Free Daily Post: 10/03/18 (complete)

Imperial Cup pointers, + micros


None. I haven’t got time to go through anything and do any races justice, tipping wise. 



Trainer/Jockey Combo – Live Test 

5.05 Ayr – Cloudy Too (12/1<) 

1.40 Here – Pheobus Lescribaa

4.45 Sand – Stoical Patient (14/1<) 

Tom George Chasers

3.25 Here – Bigpipenotobacee 

Kerry Lee Chasers (121<) 

3.25 Here – King Kayf 

4.35 Here – Grey Gold 



As it’s quiet, a bonus from today’s members post.. I try and post any big race handicap hurdle stats/trends/shortlist up on a Saturday for members’ to use/ignore as they please… the horses mentioned in the shortlists etc are just against the stats and as such make no account of whether the horse will handle conditions etc! I’ll leave that to you to have a flick through 🙂 


Saturday Big Race Stats/Trends/Pointers

Imperial Cup 

10/195 runners, 37 places 

10/10, OR 124-135 (0/60,12p outside this) 

10/10 carried 11-2 or less (exc claims) (11-3+, 0/45,8p) 

10/10 yet to win above C2 (had won Listed+, 0/33,6p) 

10/10, 2-5 runs this jumps season (0/57,7p outside this) 

10/10, 1-2 hurdle wins (10/113,24p,  0/82,13p outside this) 

9/10 3-8 hurdle runs (9/102,25p,  9 or more.. 1/85,10p) 

9/10, 2-4 places in hurdles (inc wins) (1/93,15p outside this) 

9/10 ran 16-45 days ago (2-15 days… 0/32,4p) 

8/10 had 0-2 runs in handicap hurdles (8/82,20p) 

7/10 had 0-6 runs in handicaps (7/91,21p) 

Trainers: Pipe (2 wins) 1 win… many… losing trainers of note.. A King (0/8,0p) G Moore (0/12,3p) , P Nicholls (0/9,2p)



A strict interpretation of the 10/10 stats (always a bit cautious with OR/Weight trends but..) leaves 6…

Friday Night Light / Le Patriote / Huntsman Son / Highway One O One / Fidux / Gassin Golf 

Using the other stats doesn’t help too much…not in the sense that when applied to the shortlist above the numbers are not significant enough to use any of them…. applying the first two 9/9 stats leaves just one… Highway One O One

Just applying the 3-8 hurdle runs stats leaves four… Friday Night Light / Le Patriote / Huntsman Son / Highway One O One 

Do with that info as you please 🙂 




My own Festival package is now LIVE, and you can find out more HERE>>>

For those non-members you can gain full access to the Members’ Club through to 25th March, including all of Festival week. 

My main stats reports for the Festival are now complete with unique stats/trends/profiles for 10 handicaps + three bonus races. There are 5 micro angles, stats on trainers, jockeys and the two leading owners in NH racing. 

During the week I will provide my own Tips for the 10 handicaps + 3 bonus races, including stats/trends shortlists for each race. This week will also include exclusive tips for the Midlands National. 

Last year during the Festival week my tips did fairly well…

32 bets / 5 wins / 14 p (inc wins) +62 points / +£620 to £10 bets 

Winners: Tiger Roll 16s /Tully East 12s /Presenting Percy 11s/Champagne Classic 25s / Chase The Spud 22s

I’d take a repeat of those stats although it may be hard to repeat such a high – it won’t be for the want of trying though. 

You’re free to follow my tips or ignore them and use the information in any way you please. There is always plenty of chat in the comments also.



REMINDERthat from Monday there will be no free posts for Festival week. Free posts will return a week on Monday. 



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  1. Half decent start to March,

    S 3.00 – Belle Amis @ 16e/w
    No idea why this is the outsider and we are talking Fergal here. Surely can’t just be that Paddy’s not up can it?. Anyway my 2 pts are on.

    GP 1.55 – Kerosin @20e/w
    Had a crap run LTO and I’m giving it benefit of doubt that track was too tight. Got hampered a fair bit and this should be a bit more open.

  2. Josh I hope you don’t mind a brief customer service announcement to relevant Racing To Profit Readers; who take our SP2A Service.

    I’ve been aware of a few instances this week where mails sent to @btinternet/@btconnect suffixes have not arrived. The majority have which makes it impossible to fathom. I suspect there is either a rogue BT server somewhere or some kind of “spam” bot at play. We have had no bounce-backs. BT use Yahoo platform and no issues reported there.

    IF you receive our tips and are BT and are affected, my apologies but sadly nothing I can do our end. Please use Members Paddock or alternatively mail us an alternative (non BT/Yahoo address – please not AOL) and we will add that to your records.

    If you are BT internet and not getting mails please add us as safe sender and check spam and spam filters and complain to BT that they are denying you service you have paid for.



  3. AW BETS
    2.05 Pactolus
    2.05 Constantino
    3.50 Rastacap
    5.45 Outlaw Torn
    5.45 Malaysian Boleh
    6.15 Mr Potter
    6.45 Desert Fox
    7.45 Soldier In Action

  4. Imperial cup

    20/21 male
    19/21 4-7y old
    20/21 no headgear
    21/21 no tongue tie
    21/21 117-138 (0/33 139+)
    20/21 top 3 finish on last 3 runs
    1721 jockey ridden horse before
    18/21 win right handed
    20/21 GB/IR/FR bred (1/47 others)
    20/21 same or moved up in class from LTO

    Huntsman son EW 14/1 Skybet 5 places.
    Silver streak
    Highway one o one

    Huntsman son finished second LTO with Le Patriote five and three quarter lengths behind and should confirm the placing on today’s terms.Le Patriote had since gone onto win a class 2 at Ascot.

    4.45 Sandown

    Main trends
    8/10 GB/Irish bred (USA 1/2)
    9/10 no tongue tie
    9/10 7-10y old
    10/10 116-130
    8/10 top 2 finish in last 3 runs
    10/10 same or drop in class from LTO
    9/10 Ran at least 2m6f+
    9/10 3+ career wins
    9/10 won right handed

    Movie legendl
    Morning Reggie EW Skybet

    Morning Reggie had won this race for the past 2 years.


    N Henderson/first hcap start/Sandown/ridden by Daryl Jacob 4/4

    150 Sandown Indian hawk

    looked at the Ultima and may have found a good one at 33s.
    Iv done 16 trends (passed 15) and 6 key trends (passed all) whereas the top 3 in the market have failed on enough to put me off backing them (Gold present failed 4.Coo star 4.singlefarm 5) snow falcon looks good tho and had also passed all but Eamon an Croic coming from the Pipe stable who has won this race for the last 2 years stands out at the price.
    Also Eamon An Cnoic in line for £60k bonus for winning at Plumpton if successful at festival. Interesting runner.

  5. been meaning 2 write 2 u 4 a long time(giving u the benifit)not ad 1 winner from u(gave me some winners but 2 late 2 put them on)(do work aint got these fancy phones)and these tippers u say follow wat a load of s==== won of them said im a flat boy so y did u say the proofs in the pudding(pay the pound)all e ad was 2 places out of 15 tips,apart from all that ur micros aint 2 bad worth folling

    1. Hi Thomas, thanks for your comment, sorry you have not enjoyed reading/engaging in the free blog posts.

      I’ll start with the free posts…

      -the Free tips have been doing fine. They are -3 points for 2018 so far but I take a 12 month view with those, and in the last two full years they have done just fine, +75 points or so in each of those years. I don’t tip that often in truth and I rarely tip the evening before, so if it is a case you can’t follow them in the morning or get on at lunchtime etc, then maybe best don’t follow at all- that is if you are not happy to dip in and out. If you do dip in and out then obviously you may miss the odd winner.

      -the micro systems..well the trainer jockey combos are a ‘live test’ as is hopefully obvious from what is written above such qualifiers as above. I do need to update the results for those in truth, some very good, some bad, some rubbish. The Kerry Lee angle is fine, but I need to go through the likes of Tom George etc. As with anything like that, especially systems, you are always best paper trading for a time to see how it goes. I have one member in the members club who has been paper trading various approaches, using the blog content etc, for at least 2 months. There are no quick wins in this game.

      if you want winners, and you are winners driven, you probably won’t like my approach. I am profit driven, and don’t care for number of winners really. I am confident, especially with my free tips, that over time I will make decent profits.

      ‘these tipsters’… I don’t advise trying many tipsters and those that i do have done OK, and when they don’t do ok, I try and ensure the risk to you is minimal.

      Brett Love…well it was £1 for 21 days and clearly that trial period didn’t go that well. I fully understand your frustration with that one- he had made 80 odd points in the jumps season up to the point the trial was pushed and I have no doubts about the proofed results up to that point being accurate (although as always with tipsters who tip the evening before, there are price issues and what is available etc, but Brett has had a loyal private following for some time and I think must have been doing something right over a decent period of time) – However, yes, I wasn’t fully aware that he viewed himself as more of a flat specialist and appeared to just be ‘getting through’ the jumps… I share your frustration with that point.

      I would point out that I do not force you to bet, and with any approach you look to adopt you should paper trade or (more likely) bet very small and always an amount you are happy to lose. You have all the time in the world to build up stakes and the betting bank, over time.
      If you would like me to send you your £1 spent on your trial with Brett Love, via Paypal, I am happy to do so, you can email me 21 days is never long enough to judge a tipster really, you need 3 months -6 months+ in my view, but given how that trial went, and some of the things said, I fully understand why you wouldn’t continue, if i’m being honest. I always have the best intentions with such things and it didn’t work out this time. But I try and ensure the risk to you is minimal, and this time it was £1.

      I did another £1 trial I think over Xmas for Snowy through Tipster Platforms..due to the weather etc that has been quiet enough but I believe to advised points that has shown a decent enough profit. Certainly half of those who took the trial stayed for at least 1 month+, so I assume did something ok.

      The other tipster I have pushed… is SP2a… now you say you have been meaning to write to me for a long time…now if you have been reading this blog for a long time, or on my email list, I’d hope you wouldn’t have missed the two special 3 month trial periods I have pushed in partnership with those. They are the best race adviser/tipping service that I have come across (certainly with a daily output, if not in total) And the majority of people who have took those trials would say a similar thing I suspect.

      Of course the freedom is all yours, you can stop reading the free posts and if you’re on my general email list you can unsubscribe.


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