her run with no bet, no nightmares if she wins.

    All odds are from the night before so you may find better odds in morning

    Chris M 06/05/18 2:29 PM Reply

  • Woahhh! that 66/1 shot should take the pressure off with the footy Ian…..Great shout. Great day for SP2A. Well done Ian and boys.

    Tony Mc.

    tonymc 06/05/18 3:57 PM Reply

    • Go along with that. Even better it paid 161/1 on Betfair SP plus 14.7/1 the place. Ive had worse days! Thanks to the ‘ Elite Service ‘ Also had the second ew. Working in garden so recording racing to watch later. Looking forward to a most enjoyable evening…..Thanks guys

      Allan 06/05/18 4:28 PM Reply

      • Talked myself out of the combination forecast when I saw it had drifted to 150-1 so only did it with the main three…hard lesson learnt! Elite service is on fire, annual subscription (easily) paid for on one horse!

        Darren C 06/05/18 4:41 PM Reply

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